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  • 1. LIONS QUEST PRESENTATION BY NEVILLE A. MEHTA International Secretary India, South Asia and East Africa

2. We all have heard our Grandparents and parents tell us stories and instances from yester years and how the World is changing not climatically but also in normal and social values of our society 3. In those days women modeling in skimpily dressed like minis was considered immoral, today it is called super model, fashionable, mod and off course cool. 4. Once a father said There is only one way I can make my kids notice Ive got home from office. I walk right in front of the television set. 5. Things are happening so fast history books are adding a chapter a week 6. 1. How many parents spend atleast one hour talking to children besides their studies or repremanding them. 2. How many parents feel that the child is grown up and thus do not feel it necessary to know or at times verify his movements. 7. 3. How many parents were at home to send the children to school or be at home when they return from school. 4. How many children treat their parents as their best friends and interact with them on a day to day basis. 8. 5. How many parents allow their children to choose what they think is right instead of giving them a few right suggestions to choose from. 6. How many families still believe in ground rules and family unions. 9. 7. How many parents compare their children and their abilities with other children. 8. One of the most obvious, facts about grown ups is that they have forgotten what it is like to be a child. 10. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen the scenario is, we need to groom our children towards positive behavior and positive commitment towards family school and community to create a positive environment. 11. How will my child cope with the fast changing world of to-day ? 12. How will my child fare in the fiery Competitive Atmosphere 13. How will I Protect my child from the growing Negative Influences of Life ! 14. How can my child learn to face frustrations which are inevitable in life ? 15. Why children are susceptiblechildren are susceptible to negative pressure?to negative pressure? Adolescence is the age of thrills. Yet, a critically important stage of Physical and Emotional Transition from Childhood to Adulthood. 16. The changes taking place in the adolescents life are not understood by the Children as well as their Parents. This creates problems in the lives of Children and their Families. 17. 40% students suffer from anxiety disorders. Because of Academic Pressure & lack of family support India Today August 04,2003 18. A southern study reveals 24% of STD victims are in the 16-20 years age group. Because of Peer pressure, more opportunity India Today August 04,2003 19. Nearly 32% of Urban Teens have alcohol and 25% smoke. Lack of family support, peer pressure India Today August 04,2003 20. Only 5% of the families take meal together everyday. 95% do not take together Only 10% of the housewives wait for their husband. 90% do not. 21. Only 20% of Children wait for father to have meals together. 80% do not wait Only 10% families feel unhappiness for not getting opportunity to have meals together. 22. Only 15% makes an effort to find out time to have a meal together. 23. Rat Race for progress in business, profession, activities, achievements and socialization. 24. Financial progress has more priorities than anything else. 25. Families are becoming small Both partners are working Very competitive life Priorities are changing Life style is changing Culture is changing 26. there is one programme, that takes care of all worries and negative influences a perfect and that is . Child teachersteachersparents 27. Quest was founded in 1975 by Mr. Rick Little. In 1984 India being the first Asian Country to implement this programme. 28. There are three programs under Quest they are: 1. Skills for Growing 2. Skills for Adolescence 3. Skills for Action 29. Adolescent is a teenager who acts like a baby when you dont treat him like an adult. 30. Develop positive social behavior such as self-discipline, responsibility, good judgment and the ability to get along with others. ToTo HelpHelp YoungYoung PeoplePeople 31. Develop strong commitmentDevelop strong commitment to their Families, Schools,to their Families, Schools, Peers and CommunitiesPeers and Communities.. ToTo HelpHelp YoungYoung PeoplePeople 32. ToTo HelpHelp YoungYoung PeoplePeople Develop a commitment to lead Healthy and Drug-free lives. 33. Self Confidence. Self Discipline. Self Determination. Good Judgment. Ability to get along with others. Positive commitments to their family, school, friends and community. Promising to lead a healthy and drug-free life. National integration and good citizenship 34. Lions Quest's Skills series; Skills for Growing, Skills for Adolescence, and Skills for Action, have received strong program ratings in the following areas: Self-Awareness Self-Management Relationship Skills 35. Responsible Decision-Making Evidence of Effectiveness Documented Behavioral Impacts on academics, substance abuse prevention, and other social behaviors 36. Lions Quest programs specically provide home-school-community materials that teach and reinforce the ve core social and emotional competencies in students: Self-Awareness: Identication of feelings, realistic self- assessment, self-condence 37. Social Awareness: Empathy, perspective-taking, appreciation of diversity Self-Management: Managing feelings appropriately, being conscientious, pursuing goals, bouncing back from adversity 38. Awareness Teachers Training Workshop Implementation in the schools Understanding the Challenges Evaluation 39. Create awareness amongst the Lions, schools and community by awareness seminars in all major cities of your District. Include Lions Quest in P/S/T Schooling. Publish small write up in every District Bulletin. Distribute Brochures, leaflets, CDs and Video Films. Involve the Media for creating awareness in society. 40. It is only by implementation of this programme that our children will be safe from negative values and turn out to be good, healthy, intelligent and responsible citizens of our great country. Ultimately we will find our economy prospering due to excellent leadership with such citizens at the helm of our countries affairs.

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