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Date post:30-May-2020
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    Advertising Technology Solutions

    Making Advertising Data Simple Exploring Databricks for Advertising Technology

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  • Advertising Technology Solutions


    The explosion of digital advertising has introduced an abundance of data as new digital marketing trends, such as native advertising and behavioral targeting grow in prevalence.

    Capitalizing on new advertising data to monetize these trends should be simple, but developers and data scientists are often impeded by sluggish and hard to use tools on top of the pain of everyday infrastructure maintenance.

    With Databricks, you can easily and quickly transform growing data into value.



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    Advertising Technology Solutions

    Growing Volume and Complexity of Advertising Data


    Existing Infrastructure Is Too Slow

    Advertisers today demand real-time market analysis to accurately allocate funds, and their demands hinge on the ability of their digital advertising platform to quickly deliver insights from data on impressions, clicks, and conversions–and not only the data collected today but also historic data. Customers demand ever more frequent reports, richer insights, and up to the minute analysis, and sluggish query response times can slow down their entire business.

    An advertising technology company can’t meet the demand for daily reports from their customers because the data pipeline is too slow to compute multiple terabytes of data within 24 hours.

    Existing Infrastructure Does Not Scale

    When you’re streaming trillions of data points on a regular basis, you don’t want to become enslaved by the infrastructure you use to manage them. Unfortunately, many leading data platforms aren’t equipped to handle the growing volume and velocity of advertising data.

    An ad exchange network has to shut down sales because their data pipeline can no longer cope with the sheer scale and speed of incoming data.

    Mundane Tasks Are a Constant Distraction

    Faced with the tidal wave of data and equipped with the wrong tools, data processing becomes a painfully arduous DevOps exercise dominated by infrastructure maintenance projects, which can tax your day-to-day productivity. These bottlenecks can cost valuable time otherwise spent deriving new and innovative insights from your data.

    An advertising technology company employs two full- time developers dedicated to maintaining the infrastructure instead of developing code to process clickstream data.

    With the development of new media channels and the advancement of data collection models, advertising data is in constant evolution. Staying up to date often comes with steep learning curves and significant time demands.


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    Advertising Technology Solutions

    How Databricks Works for Advertising

    By delivering a fast, scalable, and flexible data processing platform, Databricks allows you to produce real-time reports to customers, scale growing datasets, and explore the rich insights held in your advertising data.


    Lightning Fast Performance Databricks leverages Apache® Spark™ under the hood, which is memory-optimized to compute data up to 100x faster than MapReduce. Databricks also provides an interactive notebook environment so you can visualize query results with a click of the mouse to interpret complex data instantly.

    Infinite Scalability Databricks’ advanced Spark cluster manager allows you to scale up fully managed Spark clusters according to your data processing needs. In addition to making it easy to scale up, the cluster manager also helps you scale down or terminate clusters when they are not in use to optimize resource allocation.

    Faster Time to Build New Products

    Databricks’ notebook environment allows you to write and execute code in an interactive session to get instant feedback, which makes it perfect for prototyping new ideas. Once you’ve validated a new idea, you can put the code in production and monitor its execution with the Job Scheduler. From visualizing machine learning models to building reliable streaming jobs, the Databricks integrated workspace can do it all.

    Media Buying

    Demand Side Platforms

    Ad Exchanges

    Native Ad Platforms

    Content Recommendation

    Internal-facing Analytics

    Diverse Data Types Creative Optimization



    Other Metadata


    Common Advertising Technology Use Cases

    Cluster Manager

    Notebooks JobsDashboards Third-Party Apps


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    Advertising Technology Solutions

    Common Advertising Technology Use Cases


    Optimize Ad Creative Digital advertising relies on personalized engagement, and with seemingly infinite variations in headline copy, visual creative, size, placement, etc., delivering the right content to the ideal customer can quickly get complex. Machine algorithms can instantly identify which combinations of ad creative and media placement are most likely to predict engagement, as well as which types of advertisements resonate with different buyer personas.

    Aggregate Audience Data to Refine Audience Targeting

    By sifting through aggregate ad performance data, which includes impressions, clicks, conversions, etc., you can employ machine learning to identify actionable information, such as engagement signals and buying patterns. Use these signals and patterns to identify which products certain audience clusters prefer; when, how, and where they like to buy; and with which types of ads they engage.

    Automate Campaign Decisions

    Automated campaign decision-making is a growing trend in digital advertising that employs machine learning in a real-time environment to reveal hidden insights about ad performance and automatically optimize campaigns. Through automated campaign decisions, advertisers can reduce irrelevant data analysis.

    Enhance Operational Monitoring

    When expected behavior falls outside the norm, you need to know when to raise the alarm. For example, the amount of system activity might spike in relation to a trending piece of content or a critical problem in your codebase. Enhanced operational monitoring can keep you prepared for the unexpected.

    Build a Launch Point for Advanced Analytics

    Advertising data is rich with opportunities for exploration. Gaining fast and flexible access to all your data can open the door to new product opportunities, customer acquisition strategies, and industry-wide innovation.

    With Databricks, data processing and exploration becomes instantly simple. Learn how advertising technology leaders deploy Databricks to maximize productivity.


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    Advertising Technology Solutions

    Get started with Databricks today with a free trial.

    The Right Data Technology

    The advertising industry is constantly optimizing itself, and the right technology can make the difference between thriving and losing to the competition. Learning and implementing the technology that will power your growth doesn’t have to be difficult. With Databricks, interactive data exploration, machine learning, and streaming through Apache Spark are easy to learn and quick to implement. When you have the right tools, advertising data is simple.

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