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Manic Meditations

Date post: 10-May-2017
Author: john-rohrer
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Manic Meditations

Manic Meditations

John J. RohrerCopyright 2014 John Joseph Rohrer

New Standard Publications

www.createspace.comFirst Edition

License Note

This work was intended for the good of all.

So by all means copy and share it freely.

A Thread to Enlightenment, Part 1

Every moment carries

the potential of unwritten futures

Shrouded deep in mystery,

the heights of possibility

Through understanding, we enable change

toward a fate that we create.

Hope escapes a prison of despair,

unleashing pure potential,

driving a deliverance of dream

in search of higher meaning.

Save the world move on, move forward.

Write the wisdom not yet known to man.

To cure the world, first cure yourself,

and what you learn along the way

may do some good.

The evolution of understanding rains upon

a drought of meaning,

nourishing a growing soul directly

and through those it changes.

Will we ever be the same?

The universe is pure change

Science of the spirit bears a purpose:

to, through understanding,

elevate the consciousness of man

to heights impossible for

those who place their faith in fantasy.

The gift of life is ours

to fully claim,

in love fulfillment,

aims of purpose,

and transcendent joy.

Our better humor sees

the brighter side

of souls and life event;

it opens us to beauty

and the peace of harmony.

A community of bonds created

by the active listeners of love,

who seek to understand the souls

of those who share a common home

Together we relate as

fellow conscious facets of The Whole;

we find our kindred spirits

universal after but a while

Peace and wellness dawn upon me,

as I let my tensions go

I think of nothing but

this precious gift that I have found

within my heart,

which I knew not, in pain.

From a good place, I act in life, conscientious for the caring,

tolerant of evil to a point,

at which I vent my wisdoms grace.

I seek a sound solution to

the wrong that troubles me

Happiness-thieves must learn to see:

the beauty in anothers joy,

the ugliness of others pain,

the truth that one is not alone in life

(and others matter too).

My well-being is in harmony with

happiness for all,

for I care and bare the wisdom of

experience that I recall.

With aims to help another

in society to suffer less,

I hope to find my calling

in discovering how I may bless the world.

A Thread to Enlightenment, Part 2

Here we are, where we will never be again.

Time and place are both unique,

and ever is it now, renewed

The churning of the cosmic sea

has given rise to this great blessing;

borne beyond all memory,

The Everything endures

and in my mind,

the pinnacle,

the purpose,

builder of community,

appreciates a beauty that will never be again, as it is now.


significance for my core purpose,

born of insights understanding,

through my cares,

becoming joy and pain

Such is the process of

the good and bad alike,

whether in deep profundity

or shallow thrill.

My conscience is my confidence, my soul.

In strength of love and reason, I live,

wishing best for all

who suffer and who care

I dominate the dominators,

speaking basic truth

upon the platitudes of attitudes

who disrespect the souls around them,

high in ego air.. because I care.

People are perfect

within their awareness

of caring and wisdom,

of ethic and efficacy.

What they fail to consider

must all be forgiven,

and wheres our compassion

for their tragedy?

The dysfunctions

of ignorant innocence

pull at the heart to become

a good teacher and guide.

What we need are

the truths of existence,

inspired and accessible,

that which a parent confides.

Hyper-righteous domination

tragically offends my spirit,

paining me galvanically.

I seek to make things right

and be a light for those

in dark of ignorance or innocence.

The source of evil in our world

is every domination.

Only by relinquishing our power

may we find our love.

All is well, and cares I leave alone,

a sleeping mother and messiah

ready for evils unknown.

All one may do is speak ones mind.

The search for wisdom now may find

the path of efficacy that insight has shown.

I go outside to breathe the breezy air

and feel the temperature of any night or day.

I wonder at my passing feelings

are they granted to a soul by God,

manipulated in the moment

by the passing breeze?

The gifts that I enjoy

are as rich as life in all its wonder.

I turn my gaze up to the heavens,

searching for an inspiration,

lost inside the revelation of Infinity

In the Moment

The pinnacle of effortless,

of truly letting go to life,

is felt in deep acceptance of

the moments as they come

and pass to nothingness,

forever gone,

an echo

in the soul

we feel in depth.


Slates are cleaned

in every moment.

Freshly I attend to life.

Youre unique

in every instant.

Wonder shines

a clarity in me,

as I consider you anew

potential friend and teacher,

source of a fulfillment

I could know at any time

at such a time as now.


