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Lions Clubs International Foundation Update

Date post:02-Jan-2016
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LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION. Lions Clubs International Foundation Update. Update Webinar Agenda. LCIF Worldwide U pdate Upcoming Priorities Partnerships Update. Update Webinar. The 2011 – 2012 Year in Review. 2011 – 2012 Fundraising. Financial Support by Constitutional Area. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lions Clubs International Foundation UpdateLIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION

1Update Webinar AgendaLCIF Worldwide UpdateUpcoming PrioritiesPartnerships Update

Update WebinarThe 2011 2012 Year in Review

2011 2012 Fundraising4

Financial Support by Constitutional AreaThank You!

All figures in US Dollars. Total Donations = US$43,355,17752011 2012 Average Gift Per MemberAverage Gift Per Member: $23.37 6Types of GrantsEmergency and Major Catastrophe: tornado, flooding, hurricane, tsunami reliefCore 4: homes for the blind and disabled, eye care for Special Olympics Athletes, diabetes prevention and treatment, Lions Quest youth developmentStandard Grants: sight equipment, medical centers, equipment or playgrounds for the disabled, and canine programsSightFirst Grants: diabetic retinopathy screening and treatment, cataract surgeriesInternational Assistance Grants (IAGs): Lions clubs in developed countries partner with Lions clubs in lesser-developed regions funding basic health care, education or clean water

12/03/20107Our Global Impact - GrantsDuring the 2011-2012 year, LCIF awarded 513 grants totaling US$55.56 million8Why should Lions Support LCIF?We are changing the world for the betterGrassroots presence = quick responseWe are saving the sight of 30 million peopleGiving measles vaccinations to 157 million childrenProviding disaster relief to 5 million people annuallyTeaching life skills to 12 million youth

9Update WebinarUpcoming Priorities

Establishing Goals in 2012-2013Goals established and submitted via online surveySubmission Date: October 31, 2012 Use LCIF Reports including:Status of InstallmentsTotal Recap ReportMJF ListingsSet a contributions goal increase of 5-10% above an average year of contributions to LCIFFormal Reporting will occur in January and June of 2013

1112/03/2010Raise Lions Participation Rate! LCIF relies on the support of Lions and clubsFundraising is active reach out to Lions and educateLessons of CSFII:Leadership: LCIF Coordinators trainedPlan: set goals, implement fundraising strategies, analyze reportsEducate: educate Lions on the importance of the foundationAsk: ask Lions for their participation

Raise club participation in your district to at least 50% Every dollar is another life changed!

Publicize the Areas of GivingThere are now four Areas of Giving from which to choose when making a contribution.

Donations within these four general areas are eligible for Melvin Jones Fellowship recognitionMore specific donations within these areas will be honored by LCIF but will not be eligible for MJF recognition (i.e. donations for Special Olympics Opening Eyes, SightFirst, Lions Quest, etc.)The Measles Initiative under Humanitarian Needs is MJF eligible

1312/03/2010132012-2013 Awards

Top 5 District Coordinators in each Constitutional Area (based on total giving and per capita giving) presented at the MD ConventionTop MD Coordinator in each CA (based on total giving and per capita giving) presented at Area ForumTop 5 Clubs in each CA presented to Club presidents at the MD conventionTop 5 Districts in each CA presented at Area Forum100% club participation (minimum of US$20 per club member) awarded to Districts - MD Convention

Update WebinarPartnerships Update

LCIF Sight Partnerships Updates We Care. We Serve. We Accomplish. Combined, these LCIF partners represent US$7.6 million in LCIF support (US$6.5+ million in-kind, Merck) for the 2011-12 Lions year Engagement is informed by LCIF Programs and Development strategies

16Fundraising Strategies: Zeiss Eyeglass Cleaning Kits

Carl Zeiss International/Nanofilm provides a high-quality lens cleaner kit which includes: One bottle of Zeiss lens cleaner One microfiber lens cleaning cloth Six Zeiss pre-moistened lens cloths Instructions and information about LCIF

US$1.50 royalty payment to LCIF for each kit sold ($2.50 to the Foundation until 12/31/12!)Kits are available to clubs in quantities of 36 (1 Case) at a cost of US$6 in the United States and US$7 per kit in Germany and CanadaKits are sold for at least US$10Kits may be purchased via credit card or check via the website or mail

We Care. We Serve. We Accomplish.

