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March 2012 Belcroft Newsletter

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The Belcroft is the official newsletter of La Salle College High School. It is published by the Office of Institutional Advacement on a monthly basis during the academic year.
  • Dear Parents and Guardians,

    March can be a tricky month with a mixture of both winter and spring. As of this writing, weve had neither a snow day nor a late opening due to weather I can assure you that our boys are eager for either. The best of skeptics will have to admit that this winter cant be called normal. There is one thing that will likely happen March will usher in the winds.

    A certain excitement has been in the air with the announcement of the schools new administrative team. The appointment of Brother James Butler, FSC, a longtime member of our Board of Trustees, has been greeted with enthusiasm

    from all who know of his dedication to La Salle over the years. Brother James has a most impressive background in education both within and outside the Lasallian community. Tireless energy might best describe him. Brother will assume his new responsibility in July of 2013 and will join us here in Wyndmoor early in 2013. Mr. Michael OToole 68, our new Principal, will assume his responsibilities on July 1, 2012 when Mr. Marchese steps down due to health reasons. We wish Mr. OToole every success and look forward to his initiatives that will help shape and carry La Salle well into the future. Mr. OToole returns to La Salle after seven years as Principal at Holy Ghost Preparatory School and has an equally impressive background in school administration. Please join me in welcoming both of these men and wishing our new administration every success.

    You should also know that many meetings have surrounded the implementation of our International Student Program, which will begin in September. Every Friday afternoon, those responsible for this program have been meeting and developing programs for faculty/staff, the student body, and finally, our parents and alums. In the coming months, you will be hearing more about this program. For the moment, allow me to introduce Mrs. Nary Smith, a member of our World Language Department, who will be serving as coordinator. Mrs. Smiths background in various Asian cultures made her the ideal candidate to lead this program. Please review the enclosed column on this effort. It is my hope that this program will help La Salle prepare students for careers in a world that is truly global. This opportunity will help to position them as they look for careers and leadership roles in the international job market.

    The beginning of March will see La Salle hosting perspective members of the Class of 2017 as the 7th Grade Practice Test will be administered on March 3, 2012. Over 400 students will sit for this test in an effort to get some idea of what the future might hold and how they might better prepare for independent schooling. It is also the perfect opportunity for me to take a peek into our future.

    The Alumni Association has chosen to induct our own Brother James Rieck, FSC 57, better known to our students as Brother Kodak, into the Hall of Fame. At the same time they will induct Mr. Frank Cervone 75, a nationally renowned advocate

    for childrens rights. The timing of this honor could not be more perfect for both our Nation and Church. The Alumni Association will likewise honor two members for their faithful service over the years when the Honorable William Benz, Esq. 72 and Mr. Edward Feeny 62 receive the William J. Whelan 55 Alumni Service Award. Please join me in congratulating these four alums on this special honor.

    I would like to draw your attention to a Parent/Son program sponsored jointly by Mount Saint Josephs Academy, Gwyneed Mercy Academy and La Salle SpeakUp which which will be held at Gwynedd Mercy Academy on March 8, 2012 beginning at 6:30 pm. Mrs. Maher serves as our contact for this program. I invite you to consider this opportunity to dialogue with your son and his peers.

    March places us in the midst of the Lenten season. May these days provide some time to personally reflect upon the significance of salvation and the events in history that led up to Easter and Christs rising from the dead. I hope that you might enjoy some quiet moments that allow for personal preparation for Easter. Our boys will participate in a number of events that will help them to focus their attention on Holy Week and Easter.

    Sincerely yours,

    Brother Richard Kestler, FSC 60 President

    March 2012Volume Twenty-One Number 7

    I feel La Salle is very blessed to have attracted such talent to our Caring Community.

