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  • 8/12/2019 March 300 Dpi


    W.P. Clements High School Volume 2 Issue 6 March 2014



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  • 8/12/2019 March 300 Dpi


    IndexFrom the Editors desks







    Age brings wisdom, youth under-stands... p. 4Pessimist gives advice for being

    more optimistic... p. 4

    Most magical place on earth wel-comes CHS band... p. 5

    NHS hosts senior citizen dance... p. 5

    Confidence creates luck... p. 6Luck does not exist... p. 7

    Do boy bands rub you the wrongway?... p. 8You just got prankd... p. 9Cosplay transforms fiction into real-ity... p.10Spring break heats up... p.10

    Senior balances the impossible... p.11Passionate student follows role mod-

    els... p. 11Spring break invites good, cleanfun... p. 12Social media fame spreads... p. 12

    Jana Arena prepares for college soft- ball... p. 13MLB season on deck... p. 14

    NCAA basketball frenzy March

    Madness... p. 14

    What is your good luck charm... p.15

    PUBLICATION POLICYThe Round Up, a feature magazine published bythe students in Clements High Schools Maga-zine Journalism class, is a designated forum forstudent expression. The Round Up is distributedto its readers and the student body at no cost.


    The Round Up is printed eight times a yearin October, November, December, January,February, March, April and May. All Round Upis archived-and available at http://rangerwire.wordpress.com.

  • 8/12/2019 March 300 Dpi


    From the Editors desks


    Age brings wisdom, youth understand

    Pessimist gives advice for being more optimis

    By SAMANTHA JREIJCo-Editor-in-Chief With age comes wisdom, is a sayingthat goes back further than anyone candare to remember, a timeless, unspoken,and perhaps unused saying that driftsto and fro every once in a while.

    But what is wisdom? Is wisdom thesoft raw tissue that have been coveredover and over again with scars that slowlywrinkle? Is wisdom knowing or rather,not knowing? Is wisdom the way life bitesat you and you cannot help but bite back?

    Or is wisdom understanding that nomatter how vigorously you bite back,life will one day bite back too hard?

    We seem to have forgotten that when wewere young we had no teeth, could not walk,

    peed in our pants, depended on others, andwere otherwise misunderstood by society.

    Youth does not realize that when we growold, we will lose our teeth, lose our abilityto walk, wet our beds, depend on others formedical care, and otherwise disintegrate

    into the background of a forgotten age,shunned and misunderstood by society.

    How different are the youngfrom the old? How similar?

    Wisdom breathes in experience, thrives onheartbreak and troubled, dark times. Life tellsus over and over that we must lose everythingin order to gain even a little bit of wisdom.

    However, the tragedy lies in that noone understands this until it is too late.

    Oscar Wilde once said, I am notyoung enough to know everything.

    Older people do not necessarily knowa great deal more than todays youth. Inretrospect, they only know one thingthat flowers their life with wisdom.

    They know that they know nothing.Teenagers and older generations are in

    fact standing in parallel to one another aslife runs its course between them. Theyare walking the same path with a different

    perspective; they are on the outside of ahouse, staring through the glass as lifegoes on and everyone passes them up.

    They are the samTeenagers understand heartache more than

    anyone except older people. Perhapif teenagers today understood that theigrandparents and older people whomthey take for granted are simply canvases

    painted with multitudes of experiencand scars that create a picture of gold

    perhaps then they would understandPerhaps then they would appreciate

    By YASMEEN YAHYACo-Editor-in-Chief If you know me, you know I am not themost positive person. In fact, I wouldmost definitely be described as a pessimist.Recently, though, I have been trying tochange that. Now, if you are a pessimist youare probably thinking that once a pessimist,always pessimist. I am here to tell you that

    people can change if they allow themselvesto change. So here are some tips for

    looking on the bright side that actually work. Count your blessings. It is clich, butthinking about what you do have insteadof what you do not will keep you thinking

    positive. Some examples of the first thingsthat come to mind are my family, friends,my health, and my education. You will besurprised at how much better you feel whenyou think about the good aspects of yourlife. Say thank you. If while your thinking ofyour blessings you come across a person whohas looked out for you in some way, thankthem. Thank your friends for being therefor you. Thank your teacher for putting upwith you all year. Thank your parents for thelittle things they do. Thank your waiter, the

