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  • School of Business and Economics - Sharing Success

    Language of instruction: English

    MSc International Business MSc Human Decision Science MSc Management of Learning MSc Economic Studies MSc Information and Network Economics MSc Financial Economics MSc Fiscale Economie MSc Econometrics and Operations Research MSc Global Supply Chain Management and Change MSc Business Research MSc Economic and Financial Research

    Master's programmes in Business and Economics

  • Why study atMaastricht University?

    Problem-Based LearningProblem-Based Learning (PBL) clearly illustrates Maastricht Universitys innovative character.PBL is more than just acquiring knowledge; its about exchanging knowledge in a challengingand effective way. By exploring a number of real-life social issues with your fellow students,you learn to think like an academic and acquire essential skills such as presenting viewpoints,debating, writing texts and working in international teams.

    Top qualityMaastricht University is renowned for excellence and innovation in learning. High rankingsin Dutch and international publications attest to our focus on quality. We cherish andstimulate talent. Our graduates are highly skilled professionals that can be found in businessand academia around the world.

    International outlookMaastricht University is the most international university in the Netherlands. We offer uniqueEurope-focused and internationally-oriented masters programmes, most of which are taughtin English. About half of the students and one-third of the academic staff come from abroad.In all, more than 100 nationalities are represented at Maastricht University. This cultural diversityin students and teaching staff greatly contributes to establishing our international classroom.

    UM Alumni get resultsUM alumni typically pursue careers focused on Europe and the world, and do well in bothnational and international companies and in academic and cultural institutions. According toa ROA (Maastricht University Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market) report,87% of Maastricht University graduates have found employment within a year of graduation,8% continue studying, and the unemployment rate of UM alumni decreases from 4.1% to 0.4%within five years of graduation.

    The city of MaastrichtMaastricht is one of the oldest and most charming cities in the Netherlands. It has a beautiful mixof historical and modern architecture. It is safe and compact almost everything can be reachedon foot or by bike. But Maastricht is also a lively student city with a distinctly European feel.

  • 3Message from the dean 4

    MSc International Business 5 Accountancy 6 Controlling 8 Entrepreneurship and SME Management 10 Finance 12 Information Management

    and Business Intelligence 14 Marketing-Finance 16 Organisation: Management, Change

    and Consultancy 18 Strategic Marketing 20 Strategy and Innovation 22 Supply Chain Management 24

    MSc Human Decision Science 26

    MSc Management of Learning 28

    MSc Economic Studies 30 Competition and Regulation 32 Public Economics 33 Managerial Economics 34 Social Economics 35 European Economic Policy 36 Global Innovation Economics 37

    MSc Information and Network Economics 38

    MSc Financial Economics 40

    MSc Fiscale Economie 44

    MSc Econometrics and Operations Research 46

    MSc Global Supply Chain Managementand Change 52

    MSc Business Research 54

    MSc Economic and Financial Research 56


    Maastricht University is signatory of the Code of conduct with

    respect to international students in Dutch higher education.

    More information about this code of conduct is available

    at www.internationalstudy.nl

    All programmes in this brochure are accredited by the Accreditation

    Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

    For more information on NVAO, please visit www.nvao.nl

    Our promise to you

    We are building an international networkschool where we look towards the future andbeyond borders, where inspiration and theexchange of value lead to success.

    Our values

    Forward thinking. We look towards thefuture, beyond conventions and beyondborders. Making progress is all aboutforward thinking.

    Value exchange. In everything we do, we aredetermined to add value to our internationalnetwork and community. In return, we areenriched by and appreciate the value thatwe receive from others.

    Inspiring. We strive to inspire ourcommunity and partners all over the world,not through what we say, but through ouractions. Challenging people inspires people.

  • 4You want a masters degree recognised aroundthe world. And you want skills and experiencethat will prepare you for further studies or asuccessful career. At the School of Business andEconomics (SBE), youll find all this and more.

    International and diverseMaastricht is a charming and vibrant city. Locatedat the crossroads of the Netherlands, Belgium andGermany, its a microcosm of cultures andlanguages. And so, too, is SBE. Our staff andstudents come from almost 50 different countries.All our programmes have an international focus,with almost all courses taught in English. And wehave academic and corporate partners all over theworld, which gives you great opportunities tostudy or intern abroad.

    Innovative and dynamicProblem-Based Learning (PBL) is the methodologyfor which we are famous. This means smalltutorial groups, close contact with your tutors,and a highly interactive style of learning. PBLtrains you to be an active and independentparticipant. These skills are a huge plus in todaysjob market.

    Practical and professionalEmployers like our graduates because they aretrained in valuable, real-life skills: managingyourself and your team, giving and receivingconstructive criticism, meeting deadlines,producing concrete results, and takingresponsibility, but also taking risks. To prepare you for the international labour market, we haveinitiated the International Classroom Develop-ment Programme, in which you will learn to workin teams composed of various differentnationalities. We also put you in direct contact

    with employers through internships, recruitmentevents and company visits. Career services areincorporated into all programmes. And our alumnicircles organise regular networking opportunities.

    Research and reputationAt SBE, you learn from the best. Our research isconsistently rated first or second in national peerreviews. Whats more, we are among the 52business schools worldwide that have beengranted the prestigious Triple Crown accreditation(EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA). We also consistentlyget high praise in the Dutch, German andinternational rankings.

    Start here go anywhereIn short, SBE provides the highest qualityeducation and a springboard to the next step.Youll find that the knowledge, skills andexperience from your SBE masters will put you onthe best possible footing. We look forward towelcoming you here.

    Prof. Jos LemminkDean, School of Business and Economics

    Message from the dean

    Master's programmes in Business and Economics

  • MSc International Business

    Business without borders

    International business covers all aspects ofcommerce across borders. A broad subject, theprogramme has been divided into a series ofspecialisations, meaning that you can focus onyour own interests and future ambitions.Though each specialisation is unique, they allcentre on business in an internationalenvironment through the extensive use of casestudies, real life business problems, skills trainingand a masters thesis. You will graduate with thebroad analytical and theoretical skills required foran international business career and a deepunderstanding of your chosen specialisation.

    International Business is a versatile programme,with many specialisations available in either afull- or part-time format. All specialisations starttwice yearly in February and September.

    International Business applicants should be:

    interested in business across borders able to think analytically prepared to work hard focused on an international career

    Career prospects

    Your understanding of international businessissues, combined with the interpersonal andleadership skills gained during your studies, willmake you an asset to any organisation. Many ofour students find jobs before they graduate.

    Graduates have found positions as:

    marketing managers (financial) consultants product managers business engineers


    consultancy firms, such as Capgemini andAccenture

    large multinationals, such as Shell and Philips SMEs governmental and non-governmental



    distinctive feature, good

    Specialisations Language DurationAccountancy English 1 year full-timeAccounting and Control Dutch 2 year part-time onlyControlling English 1 year full-timeEntrepreneurship and SME Management English 1 year full-time or 2 year part-timeFinance English 1 year full-time or 2 year part-timeInformation Management & Business Intelligence English 1 year full-time or 2 year part-timeMarketing-Finance English 1 year full-timeOrganisation: Management, Change and Consultancy English 1 year full-timeStrategic Marketing English 1 year full-time or 2 year part-timeStrategy and Innovation English 1 year full-time or 2 year part-timeSupply Chain Management English 1 year full-time or 2 year part-time

  • 6 Master's programmes in Business and Economics


    AccountancyInterpreting information for betterbusiness decisions

    Do you want to get right to the core of business working within the central nerve system of anycompany? Do you aspire to become an auditor orfinancial consultant? Accountancy puts you onthe fast t

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