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Live chat for more customer engagement

Date post:15-Aug-2015
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  1. 1. Live chat Live chat is a customer / visitor support tool that allows a customer service representative to converse in real time via typing with a potential customer. Its like a email on steroids or
  2. 2. 3 Ways How Live Chat Can Boost Customer Engagement Instant Engagement, that goes beyond Instant Help. Who said that live chat should be only support-oriented? Remember, that behind every live chat theres a real person interacting with customers in real-time, able to simply chat with them, discuss their problems, and engage the customer.
  3. 3. Relevant value on the spot. By introducing live chat, you provide your customers with a solution able to provide relevant value at the time of interaction by listening and adapting to every customer. Just dont forget to encourage personal approach, and ditch the pre-scripted canned answers. Human Presence. Live chat allows you to stop relying on offline solutions for engagement, and offer the most engaging tool of all a Human interaction. Outsourcing your engagement to
  4. 4. Benefits of Live Chat Live Chat increases sales. Fact. Dont believe us? Get a free 30 day trial below and see for yourself! By engaging with customers at key drop off points, you can stop a customer
  5. 5. Improve Conversion Just like in a real life shop, you are more likely to convert a prospect to customer if you go and talk to them and offer help. Online is no different. Live Chat helps to bridge the gap between those
  6. 6. Customer Loyalty Online shoppers prefer Live Chat over other channels, as it doesnt involve a channel shift or disrupt the customers experience to the same extent as phone, and doesnt
  7. 7. Improve Customer Services Live Chat improves first line support resolution, as well as offering their preferred form of customer service. With pre chat surveys customers can go straight to the right team, and agents can take
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