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LoZ Ocarina of Time

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The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
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The Legend of ZeldaOcarina of Time

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CharactersLink: Main protagonist of the story, he’s known as the hero of time. He saves the princess, Zelda. Bears the triforce of courage

Zelda: The princess of the realm, she bears the triforce of wisdom. After mysteriously vanishing, she reappears as a male of the Sheikah, calling herself Sheik.

Ganondorf: The only male Gerudo, he bears the triforce of power. He breaks into the Sacred Realm to take the other triforces, but is defeated by Link in the end.

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Characters (continued)

Rauru: One of the Seven Sages, he helps Link in his journey and is the Sage of Light. His origins are unknown.

Saria: The second Sage found. She is the Sage of Forest and is a Kokiri. She raised Link but died in the seven years he was gone.

Darunia: He was once the leader of the Gorons, but left when he found he was the Sage of Fire. He calls Link “Brother.”

Ruto: She is the princess of the Zora and thought she was engaged to Link. She is the Sage of Water and is quite rude.

Impa: The sole survivor of the Sheikah race, she is the Sage of Shadow. She had protected Zelda her entire life.

Nabooru: The chief of the Gerudo, she is all sass. She is the Sage of Spirit.Zelda (again): She is the Sage of Time and the final Sage.

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Races: HylianThere are multiple races throughout the game. The most common race is Hylian. The only difference between them and normal humans are the elf-like ears the have.

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Races: KokiriKokiri are known as children of the forest, and never grow old. It is said that only Kokiri can step foot in the Lost Woods, and they live under the rule of The Great Deku Tree.

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Races: GOronThe Goron are a strange race of rock eaters. They live on Death Mountain, and can camouflage well. They are quite loving, despite their hard appearance.

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Races: ZoraThe Zora are a race of Ichthyoid-human hybrids. They can breathe underwater and are said to be very good hunters.

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Races: GerudoThe Gerudo is a race of only women. No one knows why they only give birth to the female gender. Once every thousand years, though, a male is born and he becomes the leader.

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Races: ShekiahNothing is known about the Shekiah race. Impa, the Sage of Shadow is the sole survivor.

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Why I like the game...The Zelda series is a relatively easy game series. Ocarina of Time is one of the easiest, even with it’s vast amount of puzzles. It has a great storyline, and even the dungeons are well made. If you play it correctly, it is highly unlikely you will see the game over screen. I find it to be more entertaining than Mario and better than a twerking Miley or he-she Beiber. If I had to choose a specific reason for liking this game, it would be the dungeons and their bosses.

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Dungeons: The Great Deku TreeThe Great Deku tree is the first Dungeon. Originally, the Great Deku Tree guarded the Kokiri and the Spiritual Stone of Forest, but Ganondorf cast a curse upon him and he died after Link defeats the boss, Queen Gohma.

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Dungeons: Dodongo’s CavernDodongo’s Cavern is the second dungeon in the game. You travel through it to help the Gorons when their food supply runs out and so you can get the Spiritual Stone of Fire. The demon Dodongo resides in the cavern, and is the boss.

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Dungeons: Jabu-Jabu’s BellyJabu-Jabu’s Belly is by far the strangest dungeon in the game. The dungeon is a giant fish with electrically charged enemies prowling around. This is the only other living dungeon in the game, but Barinade, the boss, tries to kill him.

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Dungeons: Forest TempleThe Forest Temple is the first dungeon you go through as an adult. Using the Minuet of the Forest, you travel through it, solving puzzles and defeating the boss, Phantom Ganon. This boss and dungeon are like a preview for the final dungeon and boss. You find that your childhood friend, Saria, is the Sage of Spirit in this temple.

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Dungeons: Fire TempleUsing the Bolero of Fire, you travel to the volcano known as Death Mountain to complete this dungeon. The boss, Volvagia, is a dragon whom had taken over the temple. I find this to be the most difficult temple and, in this temple, it is discovered that Darunia is the Sage of Fire

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Dungeons: Water TempleTo most, this dungeon is the most difficult with it’s puzzles. I found it easy, and the boss even easier. Morpha, the boss, is just a nucleus in water. In the dungeon, you go through a series of difficult puzzles to find Morpha and defeat it. Ruto is discovered to be the Sage of Water in this temple.

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Dungeons: Shadow TempleThe Shadow Temple is, by far, the creepiest temple. In this temple, you defy the laws of physics with hover boots and the Lens of Truth, which allows you to see invisible objects. I found this temple’s boss, Bongo-Bongo to be extremely difficult, causing this temple to be my least favorite. Impa is found to be the Sage of Shadow here.

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Dungeons: Spirit TempleThe final temple in the game, the Spirit Temple is filled with fights, puzzles, and annoyances. I always got stuck, but this temple is still my favorite. The boss, Twinrova made up for all of the problems I faced. Twinrova, or the witch sisters Koume and Kotake. They kill the Sage of Spirit, or Nabooru at the start of the temple and you fight them for revenge.

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Dungeons: Ganon’s CastleGanon’s Castle is the final dungeon in the game. The dungeon itself isn’t difficult, and neither is the final boss. After the spiral to the top of the castle, you fight Ganondorf in his first form. This is pretty much a tennis match. After that, you save Princess Zelda and return to the bottom of the castle. You then fight Ganon, Ganondorf’s final form.