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  • INTRODUCTION Magic is an art that seems hidden at first sight but how many people can say that magic is real? andconeptualism is not mind making excessutilization of the brain, and see only what we wantsee?.Magic is often related to the ocults arts, witches, warlocks, death, skulls and has ahigh importance on religion and society from thefemale practitioners of this art, this page you will find several reviews, videos and articles about what is the magic and as seen today, but be careful you can be bewitched!.

  • VOCABULARY Interaction /n.trk.n//-t-/ When two or more people or things communicate with or react to each other There's not enough interactionbetweenthe management and the workers.Entertainment /en.tten.mnt//-t-/ Shows, films, television, or other performances or activities that entertain people.

  • Emotion /m.n/ A strong feeling such as love or anger, or strong feelings in generalkid /kd/ A young personfantasy / A pleasant situation that you enjoy thinking about, but which is unlikely to happen, or the activity of thinking itself

  • ARTICLEMAGIC RELATION WITH WITHCRAFT MAGIC of science or art that teaches do extraordinary things. Also anything that relates us to operate with energies and occult forces of nature to all that implies some connection with the supernatural, extrasensory, spiritual, and ultimately, something that is alien to what we see, measure, weigh or simply know. There are many types of magic, apart from the black there is white magic, green, red, etc. Those who practice the various types of magic, use four elements of nature: Fire, Earth, Air and Water.


    Questions:What do you think about magic? Do you believe in magic? Do you know any magic trick? Who is your favorite magician? Why do you think that magic has a relation with witchcraft?


    WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MAGIC? The people who have had the pleasure of surveying have said, magic is something fun, according to Melissa interviewed, she believes that magic is a distraction for children, according to the second respondent called Camila, she saidmagic requires mental and physical skills. Magic is a street art, practiced by people who manipulate the public's mental abilities, and consistent with this has a close relationship with animals, objects, items with which they perform any kind of trick, from another point of view but also the magic grouphas a relationship with the spirits and witchcraft.DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC? There are some people believe that magic is simply a hoax caused by the current revelation of some tricks magic that has made some wizards to take advantage of the ingenuity of the people, according to some interviewed, they now do not believe in magic but bind yes, because they believe they are just physical skills and nothing more, but there are others who say there is only magic believe in it when viewed.

  • DO YOU KNOW ANY MAGIC TRICK?The People think they know all the tricks, but nobody believes in them, just based on the idea that something unreal can make great importance and strength, all those interviewed know tricks with coins, cards, something they consider very basicto say it's magic, many people find the perfect distraction magic, where there are surprises, suspense and ingenuity. WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE MAGICIAN?The biggest representatives in the magic of our day are: Criss Angel, Masked Man (Val Valentino), David Blaine, David Copperfield, Gustavo Lorgia, Juan Tamariz and others, but the greatest magician of the story was the now deceased HarryHoudini, at the many do not know because the current magicians have tried to erase its image as a magician by inventing new tricks, respondents really like the work of Colombian Gustavo Lorgia and also the work of Criss Angel, this is aTV program to create illusions to the public street and proposes a new idea of mixing rock magic and illusion.

  • WHY DO YOU THINK THAT MAGIC HAS A RELATION WITH WITHCRAFT?According to studies that have been made magic is different from witchcraft but if they have a relationship to certain people who perform it and for what purposes, as magic is also bad, there is white magic, black, red, green,blue, etc, the witchcraft has a side that looks for potions, poetry to possess a supernatural or extrasensory ability for many years women have had to bear the burden of being witches just because you follow the traditions of the churchbut if you continue to love evil.

  • ANALYSIS Magic of our time has lost its value considerably mystical, but that does not demerit the magic is still an act of entertainment for all children, youth, adults and seniors, while there is that people who believe in it and wizards to disclose or notmagic tricks will not lose its validity in a long time to hand if you create more great tricks, they need more fans for this wonderful art we call magic.

  • VIDEO The magic is an art, a science that is use for entertaining the people, where tricks are realized using four element; air, water, fire, land. Later there are two videos; the number one was realize in a magic TV show, the trick was made by a classic magician, it is about cut a person in two and then united again, and in the video number two the masked magician revealing the secret of this trick, ENJOY IT!

    Clic video number one Clic video number two Do you believe that the magicians cheat the people? Why?

  • CONCLUSION The magic is an interesting topic, where we learn to handle the mind, to be agile, see to analyze some tricks. This project carries the name of Magic, because it is a different .We had the opportunity to work with wonderful people through this process and to be ourselves managers for planning, organizing, directing and controlling the work, it was wonderful to work with new people, communication was strained at first but eventually we all met, although we all have responsibilities we get advantage of time, we focus on something that interested us all and pay attention to allfurther instructions from the teacher.


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