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Namaskar India Tour is a luxury tour company offering customized and exclusive travel packages across the India. Call us for any queries on +91-769-0966-166.

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A splendid trip Lord Krishnas birthplace Brij Bhoomi MathuraWhen my maternal granny asked me to accompany her for a trip to Mathura, I was confused. I am neither spiritual nor religiously inclined. We visited Mathura in August 2014 on the auspicious occasion of Krishna Janamasthami. Mathura is located close to 150 kilometres from New Delhi. The birthplace of Lord Krishna, Mathura has some of the best sight-seeing options. It is also called as the Eden City owing to the presence of Brindavan Garden. Well connected by roads and railine, Mathura can be reached from Agra, Alwar, Bharatpur, Delhi, Deeg and Jaipur.

I had to do an elaborate mapping of the city before reaching there. It helped me connect the mythology with the contemporary city centres that still bear the essence of ancient Indian culture. I recommend the following places that are worth visiting in Mathura. Kusum Sarovar

Brindavan Gardens


Govardhan3Kusum SarovarAn exemplary showcase of Mathuras town planning, Kusum Sarovar is a community tank that has a depth of 60 feet and is 450 feet long. Known as Radha Kunj Sarovar, it is the very place where Krishna orchestrated his Raas Leelas with Radha and Gopis. The site is a fair spot now where items like handicrafts, religious souvenirs and flutes are sold. The tank is lined by Kadamb trees, some of which are many centuries old.

Brindavan GardensBrindavan is a famous tourist spot. I could sense the beauty has vanished a little due to encroachments but the State Tourism has managed to reclaim most of it. I saw kids running around just like Krishna and his friends. Located at a distance of 10 km from Mathura, Brindavan Gardens has many temples. Some of them are in ruins and reflect the treachery of Afghan and Mongol barbarians who destroyed Hindu sites of worship.

GokulMathura and Gokul are separated by the surging Yamuna. Gokul Nath temple is the top tourist spot here. There are numerous temples that showcase the chapters of Bal Krishnas life here in Gokul. The cowherds and milkmen still inhabit most of the regions. Known as the house of the Ghosh clan, Gokul is the iconic Brij Bhumi.

GovardhanThe search for Moksh Bhumi or salvation land is what took me to Govardhan. It is a hillock lined by temples. Legend says that Govardhan was once a proud mountain. The lofty peak has eroded with age. Located 26 kilometres from Mathura, Govardhandhari Temple, dedicated to Krishna who is believed to have saved the Brij Bhumi from floods by lifting the mountain on his little finger. The divine temple was built in the 15th century. Here, Krishna is called ShrinathJi.

It was one of my best tours in India. I cant forget this luxury India tour in my whole life.

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