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Level 3 Cambridge Introductory Diploma in Media Unit 15: LO1 Print Based Advertising St. Andrew’s Catholic School – Thomas Hibbert Candidate Number : 2063 Unit 15 Overview
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– Level 3 Cambridge Introductory Diploma in Media

Unit 15: LO1

Print Based Advertising

St. Andrew’s Catholic School –Thomas Hibbert

Candidate Number : 2063Unit 15 Overview

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Contents1. Aims and Objectives – Slide 5 – Slide 62. Target Audience – Slide 73. Representation – Slide 8 – Slide 94. Advertisements used in the campaign – Slide 105. Campaign Message – Slide 116. Legal and Ethical Considerations – Slide 127. Regulatory Bodies – Slide 13 – Slide 148. Method – Slide 15 – Slide 169. How does the audio visual and the poster compare – Slide 1710. Conclusion – Slide 18

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Audio-visual Advertisement

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Aims of the campaignThe campaign is on YouTube and was shown on BBC at the time of the festival in 2014. The aim of the campaign is to bring people to Glastonbury and to show them a few acts that are there.Advertising campaign’s objectivesThe objectives of the campaign is to highlight that the festival is a BBC sponsored and supported event.

Techniques the campaign uses• BBC ident• Footage from festival• Footage of the acts• Footage of the crowd and how many people are

attending the festivalHow do the different products achieve the different objectivesThe video trailer has a more personal touch I feel because it shows the crowd, the music and the acts where as the poster advertisement only has text and shapes with the names of the acts, in the video you can see the acts as a pose to knowing their attendance of the festival.

The poster however, conveys bright and bold colours which draw the target audience in more to read the poster. Overall I feel the video is more effective as you can actually see the festival and what the eperience will be like.

Aims and Objectives


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Aims and Objectives

Who sponsors the festival?BBC sponsor the festival and in the trailer the BBC logo is presented at the beginning and end of the trailer.

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Target AudienceMaslowThis advertisement using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs would have ‘social needs’, this is because the festival will be full of people and friends socialising together and enjoying the music with each other.HartleyUsing Hartley’s even subjectivities, the audience that this advert targets are male, 12 and over, middle class, white ethnicity, a medium self image, British and a family person, this is because this the stereotypical profile of someone who would go to a rock festival like Glastonbury at that year.KatzThe audience watching the trailer would need personal identification as they can see the crowd having fun at the event and can picture that as themselves if they go to the festival.Socio-economic needsThe socio economic needs for the audience this trailer is aimed at would be in the C2/D category. This is because of how the festival appears in the trailer and what the crowd members look like.PsychographicsThe audience would be strugglers because this category seek escape for their everyday lives with alcohol and having fun.

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Laura Mulvey “Male Gaze”In the trailer, there is a shot of lily allen wearing a pink shirt, the pink connotes approachability which will convince people to go to Glastonbury.

This relates to male gaze because lily allen is an attractive female artist that male members watching the advert will focus on.

Diana Saco “Female Gaze”Female gaze is present in the trailer as most of the artists shown in the trailer are male.

Glastonbury could be using female gaze more than male gaze because more male members of the public attend Glastonbury and they are trying to get more of the female gender interested din the festival.

John BergerJohn Berger's theory is “Men act, woman appear”. Male are stereotypically the more dominating gender at a festival and shown in the trailer as a large part of the crowd.

This theory relates to the trailer because the men are acting as the main part of the audience and the women are appearing to persuade men to come to the festival.

StereotypesIn the trailer, the stereotypes are the men as the main audience and that more men are performing . These stereotypes will help attract more of the male audience as a pose to the female gender because stereotypically the male gender are into festivals more than females.

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RepresentationHow are people being represented within the advertisements?The people attending the festival are being represented as fun, exited and they appear to be enjoying the festival. The benefit of representing the crowd and audience this way is to show the spectator watching the trailer that this could be them having as much fun that is shown in the trailer.

