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Luminria LED 500w

Date post:25-Dec-2015
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datasheet luminária LED 500W
  • LED High Output

    Area & Flood Luminaire




    Its a Brand New Night in High Output LightingIts a Brand New Night in High Output Lighting

    Aurora unique latest

    technology, high lumen


    Show your true colours,

    focus on the effect of


    New material, perfect

    paint finish,pursue all


    Cree XML2 led,AURORA

    unique structural

    thermal design and

    optical design,to ensure

    efficient light output

    and long lifespan

    With a broader spectrum

    color source and higher

    CRI,the Cree XML2 leds

    deliver more true-to-life

    color renderings critical for

    area applications

    Fully consider the outdoor

    using environment,

    perfect surface handling

    and painting, to ensure

    the light quality of 20

    yearsand long lifespan area applications years

  • Unmatched design delivers unmatched results. Redefining

    whats possible in high output lighting, the Cree XML2 LEDS

    Output luminaire delivers exceptional illumination

    performance thats designed to last for more than a decade.

    AURORA exclusive surface finish

    features providing excellent resistance

    to corrosion, ultraviolet degradation

    and abrasion. Even after using of a

    Optical precision control and optical loss reducing

    are most important. AURORA optical laboratory and abrasion. Even after using of a

    20-year, the luminaire still looks good.

    are most important. AURORA optical laboratory

    provides varities of optical designs to meet high

    standard optical illuminations of different scenes.

    With built-in

    Integral and weather-tight

    driver compartment

    designed for enhanced

    reliability of the power

    diversion heat

    sink and closely

    integrated with

    the LED

    module, the

    heat will soon

    release to the reliability of the power

    supply.release to the


    10MM LED module

    spacing, fully playing

    the upper and lower

    air convection

    cooling performance.

    To imitate the

    cooling process of

    active convection and

    passive convection

    in the different

    directions when lights

    Using the wind

    tunnel design of

    light body sides to

    accelerate the air

    flow of the heat

    directions when lights

    outdoor work, to

    make our cooling

    system even better

    through design, to

    allow higher light

    output stability and flow of the heat

    sink surface.

    output stability and

    longer lifespan.

  • AURORA optical laboratory provides varieties of

    optical designs to meet different illumination scenes,

    to make our illumination effects more perfect.


    Sports stadium lightingSports stadium lighting

    Government Facilities Lighting

    Municipal Lighting

    Parking Structure Lighting

    Airport Lighting

    Station lighting

    Petroleum & Convenience Lighting

    Recreation & Public Venue Lighting

    Auto Dealership Lighting


    Side-mount: Pole diameter 40-80MM

    Hoisting: With turn 0-180Hoisting: With turn 0-180




  • Game Changing

    High Output LightingHigh output illumination in the past was all about

    sacrifice and compromise. Now, the AURORA High

    Output luminaire redefines high output illumination

    performance, delivering high quality, significant

    reductions in energy and maintenance costs, and can

    offer payback in under short time. Applications

    Product ParametersItem:AOLD020500-500W



    Input:90-305VAC,50/60HZ,offer payback in under short time. Applications

    requiring these solutions now shine in a whole new

    light. The result is unprecedented color quality,

    enhanced curb appeal enabling more sales and

    increased security for any retail or commercial

    site.The AURORA Led High Output luminaire is a true

    game changer.





    LENS:PMMA game changer.LENS:PMMA

    Life span:>50000hours

    Brightness after 50.000 working


    Electrical protection:Class II

    Surge protector (prevoltage power

    supply) : Min 4KV(can choose to installsupply) : Min 4KV(can choose to install

    10KV surge protector ).


    Housing:Corrosion resistant Aluminium


    Work Environment:-40+60,10%-


    NW GW

    17.8KGS 19KGS

    Item Size CTN Size


    Warranty time:10years(5years/driver)

    Housing colour:Silver/Black

    AOLD020500-500W 370*570*100 430*700*180 17.8KGS 19KGS

    24.8KGS 25KGS

    32.5KGS 33.8KGS





    370*570*100 430*700*180

    550*570*100 610*700*180

    730*570*100 790*700*180

    1,Regulatory Compliance & Certifications: UL/CUL CE RoHS IP IK

    3,Power, housing color, optics types can be customized upon the request of customer.

    4,AURORA the latest heat dissipation structure design, Working on the

    outdoor almost no difference from the environment temperature.

    5,Aurora optical engineers freely provide all variety of the lighting design of

    the project for clients.

    1,Regulatory Compliance & Certifications: UL/CUL CE RoHS IP IK

    2,The inner box includes: Lighting Manual

    the project for clients.

    6,Please feel free to visit our updated product information on the website.

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