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Making Data Sexy

Date post:22-Jan-2015
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The presentation discusses the four main data categories in correlation with marketing and analytics strategies.
  • 1. > Making data sexy < Turning raw data into ac.onable insights

2. > The datalicious elevator pitch Using data to widen the funnel Media A:ribu Establish a single source of truth Insights Repor Combine prole data sources CRM Prole Site Behaviour one-o collec.on of demographical data tracking of purchase funnel stage + age, gender, address, etc browsing, checkout, etc customer lifecycle metrics and key dates tracking of content preferences protability, expira 3rd party data enhancements Customer prole data Geo-demographic data + The whole is greater than the sum of its parts 3rd party data August 2011 Datalicious Pty Ltd 9 10. Visualise your data August 2011 Datalicious Pty Ltd 10 11. What trends can you iden Insights > Ac

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