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Insight report aiming to help you better understand the current state of playand pinpoint tablet specific opportunities including both servicing and sales

Tablet Banking Series:Are you making the most of the tablet opportunity?

Mapa Insight SeriesFind out more about our research:www.maparesearch.com/research

Table of contents:1. Report objectives and methodology (p.2)2. Sample pages from the report (p.3)3. Mapa Insight Series: Report schedule2014 (p.10)4. About Mapa (p.13)

Report structure:A. Objectives and methodologyB. Executive summaryC. Conclusion--------1. Stats and trends2. The tablet banking proposition3. The browser experience after loginSales monetisation4. Browser5. App

Objectives:The objectives for this research was to: Provide stats around device uptake and consumer trends Summarise and exemplify current tablet banking propositions Examine browser experiences after login (as experienced on a tablet)among leading retail banks across the globe

Identify to what to extent banks have utilised the sales monetisationopportunity that comes with tablets (browser and app)

Highlight developments and key trends

This report will feed into internal planning processes by providing strategicalunderstanding of what is happening in the marketplace. Furthermoreinnovative examples and approaches can be used to gain inspiration as wellas strengthening existing business cases.

Methodology:We have conducted research utilising the portfolio of live accounts that wehave access to. In total we have researched 50 banks across 10 countries. Inaddition we have conducted desk research related to user trends, stats andother types of insight being relevant to the topic.

Our findings have been summarised in this report providing in-depth insightincluding logged insight to a number of innovative banks across the globe.

Mapa International LtdApril 2014 Page 2

Report objectives and methodology1

Mapa International Ltd

2. Samplepages from the


April 2014 Page 3

B Executive summary1. Stats and trendsThe tablet segment is growing and more diversified sales Global tablet sales grew by 68% in 2013 Android: 62% market share (16% increase) iOS: 36% market share (17% decrease) iOS remains strong in the high end market Androids success based introducing low cost devices Around a third of the population in France, Germany and UK

now use a tablet By 2017 more than half of the UK population will use tablets

Smartphones are getting biggerThe trend is that smartphones are going the way of TVs bigger.This is evident when looking at the number of big-screensmartphone (phablet) introductions. Also, Apple is rumoured tolaunch a phablet in 2014. Noticably Samsung Galaxy Note IIsales made the top 10 in both France and Germany last year.

Growth among elderly and common purchasing deviceTablet usage is becoming mainstream and recent stats andforecasts point at a rise among younger and older segments.

Tablets have a substantial and growing share of browsing andpurchasing products usage rates.

Multi-screen is the new normalAccording to a Q3 2013 Google study: The average Brit uses three connected devices. Desktops and laptops are still most commonly used. Smartphone usage continue to increase; tablet is growing the

fastest (up 19% in the UK over the last 12 months)

2. The tablet banking propositionAs communicated earlier tablet sales and usage is increasing, butthe uptake when it comes to banking is yet to take off. In relationto mobile, the number of tablet banking users is substantiallylower, but increasing moderately. Below we highlight the currentstate of play when it comes to the tablet banking proposition:Key findings A clear majority of banks provide a tablet app Offering an iOS tablet app is the dominant approach A fair number of banks in selected countries offer Android tablet

apps in addition to iPad ones Mobile and tablet move towards offering the same level of

functionality as within internet banking Sales is the area still to come within mobile and tablet

April 2014 Page 4 Mapa International Ltd

Sample page from report

1 Stats and trends: Tablet segment growing and more diversified sales

Mapa comments:As the world wide market share leader switched to Android in2013 and we also see improved sales for Microsoft tablets, it isclear that, in addition to apps for iOS, a multi-platform offering isessential. This also supports the argument for moving from appsto device agnostic experiences. This is also taking intoconsideration the trend for bigger smartphones (see next page).

Gartner stats and comments on worldwide tablet sales Globally, tablet sales grew 68% in 2013 Android had 62% share of the market (a 16% increase) iOS had a 36% share of the market in 2013 (a 16.8% decrease) Microsoft's tablet volumes improved but share remained small iOS share remains strong in the high end market. Androidssuccess is based on being within the budget of mainstreamconsumers while still offering adequate specifications

Source: gtnr.it/1luM2Ta

Selected country stats and estimates by eMarketer One-third of the population now use tablets It is estimated that by 2017, more than half the population will usetablets

The growth rate in iPad is estimated to be a little over half that oftablets overallSource: bit.ly/1druDID

6 million tablet sales in 2013, 60.4% year on year increase 2014 estimates: 30% of the population will use a tabletSource: bit.ly/1fjnqWf

26% (18 million) of consumers are tablet users in Germany in2014 as opposed to 13% in late 2012.

Source: bit.ly/1fjF1NVApril 2014 Page 5 Mapa International Ltd

Sample page from report

2 The tablet banking proposition: Providing a better overview than mobile

April 2014 Page 6

The tablet experience certainly provides a better overview compared to mobile. This is something that some, but not all banks takeadvantage of. One of better examples we have come across is Standard Bank (ZA). The bank launched a new iPad app mid March2014. Below we compare the iPad and iPhone app landing pages after login.

The tablet overview is positioned as My Personal Dashboard and customers can add, remove and move around different tiles. Lettingcustomers dictate the experience according to their needs has been at the heart of developing the app. Do note that you can swipesideaways to view additional content.

Mapa International Ltd

Sample page from report

The browser experience after login: The OK one3

April 2014 Page 7

The DNB (NO) have incorporated interactivecomponents for touch users to the desktopexperience. The overview has a modular basedapproach which was introduced in 2013.

Users can drag and drop preferred modules bypressing the top left part of each module.

In addition users can also swipe through recenttransactions and also the quick transfers facilityworks well on a tablet.

Landing page after login (above and to the right)

Another point to make is that DNB make use ofsticky navigation. See screenshot to the right wherea user has scrolled down whilst the navigationremains at the top. The different navigation tabs canbe expanded with one tap on the screen.

These are all good techniques to help improve theuser experience for tablet users.

Sample page from report

Mapa International Ltd

4 Sales monetisation: Browser Block approach to improve experience

April 2014 Page 8

Something we have noticed among the better experiences is the use of blocks or tiles as seen with Danske Bank (SE) and NAB(AUS). Below we highlight the current account package and home loans section respectively. Using this approach pages comesacross as easier to read and navigate and furthermore it can help banks to make key messages stand out.

Mapa International Ltd

Sample page from report

5A small number of banks researched such as USAA and Boursorama have dedicated product information sections as part of their appnavigation. This gives tablet app users the added convenience to apply for a product from within the app thereby enhancing customerjourney and providing the bank with a low cost sales conversion.

Sales monetisation: App Tablet optimised product applications

Open anaccount

Product options available:Investments, current account,

savings, life insurance,sharedealing, mortgages

Open account Form asks for personaldetails, address and contact


Open an account section uses visuals of a rotating disc that issegmented into different products & services offered. Clicking on a

product slides open an overlay of relevant product information and forcertain products a link to apply within the pre login section of the app.

April 2014 Page 9

Mapa commentProduct applications are available before and after login.A point to make is that personal details are prefilled ifapplying after login, hence providing a slicker experience.

Mapa International Ltd

Sample page from report

Mapa International Ltd

4. New DashboardService:

International TabletBanking

April 2014 Page 10

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