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MAC 232 FinalProject

Date post:18-Aug-2015
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  1. 1. Abdou Thioye MAC 232 Final Project Flow Chart and Pseudocode Flowchart User Input Choices: Aa aa a Ss Pp Dd Vv Qq ExitMenu User presses Enter Returnto Menu Contacts.txt Input:Name ContactMenu Delete name? or q y * n Run Script PrintContact Print Contacts.txt RunScript: AddContact Press Enter Delete Contact? Name? Delete Contactandall relatedinformation $lessContacts.txt Returnto Menu Exit Start Run Script:ContactMenu Sort k 2 t: Contacts.txt| uniq
  2. 2. Pseudocode Returnto Menu Contacts.txt InputNewContact Information Returnto Menu InvalidOption Return to Menu PressEnter Choose y, q or copy Restart $looptest=y AddNew Contact infoto Contacts.txt Ctrl+C y q
  3. 3. Set loop to equal y While loop is equal to y, Do Clear screen Display Menu and Menu Options Wait for user input CASE Menu selection based on user input A Execute AddContact script D- Request name of who is to be deleted from Contacts.txt. IF user presses y THEN Delete all information regarding the name inputted by user from Contacts.txt ENDIF P- Execute PrintContact script S- Execute FindContact script V- View the Contacts.txt contents Q- Exit the menu Any other key- Display Invalid Option and return use to menu options ENDCASE Done The Menu and scripts in the following order My Contact Menu Contacts.txt (The Contact Book)
  4. 4. AddContact Script
  5. 5. ContactMenu
  6. 6. FindContact PrintContact