Presentation of:EthnicityThe trailer shows multiple performing artists, most of these artists are of white ethnicity. This makes the festival appear British. GenderThe crowd and performing artists in the trailer are all of a mixed gender, this makes the spectator see the festival as a gender equal festival so they can picture themselves going and wanting to go.AgeThe age range shown in the trailer matches Glastonbury’s target audience age range of 16 and over. The trailer shows young adults and some teenagers which sets the age for the festival within the first few seconds of the advert.Why are representations used in advertisingRepresentations are sued in advertising because it helps to outline who the festival is aimed at and who would enjoy it. Representations can also help to show the audience if the festival is something that they will find appealing.What appeal do representations have in conveying meaning to the audienceRepresentations appeal to the audience because they convey the festival and what is happening at the festival. This appeals to the audience because they are more likely to know if they are interested in the festival or not if they are aware of what the festival is and more about it.

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Advertisements used in the campaign

Other advertisements used in their 2014 campaign was Facebook. Glastonbury posted a video of Arcadia at Glastonbury to promote the act and the festival. This video gives the people who didn’t see them live at Glastonbury the chance to watch them at Glastonbury online, once the user sees how good the band were and what they missed out on they will be more likely to go next time so they don’t miss out again.

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Campaign MessageSlogan:“Hello Glastonbury” the slogan reads. At the end of the advert the mist transforms into the slogan. The slogan “Hello Glastonbury” suggests that this is the advert reaching out to the audience and addressing them as Glastonbury because they will want to go to the festival and are already a part of it.This is effective in persuading people to attend because it makes the audience feel that they are already a part of Glastonbury before they have attended the festival.What is the messageThe message of the advert is to come to Glastonbury.Product’s USPGlastonbury’s USP is the diverse and wide array of genres of music that they present at the festival. There is no specific genre playing at the festival, there is something for everyone.How will target audience access messageThe video opens by showing how many people are at Glastonbury and shows some of the artists that are performing there welcoming the crowd. The audience will access the message through a want of membership to the Glastonbury festival and community that is advertised in the trailer.Choice of mediaThe Glastonbury advertisement is in the form of a video trailer. This is beneficial to Glastonbury because with a poster the audience can read about the festival and what will be there but with a video advertisement the audience can see for themselves what Glastonbury will be like and this way they will know if it is something they would like to be a part of.

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Legal and Ethical Considerations

Legal considerationsThere is a code of broadcast advertising that must be followed.Ethical considerationsWhen making an advert for the festival Glastonbury had to make sure that they did not exclude any ethnic group or discriminate against a particular stereotype of people that the festival’s advert might find offensive.


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Regulatory Bodies

ASAASA are the advertising standards authority, the ASA control and regulate the content in advertisements. The ASA are relevant to the audio visual advertisement because the advert for Glastonbury would not have been allowed to have anything they wanted in the video. The ASA would have been referred to for reference on what can and can not be included in the trailer.

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Ofcom are the communications regulator in the UK. Ofcom are relevant to the audio visual advertisement because they are the communications regulator which means that Glastonbury would have to have Ofcom regulate their communications in order for Glastonbury to successfully get their advertisements and message across to their audience.

Regulatory Bodies

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Main types of advertsThe main type of advert that Glastonbury use is poster format. Glastonbury have always used posters and rarely have a video advertisement to advertise the festival.

Copyright on imagesGlastonbury uses patterns and cartoon like images and they have not been taken conventionally with a camera and have no copyright claim or icon on them.

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Where else was the advertisement placed?The advert was advertised during an ad break on BBC and was also on YouTube.

Persuasive techniques • BBC Logo• Addresses the audience as Glastonbury• Previews the acts performing

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(M1) How does the audio visual and the poster compare

The poster for Glastonbury and the audio visual advertisement are for two different years (2013 and 2014) but are both advertising campaigns of Glastonbury. Both advertisements are bright and outline concisely that the festival being advertised is Glastonbury.

The poster and TV advert are similar because the poster shows the artists that will be at the advert, the TV advert does this as well.

At the bottom of the poster there is a list of sponsors, in the TV advert they show that the festival is sponsored by the BBC because the BBC logo appears on the screen at the beginning of the trailer, it is the same logo as the one used on the poster.

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I conducted research into two forms of advertisements for the festival Glastonbury. From all of this research I have managed to get a large amount of secondary and primary research that can help to inspire me to make my own version of the adverts used for this festival.