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Lucifer's Lies, The UFO Phenomenon, Alien Abduction and the Alien Agenda

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The following is the beginning of the story, The "End Times" are upon Mankind, There is a sinister agenda to delude mankind and this is an attempt to destroy The Fallen Angel, Lucifer's evil agenda of trickery and his plan to portray himself as an Extraterrestrial Being or entity after the Rapture of the Church. There is more to this life and existence than what most understand. Soon the Rapture of the Saints will occur and once they are taken off this planet, The Antichrist will come to light to delude mankind. Here we pull down Lucifer's stronghold and set the captive free!! Jesus Christ is mere minutes away from taking His chosen people off this Earth so they avoid the horrors of the Tribulation events that will slaughter millions and millions of humans. PLEASE READ and Understand the repercussions of denying the sacrifice made so you can escape.There are several stories of my own personal experiences with God in the Supernatural and Spirit realm, Some of what I will expose will captivate your senses. I have seen the face of evil and I have battled Lucifer and his minions. However, I have seen the King and I know that He is ALIVE, I have seen Angels and they have witnessed to me of the glory that awaits those who are found in the Lamb's Book of Life.The Universe belongs to Jesus and He has plans for those who are found faithful and His children. I hope this includes you all and I hope you take these written words to those who you love that need an extra boost of God's Holy Spirit..God's Word tells us, "You have been faithful over a few things, I am going to make your Ruler over Many things"These words are TRUE !!This work will soon be published and I will distribute to everyone accordingly..I also am looking for co-authors and publishers and also possible movie producers and actors/actress for future endeavors pendingThe complete work is coming soon!!! There are errors and misspellings within, Please pardon me for the incomplete work, This is my first work and attempted file transfer to SCRIBD.This is a preview of a work in progress, The published work will soon be finished for everyone to enjoy, Please follow all posted copyright laws and if this work is reproduced, please give the following author credit: Pastor, Tracy Frederick Holdaway, Signal Mountain, Tennessee, 37737You may copy and distribute for non-commercial purposes without gain, unless express permission is granted, You may contact me at the [email protected]://www.facebook.com/TheChosenOfYeshuaI cannot wait until the complete work is finished, Many eyes will be opened and many will be released through the freedom only known through the redemption of Jesus Christ..

On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold began what has since become the worldwide UFO frenzy. The modern UFO phenomenon has its roots of beginning right here in the United States of America, which began with Arnolds UFO sighting in Washington state, which ultimately gave the world of the unknown aerial phenomenon, Unidentified Flying Objects, the identifier now known as the "Flying Saucer". There were certain events during this time, that would transpire in a very short time after this event in Washington State, which would take place in just a few short months apart from each other that would set the world in motion to what I call today, "The Doorstep of Eternity" The most, well known, of these events would be the atrocities of World War II and the time, when the whole world would be awakened from their slumber, to a period of unimaginable evils, which were committed upon mankind, through the strongholds and ministry of death controlled by the henchmen of Adolph Hitler.

During Hitlers worldly and evil conquest, to destroy an entire race of human beings, an attempt to utterly remove the Jewish people from off the face of the Earth, He would set in motion the return of the worlds long awaited Messiah and Lord of all Mankind. Hitlers exploits and well-devised attempts of completely destroying the Jewish people would only become a snare, devised by God, to advance the return of a people who had been scattered throughout the world for over 2thousand years, bringing the Jew to their very own homeland and what would be known as the Birth of the Nation of Israel. Through great trials and tribulation, including near complete extermination, would come victory and the eventual creation of the new, globally recognized and sovereign Nation of Israel and the homeland promised by God, 4-thousand years ago, to the chosen and beloved people of God, which has become one of the most blessed nations upon the earth and the stumbling block to the unjustly exasperated and all who seek her demise. God has chosen, through the excellence of Israel, to reveal His Glorious nature, to the entire world and through Israel the wicked will be eternally separated from the Holy God and Defender of Israel and the righteous peoples of the planet

Earth. Those called according to God's purpose and mystery revealed within The Messiah, Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. Along with the end of world war II, a nation of Jews from all the world would be reclaimed by God's Almighty Power, fulfilling the promises made to Abraham, of which, One being, an eternal deed to the promised lands of Palestine, which is currently developing into one of the most wonderful nations of people on the planet. Through the promises of God, Israel, the nation without end, to which, the whole world would become blessed through the revelation of God's love by an eternal King, Jesus Christ. Also, The wonderful elements in every day life, which the people of the world have become wealthy benefactors, such as the sciences, arts, medicine and technology, not withstanding the beauty of a blessed people and the intrinsic value and benefits associated with the Jewish people and their lasting affect on Mankind. One of the most astounding events in the history of Mankind would also occur, by the will of an All Mighty and Sovereign God, 5th of May 1948, when the Jewish people would become a nation