  • La Salle College High School8605 Cheltenham AvenueWyndmoor, Pennsylvania 19038

    215 233 2911 phone215 233 1418 fax


    Ult imate SUmmer experienceS 2012

    acaDemicSacademic enrichment programspre-7th Grade, pre-8th, and pre-9th GradesJune 25, 2012 to July 27, 2012

    Sat preparation courses math, critical reading, and WritingMeets Tuesdays and ThursdaysJune 26, 2012 to July 26, 2012

    Writing enrichmentMeets Mondays and WednesdaysJune 25, 2012 to July 25, 2012

    mUSicJazz campBoys and Girls entering Grades 5 to 9June 18, 2012 to June 22, 2012

    atHleticSBaseball campsBoys ages 8 to 15Hitting instructionJuly 2, 3, and 5, 2012

    positionalJuly 9, 2012 to July 13, 2012

    Basketball campsBoys ages 9 to 15June 25, 2011 through June 29, 2012July 9, 2012 to July 13, 2012

    Football campBoys ages 8 to 16July 23, 2012 to July 26, 2012

    Soccer camp Boys and Girls ages 6 to 16July 30, 2012 to August 3, 2012

    lacrosse camps Boys ages 11 to 16 June 25, 2012 to June 29, 2012

    Boys ages 5 to 16 and Girls ages 5 to 13June 18, 2012 to June 22, 2012

    peak performance campsBoys entering Grades 6 to 10June 22, 2012 to June 21, 2012July 16, 2012 to July 19, 2012

    running campBoys and Girls Grades 5 to 9August 6, 2012 to August 9, 2012

    DaY campFuture Stars Day campBoys and Girls ages 4 to 13June 18, 2012 to August 24, 2012

    all camps are held on the campus of la Salle college High School.

    For a camp application or additional information, please call (215) 233-2911 or visit www.lschs.org

    La Salle College High School8605 Cheltenham Avenue, Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania 19038

    215 233 2911 phone215 233 1418 fax


    Enter to Learn Leave to Serve

  • La Salle College High School The Belcroft March 2012 3

    Board RoomB e n j a m i n j . V e n t R e S C a , j R . 7 0

    C h a i R m a n o F t h e B o a R D o F t R u S t e e S

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Every month has its own

    unique character, but March

    always strikes me as being

    a bit more intimidating than

    any of the other eleven. Just

    by its name (especially since

    it is capitalized), March seems

    to command us to accomplish

    something special. Well,

    without unwittingly placing

    a jinx on this new month it

    seems like February got the

    scoop this time.

    This past month, we were all introduced to the next President and Principal of La Salle College High School. While Mr. Michael OToole (as Principal) and Brother James Butler (as President) will begin their tenure a full year apart, their success and identity will be inextricably joined once they form their new leadership team in July 2013. Each of these men brings a passion for education, a love for working with students, and an unwavering commitment to perpetuating our Lasallian mission and vision. Although they wont have a role or presence on our campus in the near term, both of them are already preparing themselves for the opportunities and challenges that await them.

    Without a doubt, the most significant challenge they will initially overcome will be filling the shoes of Mr. Joseph Marchese and, a year later, of Brother Richard Kestler, FSC 60. Seven years ago at this same time, our community was beginning to learn about two men (one a familiar Christian Brother and the other an unknown administrator with a non-Lasallian background) who would soon assume responsibility and quickly become the spiritual and

    academic leaders of our great school. La Salle has come a long way since then and once again we are looking forward to welcoming our next administrative leadership team.

    In the coming months we will, rightfully, honor Mr. Marchese for his tremendous leadership and contribution to La Salle. Likewise this time next year we will have the chance to do the same for Brother Richard. But for now, let us reflect on the example of leadership and cooperation that these two men have given to us, to our students, and to the La Salle community at large.

    As we can all attest, a good Catholic education is a gift; like generations of parents throughout our schools history, it is an extravagant gift that you give to your sons every day they come to school here at La Salle. This is a gift that all those who lend financial support throughout the year make a reality by supplementing tuition income to meet the cost of educating every student. This is a gift that we entrust to our two Chief Administrators. Look at our accomplishments over the past seven years or personally experience La Salle today and it is clear that Brother Richard and Joe Marchese have used and invested this gift wisely.

    Thanks to the hard work and passion of the parents, alumni, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees who served on the two search committees, I can share my confidence that the new administrative leadership will pick up where the current team leaves off and take La Salle to even greater heights.

    Sincere best wishes and appreciation,

    Benjamin J. Ventresca, Jr. 70 Chairman of the Board of Trustees

  • La Salle College High School The Belcroft March 2012 4

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