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Date post: 14-Oct-2014
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1 “IBM Lotus Traveler (for Android & iPad) - Install , Configure , Admin” Open Mic Presenters : Shalini Varma Sandeep Deshpande
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“IBM Lotus Traveler (for Android & iPad) - Install ,

Configure , Admin” Open Mic Presenters :

Shalini VarmaSandeep Deshpande

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●Soumitra Limaye – Lotus Support ●Facilitator for Open Mics

●Sandeep Deshpande – Tech Support Engineer●Presenter

●Shalini Varma – Tech Support Engineer●Presenter

●Hansraj Mali - Lotus Technical Advisor●Focussing on Notes/Domino, LotusLive

Ranjit Rai - Lotus Technical AdvisorFocussing on Notes/Domino, LotusLive

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Traveler on Android OS

Traveler on Apple iPhone/iPad

Important Tips

Useful Links


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Overview – IBMOverview – IBM®® Lotus Lotus®® Notes Notes®® Traveler Traveler Lotus Traveler is based on the push email


Mailbox is constantly updated with arriving of email without the user intervention

Automatic wireless delivery of Lotus Domino mail and PIM data.

2-way synchronization

Over the air client or profile installation

Uses native device applications for best integration

Works over all wired / wireless connections

Administration support for device security policies and remote wipe.

You may hear the recording of previous open mic available [Link provided in the useful links section]

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Lotus Notes Traveler Device Requirements ● Apple Devices and Operating Systems

■ iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4

■ iPad

■ iPod Touch

■ Apple OS 3.x

■ Apple iOS 4.x● Nokia Devices

■ Nokia Series 60 3rd edition, including feature pack 1 and 2

■ Nokia Series 60 5th edition

■ Nokia manufactured phones are only versions supported● Windows Mobile Devices

■ Windows Mobile 6.0, Standard, Professional and Classic versions

■ Windows Mobile 6.1, Standard, Professional and Classic versions

■ Windows Mobile 6.5, Standard, Professional versions

Note :Lotus Notes Traveler version 8.5.2 does not run on Windows Mobile 5 devices.

● Android OS

■ Android 2.0 1 and above

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Traveler support for Android OS

● Traveler is supported on these Android versions■ Android 2.01/2.1 (Eclair)■ Android 2.2 (Froyo)■ Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

● Android is an open source OS from Google.

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Traveler on Android OS● Mail, Calendar, lookup and auto update installer● Look and Feel

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Traveler on Android OS● Installing Traveler on Android

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Traveler on Android OS

● Activating Lotus Traveler security on Android device

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Traveler on Android OS

● Inbox and New message

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Traveler on Android OS● Calendar View in Android

Page 12: Lotus Traveler


Traveler on Android OS● Mail and Calendar Preferences in Android● (Lot of Preferences to customize)

Page 13: Lotus Traveler


Traveler on Android OS● Schedule Auto Synchronization in Android -

Page 14: Lotus Traveler


Traveler on Android OS● Reporting a problem from Android device-

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Traveler on Android OS● Exporting the logs from Android device-

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Traveler on Apple iPhone/iPadManual account setupManual account setup

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Manual account setup...

Tip:- Account validation will fail for first time if you are not using SSL.

Page 18: Lotus Traveler


Manual account setup...

Tip:- Save the account even it it fails to validate.

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Reading encrypted mails on Apple iPhone using Traveler companion app

● Traveler companion app can be used to read the encrypted mails on Apple iPhone.

● Administrator must enable it using the parameter


● “data\traveler\cfg\NTSConfig.xml”

● Apple iPhone user has to download this app from Apple iTunes store. It is freely available.

● ID file of the user must be uploaded to mail file to use Traveler companion app.

● http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/dominowiki.nsf/dx/Traveler_Companion_FAQ

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Reading encrypted mails Apple iPhone using Traveler companion app

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Checking the ILNT.mobileconfig file if automatic profile installation fails to complete setup...

● When you login to homepage of Traveler server with username and password, you can generate an Apple profile and save it on PC. This is “ILNT.mobileconfig” file.

● You can open this file in Notepad to find out, if some server settings are incorrect ?

● This will tell you, why your Apple profile installation is failing, if it is due to incorrect values ?

● (screenshot on next page)

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Checking the ILNT.mobileconfig file

Page 23: Lotus Traveler


Lotus Traveler – Important Tips

● 1. You are able to configure Nokia and Windows mobile successfully with Lotus Traveler but Apple iPhone is unable to complete the configuration.

● Solution:- This scenario generally happens when your FQDN of Traveler server is not mapped to public IP address. You are able to configure the Nokia and Windows mobile using public IP but Apple iPhone always tries to connect using FQDN because this FQDN comes in Apple Profile from the server document.

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Lotus Traveler - Important Tips

● So use the field “External server URL” in the Server document > Lotus Traveler tab to specify the IP address of the Traveler server.

● e.g.- http://202.145.x.x:Port/servlet/traveler● Port need not to be specified if it is set to default 80.

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Lotus Traveler - Important Tips

● 2. Apple iPhone users are unable to complete the account validation either using auto profile installation or using manual account setup, even after providing correct credentials and server URL. Nokia and Windows mobile are working fine.

● Solution:- Apple iPhone requires, HTTP OPTIONS command not to be blocked on Domino server.

● So check if you have a notes.ini parameter● HTTPDisableMethods=OPTIONS

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Lotus Traveler - Important TipsLotus Traveler - Important Tips

● If you are using an Internet Sites document, just make sure that “OPTIONS” command is allowed in an Internet site document.

● If you Telnet to Traveler server on port 80 and issue the following commands, you will come to know, if HTTP OPTIONS is blocked ?



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Lotus Traveler - Important Tips

● 3. Meetings accepted by Traveler does not send confirmation notice to chairperson.

