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Location notes

Date post: 22-May-2015
Author: simm-deol
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Location Notes
Page 1: Location notes

Location Notes

Page 2: Location notes

• The location chosen: Oaks Park High School (Front Entrance), Oaks Lane, Seven Kings Park.

We decided to use Oaks Park front entrance because the storyline is to do with a schoolgirl. Also, it is easy to access as we can start filming straight after school which makes it easier for the crew and the actors to attend. Another reason for using Oaks Park’s front entrance is that many opening sequences we have looked at do not have anything to do with schools so by using a part of the school, it would make our sequence different

Page 3: Location notes

• We are using Oaks Lane because it is easy to access and is on the way to our next destination so it would make sense to use the road. Also, the school is located on that road so there would be no trouble getting there. The road is part of our location because we will be showing the girls journey home also, it will show the vulnerability of the girl as she is walking by herself.

Page 4: Location notes

• For the final scene we decided to film in Sainsbury’s alleyway, this is because the alleys give an impression that it is dangerous and dodgy. Alleyways are usual seen as dangerous so by using this in our final scene the audience will know that something is about to happen.

Page 5: Location notes

Another location we decided to use was E14. E14 is a computer room which allows students to complete their work. We decided to use this room because at the end of the production the protagonist has to upload the footage on to YouTube. We wil use this room at lunch and after school because not many students will be in the room which will allow us to do our work quickly and effectively.