recognized by the United Nations Charter. The peace would not last. The surrounding nations who have struggled to the death of the Jewish people for untold centuries, would strike hard and fast, even before the Jewish people could humbly celebrate their newfound freedoms as a sovereign nation and people. The Jews would succeed in complete and total victory. Because the Israelites have been established at the perfect time in mankinds history by the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, God, The Eternal Defender of Israel. During this time one of the most astounding archeological finds to ever be found upon the earth would be found one year prior to the nation of Israels new birth. Deep in the deserts of southern Israel in a region known for its inhospitably and deadly blowing winds and heat, a most unlikely man would stumble upon a most awesome archeological artifact. In a region in southern Israel located near the Dead Sea, would come the slap in the face for the whole planet Earth. A wandering Shepard who was searching for a lost sheep, which was Gods message to the whole Universe that He is still the creator and God and most watchful protector of the Hebrew nation, found what is now understood, the Biblical

text, The Isaiah Scroll. The text would tell of God's supernatural provision and restoration of His chosen people after nearly 2000 years of Diaspora. The text would later be dated at or around the time of the life of Jesus Christ. Here we have, hidden in a cave the writings of God's prophet Isaiah, for the period which so closely resembles the time period of the scattering of the Jews, which would foretell the restoration of the Nation of the Jews, Israel, and final perfect age of mankind, the millennial reign and the return of God's Victor, the Messiah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Something also, which has been hidden to the mind of mankind is the advancing technology of which we all are partakers in everyday life upon Earth. From the first day of recorded history up until the 1950's it was very common for people to ride horses or drawn wagons everywhere they traveled. From the earliest days of recorded history and even Prehistory, things were not much different between thousands of years, now most people can not imagine living a life without cell phones, Ipods and wireless tracking and mapping gadgets, certainly we cannot begin to imagine

living without clean, running water and indoor plumbing... much less, electricity? Our advancements in technology have sprung up faster than a shooting star.. We have come from living in mud huts and thoughts of primitive living which closely resemble prehistoric tales of men living in caves to living in such a space aged society that resembles that of what kids of the 1950's envisioned as only science fiction. for the first 6900 years of mankind, candle light lit the night, well drawn water cooled our thirst and fire kindled our cold winter nights. for the last 100 years, Mankind has become dependent upon unexplained technology that clouds the mind when considering the complexity of our increased intelligence. As stated by the Prophet Daniel in Chapter 4 verse 12: But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. The advancement of our technology has increased

exponentially, day after day since the middle of the 20th-century. We live in a time where even the youngest of our generations can't visualize our future technology and certainly cannot keep up with the vastness of how increasingly fast we are developing through technology and cannot answer such a simple question of where or how mankind became so intelligent and where did the technology boom come? There is but one answer, Lucifer and his band of rebellious, fallen angels. These Satanically inspired beings have given Mankind technology in an attempt to garner rebellion against the Creator by exposure to technology which removes the need for an Almighty God in every aspect of a person's life. Through the technological breakthroughs in medicine, technology, sciences, and even the dream of time or space travel has given a false sense of self and empowerment. I am reminded by Nimrod in his conquest to build a tower, in Shinar, known as Babel, which reached into Heaven and the judgment of God upon the Earth by his brazen attempts to mimic Lucifer by attempting to elevate himself as God.

One Nimrod began to elevate himself beyond his boundaries set by God, the Creator, He was cast down and put into his place by the Ancient of Days, The world was divided into the continents and Mankind was given a twisted tongue so to keep them from communicating so freely among themselves. Today, we have this same spirit of rebellion through our self proclaimed power and might, We have exalted ourselves beyond our boundaries through our addiction of technology and men have said in their heart they need no god but themselves through new age teaching which elevates themselves as gods. History is repetitive and soon God, The Almighty, will descend upon Mankind's efforts of selfexalted power and judgment will smite our efforts to elevate ourselves beyond God's fixed gulf where He intends us to remain. Mankind has chose to leave his appointed estate, which has been affixed by God, by our self-pride that has been interjected with intents of evil and elevated thoughts of grandeur. Lucifer has placed his pride and love of self into

the hearts of Man and God, soon, will place the righteous judgment upon Mankind for our selfexaltation. Having seen the face of evil at its finest during a time where the most intelligent human beings were fast at work developing a weapon so immense, if used properly it could have destroyed most of the living organisms on the entire planet, Mankind would begin its journey into the edge of eternity. The fear and fact of Nuclear weapons would produce trembling like never before for the next 70 years and all the way up until this present day. Oddly enough, during WWII, allied aircraft were sending reports back to headquarters of strange sights in the skies over much of what was considered the most dangerous place on the planet, The occupied areas of Germany, Normandy, Italy, and much of Western Europe. Foo Fighters were witnessed by many crewmembers and were kept secret up until the recent accounts of fighter and bomber pilots. These events are certainly those, which marked the "doorstep to eternity".

Most memorable were the modern UFO

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