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LM-HT Leachate Concentrators

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  • 8/14/2019 LM-HT Leachate Concentrators


    LM-HTTM 1

    Leachate Concentrators2

    The Breakthrough Technology for

    Produced Water and Leachate Management

    Prepared For

    WMH Global, Inc.


    Ted Baudendistel

    February, 2010

    1 LM-HT is a trademark and service mark licensed exclusively to Heartland Technology Partners, LLC

    2 LM-HT

    TMLeachate Concentrators are manufactured under one or more U.S. and foreign patents and/or pending patents that

    are either owned by or licensed exclusively to Heartland Technology Partners, LLC

  • 8/14/2019 LM-HT Leachate Concentrators


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    BACKGROUND .. Page 1




    Liberty Landfill Demonstration Project..Page 4

    Operation on Waste Heat from Landfill Gas Power Plant....Page 4

    Treatment of Produced Water from Gas Fields..Page 5




    ATTACHMENT A.Labeled Pictures of Equipment

    ATTACHMENT B .... .Price Sheet*

    ATTACHMENT C.Typical Specifications*

    ATTACHMENT D ..Summary of Air Emissions Tests*

    * These attachments will be sent upon request please see page 7 for contact information

  • 8/14/2019 LM-HT Leachate Concentrators


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    In 2005, the management team of Heartland Technology Partners, LLC (Heartland) saw opportunity for

    developing an evaporative process for on-site landfill leachate treatment that would overcome

    shortcomings of existing processes. Although evaporation technology based on landfill gas as theprincipal energy source had built a record of technical success since 1991, only about two dozen projects

    had been developed worldwide through 2005. Limited acceptance of first generation leachate evaporation

    technology was primarily due to two factors:

    1. Costs were generally not competitive with other available options, particularly sewage treatmentplants

    2. Evaporative processes competed with other technologies for use of available landfill gas and werenot compatible with power generation, the most frequently applied commercial use for landfill


    LM-HTTM Leachate Concentrators that eliminate these significant shortcomings are the result of

    Heartlands acceptance of the challenge to expand the market for landfill leachate treatment systems.


    Highly competitive with costs of other leachate treatment options leading to the lowest cost solutionbased on favorable capital, operating and maintenance costs

    Flex-EnergyTM 1 technology allows operation on most any waste heat source, or combinations ofwaste heat sources, including landfill gas flares and stack gas from power plant engines

    1Flex-Energy is a trademark and Service mark of Heartland Technology Partners, LLC

  • 8/14/2019 LM-HT Leachate Concentrators


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    In the proprietary GenExTM 2configuration, LM-HTTM Leachate Concentrators are compatible withexisting or new power plants, either of which can be readily converted to co-gen projects with

    attendant enhanced value

    Waste heat is seamlessly transferred from sources such as flare or engine stacks within Heartlandsproprietary Waste Heat Transfer Systems3without interfering in any way with operation of the source

    The light weight compact design allows significant cost savings within a reliable system that is easyto setup, operate and maintain; e.g., most all maintenance is performed at grade level

    2GenEx is a trademark and service mark of Heartland Technology Partners, LLC

    3Heartlands Waste Heat Transfer Systems and GenEx

    TMsystems are manufactured under one or more U.S. and

    foreign patents and/or patent applications that are the property of Heartland Technology Partners, LLC

  • 8/14/2019 LM-HT Leachate Concentrators


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    May be purchased mounted to a single portable skid that can be transported by either roll-off orflatbed trucks fast and easy mobilization and de-mobilization

    Operates on the principle of direct-heat transfer without need for any troublesome heat exchangers No moving parts within process equipment and requires only a single pump and fan to drive the

    evaporation process

    Rugged and reliable capital equipment designed for 20+ years of service with components that arehighly resistant to corrosive and erosive effects

  • 8/14/2019 LM-HT Leachate Concentrators


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    Easy and fast access to internal components including fast-opening cam latches on light weighthinged doors

    LM-HTTMConcentrators may be readily converted from one or more waste heat sources to others a feature that allows the process to operate throughout the life cycle of a landfill and into the

    post-closure period


    Liberty Landfill Demonstration Project

    From the first week of July through mid-October 2009, a 500 barrel per day (bbl/day) capacity LM-HTTM

    Concentrator was run on each of: 1) landfill leachate and 2) produced water from a natural gas well.