Measles & Rubella InitiativeSince 2001, a partnership of international organizations committed to reducing measles deaths worldwide through mass vaccination campaigns and by strengthening routine immunization systems. More than US$800 million has been invested to date.

18Measles & Rubella Initiative380 children die dailyMeasles can cause severe complications, including brain damage, hearing loss and blindnessCan be prevented through a safe and inexpensive vaccinationCosts less than US$1Leading cause of vaccine-preventable deaths


Current Challenges

Measles is still the most contagious vaccine preventable disease: www.cfr.org/vaccinemap

2011 Outbreaks


Current Challenges

21Measles & Rubella InitiativeThe Measles and Rubella Initiative: one of the greatest public health success stories More than 1 billion children have received measles vaccinations since 2001

Worldwide measles vaccination rates have increased by 85% and deaths have been reduced by 74%

Measles has been eliminated in the Americas

Measles may be eliminated in the WHOs Western Pacific Region within the next year OSEAL and ANZI are both included in this region

22One Shot, One Life: The Lions Measles InitiativeLions Clubs International joined the Measles Rubella Initiative in 2010As part of a pilot project Lions vaccinated 41 million children in 2010-2011 with partnersLocal Lions engaged in promotion, outreach and helped plan campaigns

23One Shot, One Life: The Lions Measles InitiativeIn 2011 - 2012, local Lions are directly supporting measles campaigns through social mobilization and advocacy activities in Nepal, Cameroon, Uganda, Zambia and Kenya

These activities are funded in part through an additional grant of US$300,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

$166,000 was provided by LCIF to support a measles campaign in Haiti


Additional Benefits

Improved health infrastructures are an important result of measles campaignsHealth services delivery is a major focus of LCIF and the Gates FoundationSupporting the basic immunization delivery system ensures:sustainabilityeventual eradication of multiple diseases, including measles

Routine Immunization In 2012, routine immunization supportive activities: are taking place in Madagascar, Ethiopia and Mali


Gates Foundation Challenge Grant

The Gates Foundation is very proud to have been a partner in your early measles projects, and were excited to continue working together. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. With Lions in the lead, there is no telling how far we will go together.

Bill Gates, Sr., Co-chair and Trustee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

27One Shot, One Life: The Lions Measles InitiativeGates Foundation Challenge Grant:The Gates Foundation gives US$1 for every US$2 from Lions, up to US$5 millionLions and the Gates Foundation will provide a total of US$15 million to help fund measles campaigns in 2012Goal has been met! We have raised US$10 million.

28Gates Challenge ProgressGoal has been met! Lions have raised US$10 million.29One Shot, One Life: Continuation 2012-2013Vaccination campaigns are ongoing and need our immediate assistance.Lions can help save the lives 157 million children this year! Be sure to keep clubs well-informed and to thank donors for their generosity.

30One Shot, One Life: Continuation 2012-2013

CountryTarget DatesPlanned InterventionsKenya3-7 NovMeasles, OPV, Vit ANiger5 14 NovMeaslesGuineaBissau8 - 12 NovMeasles, Vit A, dewormMongolia8 - 18 OctMeasles/RubellaIndiaSept'12 Mar '13Measles Nepal9 Dec -10 JanMeasles/Rubella, OPV (polio)Scheduled Measles SIA s (Supplemental Immunization Activities)

31Measles Initiative Recognition Continuing Melvin Jones Fellowship eligibility (may not last forever!)

Provide recognition to the clubs with a banner patch depending on the level of support (December 31, 2012):






Resources are available online to help you stay abreast of the most current information regarding One Shot One Life:33

Promotion and Fundraising

Tell Lions about:

Our global leadership role in the Measles InitiativeOur deepening relationship with the Gates FoundationThe importance of supporting measles control globallyThat Lions are saving lives and improving global health, especially for childrenThe importance of each Lions contribution to One Shot, One Life: The Lions Measles Initiative.

We all believe that each child has the right to get vaccinated, Lion Sanjay Khetan, Nepal

Ive witnessed a child with measles. I do not want this for my son. This vaccination is very important, Pascaline Rasoanjanahary, MadagascarI like to say that vaccines are miracles, Bill GatesVaccines Are Miracles35Enriching LivesWe Care. We Serve. We Accomplish. WE ARE COMPASSIONATE AND CARING - enriching lives in communities all over the world!


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