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Lync - phone, voice mailbox, instant messaging

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Lync - phone, voice mailbox, instant messaging …. Pawel Grzywaczewski CERN IT / OIS. Agenda. Unified Communication and softphone Pre-deployment environment Lync architecture Challenges and plans. Unified Communication. SIMPLICITY. INTEGRATION. Softphone benefits. Softphone benefits. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lync - phone, voice mailbox, instant messaging Pawel GrzywaczewskiCERN IT/OIS

Agenda2Unified Communication and softphone

Pre-deployment environment

Lync architecture

Challenges and plans

Unified Communication3


3Softphone benefits Presentation title - 4Softphone benefits

Contact Address Book, quick phone callPresence verificationAvailabilityClear messageInstant messagingInstant access to informationVoice mail -> mailboxAccess from abroad (roaming charges)Wifi

Why Lync?Microsoft/Mac compliantOS evolution will be followed upIntegration with Office, ExchangeMobilitySmartphones compliantCompetences within ITMaturityGateway vendors and Alcatel evolution (SIP)Redundancy solutions for Lync & ExchangeCost effective for CERNSupport lines already in placeScalable, now there is:Up to 8,500 users and 400 simultaneous calls5

Pre-deployment environmentFixed Telephony service:4 PBX and 14 IP-PBX Alcatel OmniPCX 440011,000 fixed users + 5,500 mobile users 2.5 millions outgoing calls/yearCall centersIP Telephony services IP phones / Softphones / FAX IPTelecom softwareProvisioning, billing, specific tools (Fire Brigade)Exchange 201030,000 mailboxes6

Lync / PBX architecture7

Lync internal accessLync external accessAccess to voice mail

Mediation servers




External user

Internal user

Front End servers

Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging

Active Directory


Audio-conferenceserversSwitchboardFire brigadesystemMonitoringProvisioningBillingGSMservicesTelephonyservices


7LyncOne Click to phone call, Address Book


Instant Messaging

Voice Mail on Exchange

On your computer

Manage forwarding


8What is supported9Lync on WindowsLync MacPidgin on LinuxPhone Calls NOAddress Book Availability Instant messaging Voice mail - unified messagingAccess from external network

Lync client on smartphonesAndroid, Windows Phone, iOSX (iPhone/iPad)

Recommended audio devices for LyncPolycom CX300 (USB)

FeedbackAt present > 50 users on softphone pilot projectFrom different departments and profilesTeamsTravelersStaff changing officesIT head and deputy head with secretariesDeep testing of delegation/forwarding scenariosVery positive feedbackPeople interested in collaboration featuresPresentation sharing, whiteboardDesktop sharing very useful to provide support10


11Statistics12September 2012 in numbersUnique users (softphone included): 204 Instant messaging sessions: 22,475Audio sessions (phone calls): 3,155Audio sessions minutes: 6,412

12Voice mailFeature of the soft phone solution No PIN, no *#*#*12313Get access to it from everywhereBased on Exchange Unified Messaging roleWell integrated with other systemsCurrent CERN voice mailOld systemNot evolvingWe can use Exchange instead


Voice mail on Exchange14

Voice mail on Exchange15

Voice mail on Exchange16

ChallengesInteroperability solved with media gatewayAdapt different SIP implementation of each vendorNumbering and SIP headers compatibilityDiversion on Lync, and History header on PBXReuse current infrastructure:Lync client as an extension of the PBXCurrent systems (Alcatel, Exchange, CERN specific tools)SecurityUsers, servers, phone systemRedundancyLync provides clustering (but no mirroring)17

ChallengesCompetences in two different groupsLync, Exchange: IT/OISTelephony, interconnection, special services: IT/CSSupport for different OSLinux: lack of audio/video support for Lync


PlansSoftphone Lync Go to production beginning of next yearVoice mail Migrate users from current Alcatel system to ExchangeFederation with other institutesFree phone calls, availabilityOther features are availableCallpark, Location, Response groupLync 2013Federation with SkypeXMPP gateway integrate with Google Talk, etcVOIP from mobile devices


SummaryWe gained experience in managing the systemMore features can be implementedThe key was to integrate it with current systemsTelephone, e-mail, phonebookCollaboration between peoplePeople doesnt like changes, butVery good feedback once using the system


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