    Performance was demonstrated using waste heat from a conventional enclosed landfill gas flare and, in

    the case of leachate, waste heat from the stack of an engine within a landfill gas fueled power plant. This

    highly successful project was run at a host site, Liberty Landfill, which is owned by Waste Management

    of Indiana and located in Buffalo, Indiana.

    The Liberty Landfill demonstration program confirmed the tremendous advantages of LM-HTTM

    Concentrators over conventional evaporators. The compact low momentum - high turbulence features

    yield outstanding performance while operating continuously over a wide range of feed characteristics

    producing residual at high levels of total solids. Results show that for typical leachate feed that is

    between 1,000 and 10,000 milligrams per liter (0.1% to 1.0%) total solids, the volume of concentrate

    produced in the process is less than 3% of the feed volume; i.e., 10,000 bb of feed would yield less than

    300 bbl of concentrate.

    Operation on Waste Heat from Landfill Gas Power Plant

    When connected to the stack of a Caterpillar G3516 LE engine within Wabash Valley Power

    Cooperatives power plant at Liberty Landfill, 185 bbl/day capacity per megawatt of power generated was

    confirmed. Thus, a 4-engine power plant in this configuration could be used as the principal energy

    source for a 600 bbl/day leachate evaporation system. Where turbines are employed, evaporative capacity

    will be significantly greater on a per-megawatt basis.

  • 8/14/2019 LM-HT Leachate Concentrators


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    Relocation activities in which the demonstration concentrator was moved from Heartlands flare location

    to the power plant and back to the flare are noteworthy in terms of confirming the portable features of the

    design including ease of installation and startup. For instance, from shutdown at the power plant it took

    only 5 hours to disconnect, load, transport, unload, reinstall and restart the concentrator at the flare


    Treatment of Produced Water from Gas Fields

    Beyond highly successful results on leachate, the performance of the process on produced water feed at

    26% total solids clearly punctuates the attributes of Heartlands simple, reliable and effective process.

    For example, consider that this feed stream was continually concentrated to 60+% total solids. In

    contrast, there are no known conventional evaporative processes that could operate continuously in the

    range of 26 to 60% solids. Indeed, in this instance the feed concentration would be close to the limits for

    conventional evaporative processes, which, if they could be applied at all, would require the addition of

    other unit operations such as a crystallizer operating in series with the evaporator to attain 60+% totalsolids.

    Jar Sample of Produced WaterWithdrawn from Concentrator

    In summary, the demonstration program at Liberty Landfill confirmed that all performance criteria that

    were established as goals in Heartlands development program were met or exceeded. Likewise, the

    components selected for use in the simple, reliable and cost-effective design operated flawlessly.

  • 8/14/2019 LM-HT Leachate Concentrators


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    The success of the Liberty Landfill demonstration project has translated into a series of opportunities forthe technology in both leachate and produced water treatment markets that focus on the unique attributes

    of the concentration process.

    As one example, a 500 bbl/day LM-HTTM Concentrator system has been sold for use at South Canyon

    Landfill in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. This system, for which permit approval is expected during

    spring of 2010, will use stack gas from a wood burner as the principal energy source to affect evaporation.

    C&D wood and yard waste delivered to the landfill will be sorted and ground as fuel. This project, based

    on yet another renewable fuel source, clearly demonstrates the versatility of Heartlands proprietary

    technology. In addition, a series of leachate treatment projects based on waste heat from flares, turbine

    and engine stacks are also under negotiation.