Genesis, a frame of mind

the moment of beginning

Conception of another life,

as simple as to recognize

the subtle shift of time

in its potential re-envisioning

of consciousness in evanescent life.


Alone with my thoughts,

beyond pressure to talk,

I discover the peace of

my candid abandon.

Acceptance of self

is restoring the health

of my inner expression

of care and opinion.

Dredging my memory,

flirting with fantasy,

swimming the sea of

my deep intuition,

I soak in the meaning

my focus is gleaning

and finally assess

the most likely

conclusion that brings.

Shy Sage

Understated understandings,

hidden, humble, healthy-hearted,

learning of the stuff of life,

withholding wisdom earned

Perhaps one day to speak the substance

curing in a core of caring,

growing in the sunlight of

experience, discerned

From Timid to Sunlight

The freedom to say anything in honesty

is granted by the peace of the secure.

The calm acceptance of the self-effacing

bears a disinhibiting allure.

In giving love thats unconditional,

we find, in our relationships, a cure

for broken spirit angst.

We open to a sense of self as pure

and find the meaning of

a silence grown mature.


Moving at the pace of pleasure,

effortlessly mining meaning,

born in grace, a new regard

for all that I perceive


Free of artificial burden,

grounded to an inspiration,

balanced in consideration,

making moments home.

The Will of All

The elements were with me,

as the wind of change

caressed my love.

The steeling breeze

drew out my depth,

as essences we fused,

becoming one in melting soul

and in the progeny embodying our hope.

The summers rain began to soak us

in the tears of letting go,

as we embraced the ether,

stretching out


the will of all.

Gravity and Levity

Take a breath and greet the day.

Though many moments punish us,

theyre grounds for laughter

the absurdities of moral irony.

Youll make it through,

and it is training you to cope

by finding levity

in spite of gravity.

A Late Spring Day

Doesnt get much better, really

Shade and breeze and the beautiful trees

Skies flying by in a natural ease

I can see, the day is

pleasant, pleasing, perfect,

somehow suited to

a creature such as me.

I feel so lucky just to Be

here in this life,

happy for now.


Panic is the ride that I convert

to electricity an d laughs of

the absurdity and vim

within the risk of

sweet success.

At One

Its okay to be happy, John.

Relax into the moment, son.

There are no valid reasons anymore

to keep abandoning the energies you feel.

False Authority

Flummoxed by the tragedy of idiots abound,

I start to laugh at the absurdity

of sophistrys authorities.

We pay them just to

spread the specious word,

while truer insight remains

shackled to the walls of their domain.Bad Mood

Bad mood? Accept it.

Its not bad. Its natural.

Whats bad is that none seem to care.

So fuck em. Youre alright

whatever your valid mood is.


Listen up, Self,

and listen up, directors:

I am how I wish to be,

and I reject such bad advice

as an assault upon my core autonomy.

You have no claim to my perspective;

I reject your poor directives

as a narcissistic insult I dont need.

Respect my will,

or I will throw your will away.

I need you not,

at least in that limiting way.

The Shame Switch

Embarrassment relies on

vulnerability, to take effect.

So if another judges, turn it off.

That souls not worth your suffering.

Radical Acceptance

Radical acceptance is

a buffer between stress and me.

The nature of a change is tracked,

and calmly it makes sense to me.

I know just what to say and do,

from everything that Ive been through.

I deal with passing life within

a sensible serenity of soul.

Is it all just tragic?

The only way out

of the valley of doubt

is to forge through to faith

in existences meaning.

Coming to terms with

existence of horror,

one bargains that

life is still worth suffering.


Energizing basic pleasure,

every moments inspiration

bares an existential treasure

for our wiser eyes creation.

Wonder uses intuition,

shutting down habituation

for a fresher soul-cognition,

carried through in situation.

Life can be your spirits choosing,

new or old in contemplation,

moving forward, finding, losing

every transitory meaning.

Letting go to greet the present,

void of any reservation,

life becomes a pleasant heaven

gleaned from every story one may know.


Calm is better.

Psalms of pleasure

guide us through

the night we share.

Beyond the reign of fear,

a courage pushes past a dark despair,

to meet each journeys test

and find the ultimate success

of perseverance in the face of

all adversity we dare to challenge,

hoping, striving for the best

conclusion of our care.

Shifting Rich

Inspiration thrives on change

any simple novelty of momentary stimulus

which sparks a life digestion in the soul.

So if you wish to move ahead in richness,

choose the path of greatest providence

of vital shift, to keep things fresh.

Uniquely Now

The only moment of its kind

that I will ever know

is every moment that I come to find

so lost within the flow.

