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Date post:23-Aug-2014
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Mobile Marketing Agency M2Mobi has worked for several clients including Heineken, Schiphol, Dubai Airports
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  • Adapt your techniques to an idea, not an idea to your techniques. DDB co-founder Bill Over the course of history, no other mass medium has changed so much so fast. With M2Mobi we stay on the cutting edge of these changes, but the medium is not what matters to us. It is how we apply it for our customers. Mobile is the biggest, most personal, most loved and sometimes despised medium. It is all about what happens here, now, and in the future. It brings people together and has become a necessity for all of those who possess one. And again, our work is not about metal frames and the things that live inside them; it is about people, ideas, and passion.t We see a world where everyone will have instant access to things they want or need; to things that matter to them, sometimes even before they know it. With every project, we get new ideas and get more excited about what we do and where it is taking us. That is how we became who we are, and that is how we want to keep making a difference. And no, we dont know where it will lead. We just know theres something much bigger than any of us here. Steve Jobs VISION 3
  • Since Michiel Munneke and Michiel Baneke set up shop in 2006, the two man company has grown into an international organization of developers, designers, and consultants. Our strategies and services have helped to strengthen the bond between brands and people. We are always searching for ideas that fit the strategy, medium and target audience of our clients. By deploying our knowledge, creativity and strategic insight we devise practical solutions that keep amazing our clients and end-users. We are proud of our big network of interesting clients and partners. Together with these customers and our team of talents we have been able to build innovative, useful and fun applications. Our customers know us as a personal and flexible agency that likes to challenge them on a technical and creative level. This is how we get the most out of our cooperation. Our customers have won several prizes for their mobile solutions, like the Best Sport App or #1 Airport App Worldwide. ABOUT 4
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  • Since its foundation in 1989, G-Stars philosophy has always been Just the Product. The Dutch brand introduced luxury denim for the streets, by fusing high-level craftsmanship with street level edge to create a new denim sector; the positioning of raw, untreated denim as a wearable and desirable material. M2Mobi developed a mobile site to help G-star optimize their mobile strategy. The site contains the latest clothing collections, a G-Star RAW store/stock locators and a web shop that allows shipping to over 40 countries. 6
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  • Dubai International Airport is the second busiest international hub in the world. With a monthly averageofover5millioncustomerstheairportset to exceed their targets of 65.4 million passengers for the year 2013. With last years opening of the Concourse A, the airport increased their capacity to 75 million passengers a year. This will be followed with the terminal Concourse D in early 2015. Along with the expansion of Dubai International Airport, The Dubai World Central airport is nearing completion of phase one. This world class airport covers an area of 140 square kilometers and is estimated to have a capacity of 12 million tonnes of cargo and can accommodate 160 million passengers by completion in the year 2017. With this immensely growth it is important for the airports to keep improving the airport facilities and customer service. M2Mobi develops a world- class airport app that will be released soon after the new Dubai Airports website that covers both Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central Airport. 8
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  • This app helps people to live in the here and now and to know how to deal with stress. Eventually the purpose is become more self-conscious and mindful! The app consists of a set of 50 exercises and a five week program of 25 of these exercises. All exercises vary from basic mantra exercises to full body scans of 45 minutes. The extent of being mindful is indicated by the grow phase of the lotus flower in the home screen. The flower grows together with the amount of exercises done. This process encourages users to try different exercises to complete more. Next the app contains a function to select exercises based on several factors like duration, environment and purpose. VGZ Zorghulp & Mindfulness Coach 10
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  • Follow the Money* is an app that guides you through the financial history of Amsterdam by an audio tour. The tour bridges a period of 400 year, from the Golden Age up until today. Mercurius, the Roman God of commerce, guides you to spots in Amsterdam which played a crucial role in history. The audio tour provides background information of historical buildings and spots that are inextricably linked with the financial history of the city. The voice of Mercurius is recorded by Ruben Brinkman, known from his role in the series called Feuten. Remarkable spots in the tour are the first trade office, financed by Hendrick de Keyser and the Beurs van Berlage, designed by Hendrik Peter Berlage. Other buildings which are part of the tour are the former The Dutch Bank and the Munttoren. The app is available in Dutch and English and can be downloaded for free. *In App Store and Google Play this app is called Money Tour. 12
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  • With this app the crew can download flight- briefing packages, fill in flight reports and store reference manuals. By providing the crew with an easy to use and practical tool, transavia.com and M2Mobi have provided a genuinely useful service. Each flight requires a lot of paperwork from the crewmembers. This is currently a tedious process involving several hard-copy and online forms. In one easy-to-use application we offered a solution for these challenges. All forms and notes can be entered and stored offline. Over the years we have made several apps for Transavia.com. The most well kown app is the transavia.com app which was developed to increase the amount of online bookings. The app lets customers choose from multiple inexpensive flights to over 200 destinations. Next to that, customers are given the option to import previous bookings into the app and share them with their family and friends Apps can help companies in streamlining their day-to-day processes. Transavia.com asked us to develop a tablet on board iPad app to support their crew with flight-related tasks. 14
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  • When people are asked about their hospital visit, they will probably tell you about their health or the worries they have about a loved one who is in the hospital. Next to that, many people will mention basic, practical things. Why is it so hard to park your car? Why does it seem impossible to find the right place to go to in a hospital? Questions like these lead to frustration and stress in an already stressed situation. At M2Mobi we believe that visitors of a hospital should not experience this frustration, so that they can focus on whats most important: health. Forthisreason,wedecidedtotakeonthisproject with the AMC (Academic Medical Center - The Netherlands) and develop a solution. The AMC in Amsterdam is one of the biggest hospitals in the Netherlands. Every day over 30.000 people are trying to find their way to the right department. For most people, visiting a hospital has a high impact. The app that we have developed helps them on their way. Patients receive a QR-code with their appointment details. The AMC app scans it and will help patients with all kinds of practical issues during theirvisit, bothinsideand outsideofthehospital. To us, this project is a starting point for many other features to help make a hospital visit as convenient as possible. Where is my doctor? 16
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  • How to stay in touch with customers after they bought a phone and have left your shop? Together with BelCompany we defined a tr an application that is not only useful for the user, but also helps BelCompany to stay in contact with their customers. This application reminds you when your contract ends and informs you when you can pick up a fancy new phone at BelCompany. Furthermore the app keeps you up to date with the latest news, newest phones, coolest apps, and finds BelCompany stores near you. Got a question? Contacting BelCompany has been made very easy; with one press you can call them, email them or ask your question using Twitter or Facebook. 18
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  • Chinese travelers are a growing group of passengers flooding Europes airports every day. They can be big spenders, but how do you get them to do that when they cant find anything? A large percentage of the Chinese travelers have difficulties understanding the English language. We developed a mobile app to facilitate the growing number of Chi
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