    person who holds the door for you, anyoneand everyone. Studies show that these twolittle words are scientifically proven to makeyou happier and healthier. Make a list. If you could already tell, I likemaking lists. If you are anal like me, makea list of things that make you happy. My listwould include music, homemade cookies, and

    puppies. Then try and make yourself even

    happier by doing some of the things on thelist. Go make some chocolate chip cookiesor go and rock out to your favorite album. Treat yo self. This quote from ttelevision show Parks and Recreationmy own personal motto. It reminds me tolet loose and to treat myself once in a while.Ever so often I will treat myself to a Starbucksgrande double chocolaty chip frappucino, ora red velvet cupcake, or buy myself the next

    book on my reading list, or I will buy myselfthose shoes I have been lusting after. Thisreminds me what it is like to be happy whenit feels like the world is grim and grey. Do not take yourself too seriouslyknow I am guilty of this. I am not usuallythe one to goof off or do something silly. Iam too mature for that, right? Well, in myexperience being a bit childish can be goodfor you. Remind yourself that it is okay tolaugh. You can practice embracing youinner child by going to the park and play onthe playground for a bit. Read a Garfieldcomic strip. Have fun! Hopefully these tips helped you get a littletaste of optimism.

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    9731 Southwest FreewayHouston, Texas 77074www. DriveWithPride .net

    Phone: 713-772-7772Fax: 713-583-7750



    Every year the National Honor Society pre- pares and hosts a senior citizen dance.w It isan event where the National Honor Societymembers get to interact, play games with,and dance with the seniors in the community.The dance will place on April 5 from 2 p.m.to 4 p.m. The event is free for all the seniors.

    The kids and seniors teach each other how todance to all the music that is played. The se-niors teach dances to songs that were popularin their time and the high school students teachthe seniors popular dances that people do now.

    There is also food and tables to sit atand games to play, like bingo and musicalchairs, a cake walk, a photo booth and more.

    Any senior in the community can attend.There is no limit. It is a great way for theseniors to interact with high school stu-dents and learn the new generation of music. The National Honor Society is required todo one philanthropic even each year, which

    would be the senior citizen dance, but

    Clements decided to do one each semester. Emily Golden, one of the National HonorSociety sponsors, said, It is really fun and

    inspiring to see our National Honor Societykids working so well with senior citizens and

    passing their joy on to the senior citizens.

    NHS hosts Senior Citizen dance

    By JENNIFER MATHEWPerspectives Editor After almost a year of very hard work, the

    band gets to go on a field trip. This year,the band will be going to Orlando, Floridafrom March 6-11. They start their four daysand three nights there with a competition.Then, the band will spend the rest of theirtime at the Disney and Universal theme parks.

    This is the first year that CHS bandwill be going by bus rather than

    plane. They will be making the six-teen hour trek to Disney World and back.

    The band also does many other perfor-mances throughout the year includingthe Winter Concert, the UIL Concert, theSpring Concert, and the Percussion Concert. Next year is a state year.

    Most magical place on earth welcome The band has won many competitions thisyear including Friendswood, in which the

    band placed third, Sam Houston, in whichthe band placed first, and a competition inRoundrock, TX called the Texas MarchingClassic in which the band won first place Bessie Varghese, junior, said, Disney is

    basically the most amazing place ever, andI am super excited to be able to perform.

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    By MEGHAN BEYTEBIERECopy Editor Luck can be proven, as most things can,with Harry Potter books, and scientificstudies. This research verifies that thoughluck is mostly a placebo effect, it is worthyto note that certain people tend to get lucky

    because of certain attributes. It should be established that luck does not

    exist in the traditional sense of the idea.Wearing a never-to-be-washed t-shirt orcrossing your fingers will not help you wina game, nor will the full moon destroy yourday. The action does not help you but the

    belief in the act can. As in Harry Potter andthe Half-Blood Prince , Harry pretends to giveRon a small amount of Felix Felecis (liquidluck) to help him play better in the quidditchgame. However, it works as a placebo effectas Harry did not actually give him anythingto help him, but rather made him feel moreconfident in his abilities. To sum it up,confidence is luck. As Harry Potter may not be substantial prooffor some, psychologist Richard Wisemansstudy proves that luck does exist in the mindof believers. Wiseman took two groups, onegroup who perceived themselves as luckyand another group who saw themselves asunlucky. The lucky group was significantly