The Shift

All of that which now exists,

a snapshot of eternal shift

This universe is somehow, surely,

definite, if destined to be infinite,

and, were there any way to see it truly,

I believe wed see, predictable,

within that light of truth.


Every day, a new beginning,

every moments now, reborn

The last is in the past, forever

gone, whether or not I mourn

The Dawn of Time, forever hidden,

lost inside a mystery,

defies my dearth of understanding,

birth til death, a hidden history

Quantum of Time

Endless moments, filled with photons,

peopled by a glut of quarks

Every indivisible expression,

somehow banishing the dark

Just one moments all were made of,

small enough to hide its range

Time as past and future, shockingly

boils down to just one endless change.


Learning patience, time acceptance,

simple wellness, pushing action

Letting go the urgent yearning,

burning where my purpose grew,

I discover deeper demons

doldrums of dissatisfaction,

eating at my love for livings

bastion of enlightened view.


The notion of a spiritual abundance

piques the confidence and peace of mind

which charges up my nature now to shine

from the creative world within, to radiate

upon the faces of the souls that fill

the home of my adventures

with their grimaces and grins.

We share the purpose: finding meaning,

and so we are less alone than one might think.

We are the same in fundamental ways,

and in these ways, we are related in our souls

of peace and fear, of love and hate,

of joy and tears why we create

what we must ever rediscover,

here and gone and grown anew as one again.

A Universalist Acceptance

Everything in life gets old,

for those with working memory.

And so it may be bold,

but I dont fear any mortality.

Is there a meaning

more than fleeting

one may glean

from moments meeting?

All is lost but born anew

in vast diversity.

Vessels of Significance

So many facets of the human life,

and here it is

the gauntlet of the gamut of them all.

From basic drives to deeper meaning,

feelings of success and failure,

fusing with the purpose of it all

How understated go the only

vessels of significance we know.

Breath of Meaning

Blank, I start afresh,

from the convergences within a mood

Ghosts of those who people

all my long years memory

seem as they seemed

so long ago to different me,

bonded in synergy the same life energy

or so it seemed to one of pine for harmony

and meanings endless love inhale.The Breeze

Pages fold into the breeze

(the animator of the leaves)

A wistful meaning so conceives

the weathers transient flow


Page, you are Potential,

through which manifests my soul

The very thought of your unwritten future permeates my living goal.

We bastions of infinitys significance are thus enabled, realizing higher meanings,

focused on the myriad of fleet profundityWhat more is there?

To touch the ground of knowing,

ever here and ever flowing,

grants a chance to find a vision

gifted for the world to see.

Fresh Start

Fresh-start paper,

blank with budding inspirations,

never written, only thought the once

and put with pen in pointer-middle-thumb

Ill change the page, to change the world,

in boundless hope for some success,

a messianic quest for those who

dream delusion to a vision and

a wisdom tempered true.

Spring Dawning

New life dawns for every moment;

spring is here with heat and rain,

awakening the trees and souls

whove weathered winters frozen wait.

From dormancy to active living,

destined flourish once again,

relief becomes romance and

urgent, aching, spirit zest,

as all the energies Ive quelled

are given life to realize, in being blest.

The season ebbs and flows

its way to happiness

for we of frozen suffering,

whose only wishes are

to soak the heat of spring

and feel the cool, contrasting breeze.

The Breeze of Summers Night

Who can know from where

the wind may come

to cool the warm and bring

its gentle kiss-caress.

It seems an entity,

to my reactive empathy,

If only rudimentary of soul

a playful, random spirit

acting as a blessing

in this balmy summer night.


Willow waving in the breeze,

so graceful, flowing on with ease,

most flexible of all the trees?

A metaphor for life


I am just a twinkling star,

so soon to be enveloped

by the convolution storm

of lightnings inspiration.

I can see the thunderhead

approaching my essential light,

and I accept my unknown destiny,

for I have faith in the design.

The Gift of Life

I realize the greater context,

burning on and on, heedless of me

and the designs I wish to co-create,

from visions of a harmony,

actualized in perpetuity,

such stories writing life in me

and all of consciousness,

fulfilling hope and dreams,

to celebrate the Gift

that we call Life.

About the AuthorJohn Joseph Rohrer is the author of several books and the composer of several albums of original music. While he has been institutionalized for more than four years, he has not let this circumstance define him, but has risen above it, to express his under-represented or unprecedented insights, through such art as this book represents.

Photograph 2012 John Joseph Rohrer