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MaaS and UMF

Date post: 11-Aug-2014
Author: michael-cesino
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Knowing the information about your data means gaining and winning a strategic control point in your enterprise to better understand the impact of change on your business.
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MaaS (Model as a Service) and UMF (Universal Model Framework) Gain a strategic control point to your competitive advantage MaaS UMF
  • MaaS (Model as a Service) and UMF (Universal Model Framework) Gain a strategic control point to your competitive advantage MaaS UMF
  • The information about your Data is your precious Heritage, Legacy and potentially your Competitive Advantage. Each day Data sources, users, use cases, volume, velocity, variety and, of course, values change continuously Enterprise Data ?
  • Enterprise Data Instantly mapped? How do you harness it in a rapidly changing business environment to your competitive advantage? How do you achieve enterprise speed, scale, agility in a rapidly changing business environment? THE BOTTOM LINE IS how do you cost effectively manage all of the information about your data and leverage it to your competitive advantage?
  • Enterprise Data Lets also not forget about the challenges in a virtual data environment where data upon which you depend is moved between your company and the Cloud where it referenced and ingested before moved back to your company..perhaps without you even knowing it! YOU NEED a way to track of all of the information about your data if you want to gain a strategic control point.
  • Imagine having a in-memory map about your Data so you can understand its relationships and dependencies on your business service and your enterprise applications whether it be in the Cloud or on-premise. With MaaS (Model-as-a-Service) this is possible: MaaS in-memory map
  • Enterprise Data With a in-memory maps of your data, you can quickly see patterns and changes that affect your business services and your applications whether it be in the Cloud or on-premise or both. Applying MaaS you are able to better understand what should change and why it should change.
  • Now you are able to keep track of all the information that is changing about your data in a single view and across all of your enterprise applications regardless of its location ... The Cloud Enterprise Data HC Healthcare GA Game/Gamification FI Finance HR Human Resources GovernmentGOV Sales and MarketingSM MA Manufacturing
  • MaaS UMF Enterprise Data Healthcare Government Finance Gamification On-premise/Cloud BIG DATA MAPPING AND PROCESSING? Today, regardless of the market, companies struggle to manage Big Data ingestion, analysis and deployment. If you are one of these companies, MaaS can help in data ingestion and processing; making a big difference in the way you understand Big Data and its impact on your business.
  • Enterprise Data With MaaS you have all your services available as-a-model! Whatever happens along the data continuum, the information about your data is instantiated, updated and available as a cloud- based service to your business users, data scientist and solution architects to share, reuse and redesign more agile business services in the Cloud. HC Healthcare Government GOV GOV GA HR FI HC GA FI HR
  • MaaS UMF On-premise/Cloud No need to worry about safekeeping your competitive advantage or your area of specialization. MaaS ensures your business rules and processes that make your business successful are secure. By utilizing a Universal Model Framework, MaaS enables agility without sacrificing security for transversal and specialized areas of enterprise applications.
  • Enterprise Data UMF Libraries Healthcare Government Data Instantly Mapped Healthcare Government Healthcare Government MaaS HumanResources Finance Gamification Manufacturing Deployed On-premise/Cloud Healthcare Government
  • Business Requirements Business Linkage - Set the Agile Data Models Lifecycle - Run agile data model development and guide deployment - On-premise specialize data models - Organize metadata - Define metamodel - Get data memory by model - Model and Metadata persistence; - Model and Metadata discovery and navigation Model Constructs Model Linkage - Provide data model scalability - Set efficient multi-tenancy - Map cloud data storage by geo-location Enterprise Functions Objects Classes MaaS (Model as a Service) UMF (Universal Model Framework)
  • See MaaS and UMF in action by signing up today for a virtual briefing or a full day workshop. Nuccio Piscopo Michael Cesino www.modelsrvisible.com MaaS UMF [email protected]
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