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Magazine research We Heart Pop

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  1. 1. Magazine Research
  2. 2. Magazine Information Launched in September 2011supported by many largecompanies such as Universal Music, Asda, Boohoo,Tescos and So Fragrances Genre of the magazine is clearly pop music in the charts The target audience is focused on 100% female audience13-15 year old Circulation of the magazine is 115,000 Issued weekly Costs 2.99 per issue The content of the magazine includes: fashion, makeup,gossip, quizzes, posters, games, boy tips and shopping.
  3. 3. More Information The editor of We Heart Pop is Malcolm Mackenzie The magazine is owned by ABC Distributed in both shops and online Leading competitors include: Bliss, Top OfThe Pops and Sugar The Brand identity of the magazineis a bright bold colours with ahappy vibe directed at female teens.
  4. 4. Front coverFreebees- attract areader to buy themagazine asstereotypical teenfavorite goodies areadvertised.Masthead- boldfeaturing opposingcolours (vibrant redand black) to stand outto the target audienceof teens.Coverline- bold largetext stating the nameof the artist in a largevibrant red fontagainst a yellowbackground thereforhighlighting it.Main Image-motivatedimage of awell-known pop singerTaylor Swift intriguingthe female targetaudience.Secondary Images-provideentertainmentfor the young teenaudience as there isplenty to look atdisplaying what themagazine includes.House style- Brightprimary colourscreate a pop vibewhich stand outagainst each other asthey are opposed.Crowed layoutexpresses how muchinteresting things themagazine includes.Bold basic fonts areeasy to read and eye-catching.Puff- provides a smallamount of interestinginformation about acertain article thereforpersuades the reader tobuy the magazine andread it.Barcode, price and issue date-informsthe customer of vitalinformation. The price of thismagazine is 2.99 is fairly cheapconsidering the amount offreebees therefor the youngtarget audience can afford topurchase it.
  5. 5. ContentsMasthead- the masthead iswritten in a funky bright andbold font following the poptheme house style of brightopposing colours. Themasthead used colloquialinclusive language to createa personal welcome to thereader.Sections- there are fourmain sections to thecontents page: Pagenumbers, pictures withcaptions, a strip of hotposters and an editors note.Bu dividing up the page intosections the contentsappears more structuredand organized.We Love Pop Logo- thelogo of We Heart Pop iscontinued throughoutthe magazine toestablish the brandidentity.Page Numbers- thepage numbers consist oftwo vibrant opposingcolours: pink andturquoise following thehouse styleSecondary Images- theimages inform thereader what/who thedifferent articles includeto persuade them toSub-headings- the sub-headings read itare in a simple long, bold font inthe same colours of the pagenumbers again following the housestyle
  6. 6. Double page spreadMasthead- Fancy fontestablished by aturquoise outline tohighlight it, housestyle colours arecontinued. Colloquialinclusive languageused again to involvethe reader in the text.Format-the format ofthe double page spreadconsists of a large mainimage of the artistfeatures and text incolumns on the righthand side of the emptyspace of the picture.Pull Quotes- pullquotes interest thereader as they arequoted by Taylor Swiftand supports what issaid in the article.Main image- the main image is a motivatedimage of Taylor Swift who also appeared onthe front cover. The pop artist is lookingglamorous posing on a bench giving a directmode of address to the audience.
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