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Manipulation of photographs

Date post:14-Dec-2014
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  • 1. In this task I will be experimenting on manipulating some of the images I may use in my final magazinecover, contents and double page spread. Below are the images I will try and manipulate to see if I can getbetter outcomes in terms of quality, looks and professionalism of the images.

2. This is the outcome of the picture after manipulating it. I haveHere is the first photograph I will manipulate, this is theadded a drop shadow effect on the picture, making it black andimage I will use in my final magazine cover. So I have towhite. I done this because I thought it looked original and aftermake sure this image looks attractive and appealing to theresearching other existing magazine covers, I found a cover thattarget audience, so they consider looking at it and buyingused this effect; that cover inspired me more to use this effect. Imy magazine.have also added the bevel and emboss effect on the picture,because I like the look that it applies to the page. It makes it lookmore professional and effective to readers. It is an attractiveelement of the magazine cover, which will hopefully entice tocustomers to buy the magazine. 3. Here is the final outcome of the picture after being manipulated. As you canHere is the second photograph I will manipulate. I will see I have added extra light to the picture making it look more professionalmanipulate this because firstly the picture is too dark and attractive. If I was to leave the picture with the original lighting, thisand needs some extra lighting to brighten the picture upwould look very unprofessional and unappealing to the readers. So byand secondly because I feel that it needs some features adding extra light, it has improved the overall look and quality of the image.applied to it, to add extra quality to the picture overall. I The second modification I have made is, that I have added a red stroke tobelieve this is a very good picture for me to use in my the image. I have added this because I thought the image looked plain andfinal magazine, I still have not decided where I will place needed something effective to improve the look of the image. After adding itit though.I think it looks quite good and professional and even up to businessstandard. I also added this stroke because I was inspired by anotherexisting magazine which had an image similar to this and also with a strokearound the image. 4. This is the last photograph I will modify to make it look betteron page and make it look more attractive and appealing tothe readers so they are enticed to buy my magazine. Firstly Ibelieve the picture itself is very effective as I have positionedthe artists fingers so it looks like she is looking through herfingers. If I was to have her replicating the peace sign in awide shit, this would not look as effective as this picture.

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