    LUCKmore extrovertedthan the unluckygroup, thus making positive sociale n c o u n t e r sm u c hm o r el i k e l y .T h i salso madethem morelikely to haveopportunities, suchas meeting anemployer for a

    job they want, because theywere morewilling to interact

    with new people.The lucky group wasshown to be happier and more confidentthan the unlucky group because of It alsoserved as proof to themselves that theywere happy because of luck itself. Whileit was the action of being self-assuredthat brought them what they wanted, thelucky group usually attributed this to just

    pure chance.So, while not in the traditional sense

    of the idea, luck exists. It is foundedin confidence. But if what makes youconfident is an object, then essentiallythat object is lucky. While a lot of it may

    be common beliefs such as finding a fourleaf clover and believing it will make theday better, it is the positive nature of the

    person that allows them the chances thatare often contributed to luck.

    Alexander Anghelou, cognitive behavior therapist said, One can saythat being lucky is determined by yourstate of mind and the way you engagethe world.

    This sums up luckexactly. Peopledetermine their ownluck based on howthey act in relation tothemselves and others.Confidence translates tothe opportunities people receive,so whether they just have confidence inthemselves or faith in the traditional luckyitems, all good fortune stems fromhow people perceive themselvesand how theychoose to look atthe world around them.

    So, as a change, try a positive attitude. Inthis aspect, who knows what opportunitiescould in fact come up.

    Luck can be proven , and also effective.

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    By ZAHRA KHERAJVoices Editor


    ...Superstition hasplayed a large part inthe lives of many...

    NOT EXIST Luck: Does it exist or is it merely astate of mind?

    Merriam Webster defines luck as, thethings that happen to a person becauseof chance; success in doing or getting

    something.Luck can often become confused

    with success. Humans look at others

    and compare themselves. Thereare people with more moneythan they know what to do

    with, and often it is saidthat they were just lucky.Those with brilliant mindsare just lucky. The lines between luck and success

    often get blurredand confused.

    If someone issuccessful,it is becausethey arelucky.

    Successshould be

    synonymous withhard work andd e d i c a t i o n .Many people

    just expect goodthings to happen to

    them. They carry arounda rabbits foot and have all the lucky penniesin the world, and they are surprised whenthey see their peers getting farther ahead thenthey are. Success comes for those who maketheir own path and find opportunity insteadof just waiting for it to happen. Opportunity is something that every personcomes across in a lifetime at least once. Thedifference is that some see opportunity andthey seize it, creating new possibilities andopening new doors for themselves. These are

    people that have the drive take whatever lifehappens to throw at them and make somethingof it. They make their own luck. Chance is also a huge aspect on the outcomeof life, but it should not be confused withluck, although it often is. Chance comes to

    those who are willing to take risks, who haveconfidence and are not afraid of walking intoan unknown situation. Chance should norelate to luck, because often times, chanceworks out for those who want it to. It is simplythe possibility of something happening, andthe way that it plays out is up to the person,not to luck. Superstition has played a large part in thelives of many, more in the past than today,

    but it still exists and takes a part in numerouscultures. A common Vietnamese superstition is tonot eat an egg on the day of a test, becausean egg represents a zero. In Poland, wearingred underwear is supposed to be helpful ingambling. Also in China, washing hair is to

    be avoided for the first few days of the NewYear because in doing so, good luck will bewashed away.

    Logically, people can understand that thefood a person eats will not affect their mindcapacity, the color of a mans underwearwill not help him gamble better, and notwashing hair can only result in dirt and oil onsomeones head, not bad luck. Humans are all in the state of mind where

    people want to believe that certain practiceswill help them so that they have a slight hopethat good things will come as some sort ofreward. They fail to realize that luck is jussomething that was created. The most success comes to those who workfor it, not those who are simply just lucky.There is no such thing. Success comes fromwhat we make from the opportunity that westumble upon and the chances that we take.

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    By EVELYN LAZARISReporter There is a certain craze about boy

    bands, specifically from teenage girls thatmany think is ridiculous. Combine popculture music with a group of attractiveteenaged boys, and girls go crazy.