    In a strong and exciting thrust into produced water markets, Heartland will be moving the Liberty

    Demonstration Concentrator to RN Industries (RNIs) Piceance Creek produced water management

    facility in Rio Blanco County, Colorado. With this permit already in place, the concentrator will be

    relocated, installed and immediately put into service this winter treating produced water from two of

    Americas largest energy companies.

    Because this 500 bbl/day capacity unit is small compared to the volumes to be managed in the produced

    water treatment market, Heartland is commissioning design and construction of a 1,000 bbl/day (42,000

    gpd) unit to replace it at this site as soon as fabrication is completed. In the meantime, the smaller unit

    will be used to demonstrate Heartlands, RNIs and possibly other allied companies technologies for: 1)

    recovering clean water for reuse in gas field operations; 2) recovering products for sale to gas fielddevelopers and operators; and 3) obtaining data for operating mono-fill landfills dedicated to disposal of

    solid residuals produced in the LM-HTTMConcentration Process.

    Parallel with development of the system at RNIs facility in Colorado, Heartland will also develop a 6,000

    bbl/day (252,000 gpd) project with Waste Management, Inc at a landfill in Pennsylvania. Receipt of the

    permit for this landfill to receive solids generated by treatment of produced water in Heartlands process

    is expected this spring. Further, Heartland will develop another project in Pennsylvania at a gas well site

    owned by a major energy company. Heat energy for these systems can be any available combination of

    natural gas, waste heat from natural gas compressor plants and/or renewable fuels such as wood waste.

    Heartland is proud of the outstanding performance of our proprietary concentrator systems whenmanaging extremely high total solids concentrations in produced water feed streams. We believe that it

    speaks well of our ability to manage landfill leachate, which, in comparison, is relatively simple to

    process. We also recognize that our solid waste customers might have interest in developing mono-fill

    landfills dedicated to disposal of solids generated in Heartlands produced water concentration systems.

  • 8/14/2019 LM-HT Leachate Concentrators


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    Heartlands next scale-up decision beyond the 6,000 bbl/day unit is whether to build single larger units or

    gang a number of smaller modular units to achieve 25,000 bbl/day (1,050,000 gpd) capacity, which is

    typical of capacity required to serve the produced water market. The target is to have at least one 25, 000

    bbl/day unit operating commercially in 2011. To put this in perspective in regard to sizing mono-fill

    landfills to serve this market, a conservative low-side estimate is that a single 25,000 barrels per day

    produced water LM-HTTMConcentrator facility would generate about 850 to 900 tons/day of solids.

    For Solid Waste Management Companies, whether your interest is purchasing LM-HTTM Concentrators

    for treating landfill leachate, or in developing mono-fill landfills to host or support Heartland owned and

    operated produced water projects, we look forward to opportunities to work with you.

    As always, your interest in our technology and services is greatly appreciated. For additional information,

    please contact:

    Bernie Duesel, Director of Technology Development


    [email protected]


    Craig Clerkin, Director of Engineering


    [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:cclerk[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/14/2019 LM-HT Leachate Concentrators


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  • 8/14/2019 LM-HT Leachate Concentrators


    Heartland LM-HTTM

    Leachate Concentrator

    Shown in GenExTM

    Configuration Coupled to Power Plant for Waste Heat Recovery


    Engine StackGas Transfer System

    Evaporation Zone

    Gas Scrubber

    Separates Liquid and

    Solids from Gas Stream

    Stack for Clean Engine Exhaust

    Gas & Steam



    Gas Plant with Four

    Caterpillar G 3516 LE


  • 8/14/2019 LM-HT Leachate Concentrators


    Heartland LM-HTTM

    Leachate Concentrator

    Shown in Flex-EnergyTM

    Configuration Coupled to Flare for Waste Heat Recovery





    Waste Heat

    Transfer System

    Hot Gas







    Clean Gas

    & Steam


    Gas Scrubber Separates

    Liquid & Solids from Vapor

    Concentrated Leachate

    Withdrawn from Scrubber

    Typically at 3% or Less of

    Feed Volume