● Solution:- Only for sending confirmation mail to chair person, Lotus Traveler needs mail routing setup. If Lotus Traveler is able to communicate properly with home mail server of chair person, then it will send the mail else it will fail. This type of mail is not synchronized with mail file and thus not sent via Traveler user's home mail server.

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Lotus Traveler - Important Tips

● 4. You cannot download an installer of Android on device if using SSL.

● Solution:- This problem can happen if your SSL certificate contains slash “/” in OU.

● If your SSL certificate is untrusted, then Android has an issue in downloading the file from untrusted certificate which is reported on Android website.

● Refer this link.● https://www-304.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?


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Lotus Traveler - Common issues● 5. Traveler user is constantly locked out even after

attempting to configure multiple times or even after deleting the user and registering again.

● Solution:- Check the security status of the user using the command as below

● “Tell Traveler security status Firstname Lastname”.● User may be having a security flag like...● wipeDevice, wipeApps, wipeStorageCard, lock ● Remove the flag using command like below,● “Tell Traveler security flagsremove wipeDevice *

Firstname Lastname”

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Lotus Traveler - Important Tips

● 6. “nTraveler.exe” gets terminated abnormally.● Solution:- Make sure that, you have installed the

Traveler on correct version. E.g.- Installing Traveler 8.5.2 on Domino 8.5.1 can cause such problem.

● Remove HTTP and Traveler tasks from notes.ini and let the Domino to start. Then load HTTP and wait for 1 minute. Now load the Traveler task and check.

● Check if Anonymous access is blocked in server document for HTTP/HTTPS.

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Lotus Traveler - Important Tips● Check if your firewall has not blocked the ports 50125

and 50126 which are used internally by Traveler server ● Reinstall the Domino and Traveler setup (do not

uninstall existing one) to fix missing or corrupted files.(Occasionally “nTraveler.exe” can be terminated due to missing or invalid Domino files.)

● If it still fails, start the Traveler task with “Load traveler –debugstartup” and provide following files.

notes.ini, \Domino\data\IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT, servlets.properties, names.nsf ,\Domino\data\traveler\cfg

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Lotus Traveler - Important Tips

● 7. Corporate lookup returns multiple user names for same user.

● Solution:- This scenario can happen if there are multiple directories available to Traveler server. It can also happen if the same user is found in local contacts and any server directory. Traveler server will return the user name from all the directories and will give choice to select the proper one.

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Lotus Traveler - Important Tips

● 8. Users are able to sync the devices but during peak hours, it takes a long time to sync but works fine when there is less load. (Traveler 8.5.2 and above)

● Solution:- This problem happens if number of HTTP threads are less than required. You can increase the HTTP threads using parameter

● NTS_MAX_HTTP_THREADS=xxxx● Set this value to 200 or something. (Default is 100)

■ Use command “Tell Traveler status” to know, if you have sufficient number of HTTP threads.

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Lotus Traveler - Important Tips● 9. How to secure a device if lost/stolen device never

again connects to a Traveler server for getting “wipe” command ?

● Solution:- You can use the Traveler policy to enforce the device password also decide the automatic wipe action if xx attempts fails to unlock the device.

● Note: For Nokia devices, this feature requires installation of a Nokia security enablement library. This library can be obtained from the below link.

● http://www.nokia.com/lotustraveler">Nokia IBM Lotus Notes Traveler site.

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Lotus Traveler - Important Tips

Page 36: Lotus Traveler


Lotus Traveler - Important Tips

● 10. How to ensure the health of Traveler server ?● Solution:- You can check the health of Traveler server

using a command “Tell Traveler status”. ● It shows health in “Green”, “Yellow” or “Red”.● If many device sync requests are failing, then status

will be “Red”.

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Lotus Traveler - Important Tips

● 11. How to recover if you accidentally delete any user document from “LotusTraveler.nsf” database ?

● Solution:- If you have accidentally deleted any user document LotusTraveler.nsf database and user is facing problems in sync, then please use the following command to delete the user completely from Traveler internal storage.

● “Tell Traveler delete * Firstname Lastname”● Please note that LotusTraveler.nsf is just an interface

to internal storage of Traveler. Deleting the user document from LotusTraveler.nsf does not delete it from internal storage.

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Lotus Traveler - Important Tips

● 12. Traveler server is not able to communicate with user's home mail server when configured for first time.

● Solution:- This problem happens if the Traveler server is not aware of the IP address of user's home mail server. So just trace the IP address using command “Trace x.x.x.x” on Traveler server and check if the problem gets resolved.

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Lotus Traveler - Important Tips

● 13. Can I install Traveler and Sametime on the same server ?

● Solution:- Yes you can install Traveler and Sametime on the same server as there are no conflicts with them.

● Just be sure to install the Sametime server first, start it once and then install Traveler server.

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Commonly used Traveler server commands To shows the status like user information and user device

Tell traveler show <user>

To display all registered users for the Traveler serverTell traveler showusers

To know Traveler server versionTell traveler version

To collect the current system information of Traveler serverTell traveler systemdump

To know the active user connected on the Traveler serverTell traveler showactive

To push the policy immediate to the user deviceTell Adminp Process Traveler Tell Traveler Policy Update User Name/Acme

Note: The policy change is not pushed to affected user mail databases immediately. The admin

process task performs this push operation periodically, every 6 hours by default.

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Useful Links

Traveler APAR Listing:


Traveler Recommended Maintenance:


Best Practices Submitting a problem report:


Traveler Wiki-based InfoCenter:

http://www.lotus.com/ldd/dominowiki.nsf/xpViewCategories.xsp?lookupName=Lotus Notes Traveler8.5.2 Documentation

Previous Open Mic conducted on 14 Oct 2010 recording and Q&A :


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