    Many people hate boy bands, because theyfeel that their fame comes from their looksrather than talent unlike music prodigies.Some may say that as the future generation,we have lost our taste in music. They need torealize that it is not music, however, that most

    Do boy bands rub YOU the wrong way?girls go crazy for. How can one comparethe Beatles with One Direction? Musically,this is impossible, but to the commonteenage fan girl, it is not all that difficult. Can a person actually consider groups likethe Backstreet Boys and N-Synch true boy

    bands? Some may feel that categorizing thesegroups as bands is unfair to real bands likethe Rolling Stones. The common boy bandsof today seem to fit more under the categoryof male choirs that prance around the stage.

    Many feel that the simplicity of their risetoward stardom is most irritating. A teenaged

    girl with a fantastic voice could pick up a guitarand sing, but she would only have a smallchance at fame. However, if a group of boysget together and sing a semi-popular song withmediocre voices in perfect harmony, they can

    be at the top of the music charts within a week.The most common reason for hating boy

    bands stems from the jealousy that manyyoung boys hold towards them. Through theeyes of many teenaged boy today, these boy

    bands have everything without doing so muchas lifting a finger: money, fame, and of coursegirls. What else could a boy ask for? Not onlydo they have everything, but boy bands also

    personify the perfect group of teenage boysPerfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect teeth,

    perfect everything. It is hard for any typicalteenaged boy to live up to these expectations,especially if his girlfriend is a fan Primarily, boy bands are constantly gettinghated on, because they appear to be so realyet so fake at the same time. Any fan girl cango into an extensive one-sided conversation

    about how authentic and perfect their favorite boy band is. She could go into torturoudetail on how close all the band members areor how perfect their side-swept hair is. Whenlooking into the band from a misanthropes

    point of view, however, one will notice theaverage voices, low quality music, andfabricated feel of it all. Believe it or not, thefact that these groups of boys are some girlsdefinition of perfection disturbs some people.

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    BY LAURYN MERRIETTLifestyles Editor April Fools Day is one of the most widelycelebrated,and funniest, holidays of the year.It is full of crazy pranks involving everything

    from whipped cream to bubble wrap, to lotsand lots of sticky notes. Maybe even food for pranks just sneak up out of nowhere. Speaking of food, there is one prank thatis funny when that priceless look of surpriseappears on a friends face. Get or make a bigmound of jello and put something that belongsto that certain friend into it. Make sure thatit is something that will not be damaged ofcourse, so phones, laptops, and things likethat are out of the question. Try things thatare funny enough to make for a great prank,

    but will cause a rift in the friendship. Do nottake a prank too far. Another prank involving things consumedis entertainment for everyone around - hotsauce. So many things can be done with it.Put it in food or drink, and the result is thesame - a fiery hot mess of people screaming,and possibly even running, around wavingtheir hands in front of their face trying to coolthe disaster inside their mouth. But make surenot to prank someone who loves his or herfood spicy. That would be no fun and be afailed prank, so make sure all the bases arecovered.

    You just got prankd

    The classic type of prank is the scare prank.Whether it is hiding in some bushes, creepingup behind a friend, or surprising them firstthing in the morning with a terrifying mask,scare pranks are loads of fun. It is a win-win,for the one pulling the prank and everyoneelse who witnesses it. May be it is not somuch fun for the one actually being pranked,

    but they will move on after the fear wears off.One good one, especially for that friend whois into horror movies, is to get a mask thatlooks like one from the movies and creep up

    behind them when theyre talking to someoneelse. Calmly wait for them to turn around andwhen they do they will jump back out of fearfor their horror movie villain come to life.

    Another favorite prank involves the familyat home. It might even work more than onceif the prankster is lucky. Paint a bar of soapwith clear nail polish, let dry, and leave inthe shower. When someone goes in to useit, it will not lather. The prank victim will

    be stuck in the shower, very confused, withnothing to use. It is a good prank, especiallyfor sibling revenge. All of these pranks make great options andhopefully will make for the best April FoolsDay ever.

    Just remember to be safe.

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    By DELFINA BARBIEROFeatures Editor

    Spring break is an inviting gift of freedomand adventure to all the stressed out teens inhigh school and college after the winter finalsand the start of the second semester, especiallywhen many teachers are rushing to catch up tothe curriculum as summer draws nearer. Teenseverywhere take advantage of this momentto hang with friends in the most fun ways.

