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Date post:27-Mar-2015
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LIVING AS A LEADER Leading Generation Y Impact Consulting Group, LLC Slide 2 LIVING AS A LEADER Corporate cultures are not keeping pace with changing human systems. Sir Ken Robinson Author of Out of Our Minds Slide 3 LIVING AS A LEADER Table Discussion Corporate cultures are not keeping pace with changing human systems. What does this quote mean? In your group, identify one example to reflect this. Slide 4 LIVING AS A LEADER Our Purpose Today: Take a high level look at societal changes Discuss organizational culture changes Explore examples of leadership effectiveness with Gen Y Slide 5 LIVING AS A LEADER Work vs. Life Veterans (born before 1946) Work! Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) Work starts spilling into life Generation X (born 1965-1981) Life starts spilling into work Generation Y (born after 1981) Life! Slide 6 LIVING AS A LEADER The Evolution of Work Work/Life balance has shifted to Work/Life flexibility Technology enables us to have more options Face time is not always necessary Work is something we DO! It is not somewhere we go. Slide 7 LIVING AS A LEADER Excerpt from Jeff Joerres, CEO of Manpower Moving forward, The individual rules. Technology revolutions are significant Young workers dont want to be taken care of! Leaders need to have a contemporary management mindset Ask: How do I take my workforce and tie my business plan to it? Slide 8 LIVING AS A LEADER Organizational Culture Changes 1.Challenge your old paradigms in terms of where and when work gets done. 2.Challenge your paradigms about the place that work should have in a persons life. 3.Challenge your innate tendency to block Social Media access. Instead, determine how to build it into your business strategy. Develop contemporary social media usage policies. 4.Figure out how to build a culture of trust and of employee commitment. Slide 9 LIVING AS A LEADER Preparing Yourself to Lead Generation Y Get your mind in the right place about them. Remember what you ultimately want: RESULTS. Your job is to provide leadership in a way that fosters accountability for results with the inspiration of your workforce. You need to attract them, retain them and get the most out of them. Determine how you can accommodate new preferences related to where and when work gets done. Understand, this does not mean absolving them of responsibility for results. Slide 10 LIVING AS A LEADER They want too much too fast. They arent loyal. They dont want to put in the time. Theyre too attached to their electronics and social media. They want flexibility the Boomers worked a lifetime to earn. They want too much feedback. The Problem with Generation Y? Slide 11 LIVING AS A LEADER What can you do to accept these and respond to them in a more productive manner? Table Discussion Slide 12 LIVING AS A LEADER EIGHT STRATEGIES FOR LEADING GENERATION Y Slide 13 LIVING AS A LEADER Stop It! Stop thinking the worst of them. Reframe your thinking about Generation Y. This is a large population of people. They will all plot on a bell curve for performance and productivity, just like every generation that preceded them. High Performers 10% Mid Performers 80% Low Performers 10% Slide 14 LIVING AS A LEADER Get them off to a great start. They will respond well to a (90-day) orientation process. When they show up on day one, be ready for them. Make them feel important. Theyre used to this level of organization and direction. Keep in mindits not their fault! Slide 15 LIVING AS A LEADER For example, YOU can define your performance culture: You are looking for high-performing individuals who want to be a part of a high-performing team! Its okay to tell young professionals this. It may surprise you to know they want to be a part of something! Define your expectations at a high level. Slide 16 LIVING AS A LEADER Do not lump your individual workers into a big pot and label them. Treat them as individuals. Know what is important to each. In this conversation, you are also very welcome to share with them what is important to you. Ask each Gen Y employee what he or she is looking for. Slide 17 LIVING AS A LEADER Respond to each Gen Y employee relative to what he or she is looking for. Be very clear about what the middle ground is. It is conceivable that you will be able to give your Gen Y employees some of what they want, and they will have to give you some of what YOU (or the organization) want. Slide 18 LIVING AS A LEADER Teach context. Examples: When your Gen Y employee asks to be considered for a director role, this is a teaching opportunity, not a criticizing opportunity. When they walk into a meeting, prepared to work on their computers, text and listen.you can redirect them toward less multi-tasking. Slide 19 LIVING AS A LEADER Affirm them. The bottom line is this: This generation was raised in a context of high attention and affirmations. They are not prepared to come into your organization and be ignored or de-valued. Slide 20 LIVING AS A LEADER While we have a measured concentration on leading employees in a way that helps them feel inspired and fulfilled at work, it is not meant to be at the expense of results. Hold them accountable for results. Slide 21 LIVING AS A LEADER Your Aha What ONE thing did you learn today that will be helpful for you moving forward?

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