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2. MACRO From this front cover you can tell that the audience will be males. The main image has a rebellious, angry feel to it which could indicate to us what type ofmusic and attitude people who listen to this music have we get this impressionfrom the middle finger being stuck up which means up yours. From the mainimage you can tell that the males dont fit into the stereotypical roles males aresupposed to have where they supposed to be masculine and have toned bodies. This representation of men is rather the opposite as the man in the middle ofthe page is wearing nail varnish but also he is wearing eyeliner. The men on the main image are all wearing dark clothing which could suggest a colour ormood which is popular amongst that crowd of people. As the men on thefront cover are all from different bands we cant comment on them as a bandbut as individuals they all have different facial expressions which could suggest the impression the frontmen want to give the audience of their band. Lookingat this music magazine it gives an rock/alternative feel due to the colours, fontbut also the content written on the page such a the writing under Fall OutBoy which says The shape of punk to come which makes us think that this magazine is for a more niche market. The main image has been taken in a midshot to make all of the members in the photo important but also draw attention to their faces as there is writing just underneath covering their bodies. The way Kerrang has laid out this magazine to draw people in is by using bright colours such as pink, orange and white against the black makes it stand out but also the large typography which is a similar sizing to the title of the magazine also shows us who the main article is going to be about and itstates its importance by being the same size as the name of the magazine. Thegraphic features also stand out as they have put the images on top of eachother to make it more interesting to look at.

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