    Spring break heats up As liberating as this sounds, top spring

    break destinations such as South Padre andCancun have had an increase in various formsof violence including fighting, rape, robbery,and alcohol intoxication deaths. Health risksinclude the spread of sexual transmitteddisease, car accidents, and third degreesunburns. Spring break should certainly

    be a week to remember, not one that seemsmuch more like a Lifetime original moviethan an exhilarating experience with friends.

    If these popular destinations present toomuch of a risk, what is a teen to do? To achievethe craziest spring break week, without dyingin the process, here are some alternatives. There are lots of concert venues in Houston.Check out who is in town and order ticketsin advance. And speaking of concerts, theHouston Livestock Show and Rodeo offerslots of top name entertainment and a rodeo, too. For the home bound, Netflix will neverleave and to make binge watching of House

    of Cards more enjoyable, do not forget thateverything is better with friends. Stockon junk foods, comfy pajamas and let theDisney nostalgia unite a stronger bond

    Want to go camping but the parentobject? Grad some friends, a couple of tentsand sleeping bags, ingredients for SMoresand hit the old back yard. The advantageto this is if it rains, there is always shelter,not to mention the luxury of indoor toiletsThis option might not be as daring athat of a road trip, but nevertheless beingwith friends will liberate the feelings of astressful year as summer is creeping closer. Although these ideas for a four davacation do not even closely resemble theSpring Breakers movie, safety must nev

    be forgotten regardless of where the dreamdestination lies. As enticing as it soundsto go have the stereotypical spring breakdo not forget that there is always morethan one option to enjoy the week- one

    By JOSEPH VASQUEZReporter People often want to dress up as theirfavorite fictional character, but they real-ize that Halloween has already passed.There is still a way they can still do it

    without people wondering why they aredressed as Master Chief out in public.There are a large amount of conventions ev-

    ery year in America. These conventions can be for video games like one of the differentvariations of PAX or for an entire communityof fans like RTX. People go to these conven-tions to have fun so a lot of visitors like to godressed as their favorite fictional character.

    The term for this is called cosplaying. Thereare those people who just buy a cheap costumeand attend, but there are also people who taketheir time and spend months making a realistichomemade costume from scratch so they canshow off their talents to everyone. Cosplay-ers can be very serious about how they lookand act as the character while at a convention. Depending on which convention it is, peo-

    ple will dress up in different types of fictionalcharacters. At PAX people will probably seemainly video game based characters, at An-ime-Con there are mainly anime characters,

    but one convention is a mixture of everything.Comic-Con is a very well-known convention

    Cosplay transforms fiction into reality

    that has a little of everything in it, so a varietyof cosplayers will be there. A description ofComic-Con comes from its web site. Com-ic-Con International: San Diego returns to theSan Diego Convention Center in 2014, be-ginning with Preview Night on Wednesday,

    July 23, with the four days of the event run-ning Thursday, July 24 through Sunday, July27. 2014 marks the 45th year for the show,making it the countrys longest continuous-ly-run comics and popular arts convention. Conventions give people more than jusone reason a year to dress up in a costume and walk around. Men and womenwho do cosplay at conventions just wanto feel like they really are their favorite character, even just for a day or two

    People may think that only geeks and nerdsdress up for conventions, but actually celeb-rities who want to walk around and not be

    bothered will sometimes dress up so thano one can recognize them. Bryan Cranston was at Comic-Con for his hit showBreaking Bad, but he thought it would befun walking around as his character WalterWhite. Instead of just putting on the suit, healso wore a Walter White mask so peoplewho saw him would think that he was justa normal person in a costume. Later at his

    panel for the show, he walked on stagetook off his mask, and revealed himself to

    be a true cosplayer just like themselves Cosplaying can be a fun experience for truefans of anime and comic book series to liveas their character, if only for one convention.

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    By SAMEEN SIDDIQUIReporter Zach Saunders is not just an average highschool student. He is involved in many ac-tivities in and out of school that include,

    being on the football team, being a part ofthe Nation Honor Society, being the Co-Chair of Shape Up Fort Bend as well as

    being an Eagle Scout outside of school. He would describe his senior year as his best

    because he is able to relax after three years ofworking arduously to get into a great collage.

    I have already been accepted into theUniversity of Michigan and the Univer-sity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Iam still waiting to hear back from UVA,Vanderbilt, Duke, Harvard, and Princ-eton, and I would be more than happy toattend any of the above, said Saunders.

    His most unforgettable experiences in Cle-ments are the football games he played andthe practices he went through to achievewhere he is now. While that may sound likefun, Saunders has endured a few challengingexperiences in his four years at Clements. Over the years, I would say that the hardest

    part of it all was balancing sports, academics,and other extracurricular activities with somesemblance of a social life, said Saunders.

    His inspiration for achieving his goals inlife is Pope Francis, because Saunders says hedoes everything in his power to help as many

    people as he can, while maintaining a senseof humility and modesty. Saunders believes

    Senior balances the impossiblethat everyone should aspire to be like him

    My advice for freshmen is to not slackoff even when it may seem like a waste oftime. If you put in hard work it will pay offin the long run. As for the incoming seniors,it is your last year at Clements, so have fun

    but do not go too crazy, said SaundersHe describes his high school experi

    ence as a great four years. He feels luckyto have incredible teachers and goodfriends throughout the years. Even thoughit may be sad to be leaving, he knows inhis heart that he is ready to go to college In ten years, Saunders sees himself eithergoing to politics where he could hopefullyearn a seat in the Senate or the House ofRepresentatives to advocate environmentalsustainability, education reform, campaignfinance reform, and drug liberalization. Ithat does not work out, he sees himselas an economist, a writer or a professorI hope that after I leave, people remember me

    for being kind and benevolent, said Saunders.His goal in life is to enjoy it whil

    he still can and to be able to help amany people as he can along the way

    Passionate student follows role modelsBy PATRICIA ANNE MANZINARESNews Editor From being a normal teenager, a stu-dent, an officer in organizations, to helpingthe community. Bonnie Worstell has pas-sion not only in her studies, but also in herextracurricular activities. Whether she is

    busy or not, she makes time for everything.Worstell is not just another ordinary stu-

    dent. She is a part of the National Hon-or Society, a German representative for

    GSA, an executive officer in ROTC, anda secretary of history for German club.

    Like other students, shehas a certain goal for herself.

    I want to major in International relationsand to achieve that I have to try my best instudies and improve my social skills, becausein order to get into that field I need to haveconnections. said Bonnie Worstell, senior. Not only is she hard working, she is alsoa very devoted person in reaching out tothose people that are in need. One of thegreatest achievements that she earned

    was the golden award for girl scouts. It feels good to help the people in need and Ithink getting the golden award for Girl Scoutsis one of the most unforgettable things that hashappened this past four years. said Worstell. A role model is someone who guides,or challenges someone and givesa greater impact in a persons life.

    My role model I should say is mymom because she was always there forme and my friend Christine Lopicco-

    lo. I look up to them because they have been great role models, said Worstell. As a student that already completed threeyears of high school and is getting throughher last year, Worstell describes Clementsas a very diverse place full of great people.I am glad I chose this school because it taught

    me how to be a good leader, said Worstell.Finally, her last year in high school looks to be an

    easy year, but it still has some responsibilities.Being a senior and getting through four

    years of high school seems like forever eventhough it does not because I never thought

    that I would leave Clements, said Worstell. Sending college applications is one othese responsibilities that she must complete. As a senior, senioritis is tough, but am grateful because I had already been ac-cepted to five colleges, said Worstell With her role models to guide her andher career at CHS almost behind her, Bon-nie Worstell looks forward to college

  • 8/12/2019 March 300 Dpi


    Spring break invites good, clean funBy ANNE MARIE PLUNKETTCopy Editor Spring break is commonly seen as thetime of the year for high school studentsto let loose and party before exams start.Usually one is either sleeping the en-tire time or partying, both choices fromwhich people should probably steer clear. Obviously, drinking and doing drugs are

    poor decisions due to health and legal reasons.Other than how harmful drinking is to onesliver, alcohol can also affect every other or-gan, sometimes even causing malnutrition. Itcan cause arthritis, cancer, fetal alcohol syn-drome, heart disease, hypoglycemia, kidneyand liver disease, nervous disorders, obesityand psychological disturbances. These are allvery serious health factors that can change a

    persons life immensely and may even be fatal.According to healthchecksystems.com

    alcohol, ...is very rich in energy, packingseven calories per gram, but like pure sugaror fat, the calories are void of nutrients. Themore calories an individual consumes in al-cohol, the less likely it is that they will eatenough food to obtain adequate nutrients. Even more serious than alcohol risks is theillegal intake of drugs. Most importantly, ev-

    ery drug should be prescribed and taken asneeded, not for recreation. Being arrestedis not the way anyone would want to spend

    spring break. Drugs are very dangerousand like alcohol, drugs are highly addictive.

    Drugs will not only affect the brain and body but also ones social life. It can cause

    S o c i a l m e d i a f a m e s p r e a d sSometimes people using social media witha large audience in order to become morefamous because of what they accomplishon the internet. For example, Justin Bieberstarted on YouTube and slowly made hisway up to becoming a famous music artist. Jerome Jarre, Nicholas Megalis, MeaganCignoli, Marcus Johns, Marlo Meekins. Allof these superstars (and more like them)

    found their six seconds of fame on a plat-form that started as a form of entertainmentand quickly developed into careers. Thosewho hopped on Vines success train earlyfound themselves working with brandson advertisements, appearing on talkshows and landing comedy writing gigs.

    People may not know the name Joan-na Rohrback is, but they have probablyviewed her video on YouTube. She up-

    people to get hair loss, look ten to fifteenyears older, and rot teeth. Also addicts usually drain money out of the bank account inorder to feed their addictions. It can result in

    bad decision making and force them to pushaway friends and family. All of this affectsthe brain and explains why addicts can suf-fer from depression and become suicidal

    Relaxing and taking a break is what moststudents prefer to do over spring break, whichis great but in small doses. Exercise shouldalways be a part of ones weekly routine butif not, now is a perfect time to start. Withthe sun shining and the flowers bloomingagain, the weather is superb for a daily jogor swim. Even joining the gym can help giveone the perfect boost to get ready for examsand the summer to come. If someone doesnot often exercise it is nice to start small and

    build up from there. Try doing daily sit-upsand jogging, and every day push oneself to

    jog for five more minutes or do ten more sit-ups. This will be excellent to get a persons

    body ready for the beach. Not only that butit is known to reduce the stress and depres-sion which exams cause in most students

    Spring break is not the time tmake poor life choices. Have fun

    loaded a video of her prancing walk as partof an exercise video. It went viral on You-Tube immediately when in one week view-ership went from 10,000 to 2.7 million From adversity can come triumph. Marina Shirin uploaded a video of herself danc-ing around in her office to Kanye WestsI Quit as she actually quit her job. Thevideo went viral, and Queen Latifah paidher way to the U.S. and offered her a job Some 20,000 people participated in one inter-net video made by a young boy who had leu-

    kemia. Five year old Miles of San Franciscoasked the Make a Wish Foundation to help him become Bat Man for a day. His wish came true.

    And of course, what story would be com- plete without mentioning the worlds cu-riosity about what foxes might say? Thisong and music video has helped this par-ticular animal to join the adorable category. So whether you know fox languagor have a dream, all it takes is a videocamera and access to the internet. Whoknows? Fame may be just around the corner and all with just a few clicks of a mouse.

    By HAANIYA DAWOODALLYReporter Everyone in this world wants at least onechance to be noticed, whether by a personthey care about or by the world. Whether to

    be recognized for their actions, or other traits,everyone wants fame, a chance to show whatthey are made of. Over the years fame has

    become easier to gain through social mediaand the internet. Whether from Facebook,Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Tumblr, Twitteror other websites, it shows the public who

    you as an individual. In todays world, alla person needs is access to the internet anda video camera to become famous. It is the

    publics decision whether or not they likeyou. However, there is a warning attached.Internet fame can either make or break you. Not anyone can become famous through theinternet. Those in pursuit of fame must havea purpose or motive. What a person planson doing has to be something to which the

    public will be attracted. Not everyone can become an internet celebrity, only a certaingroup of people can achieve internet fame.

  • 8/12/2019 March 300 Dpi


    Jana Arena prepares for college softballBy KELSEE AVERY Reporter Jana Arena has so much going on in herlife, it is crazy that she has time to play varsitysoftball and balance everything else. But ifsomeone had to do it, she definitely could. Arena has been playing softball forabout 14 years. The reason she stuckwith it all this time, has to do with thefact that it gives her a sense of purpose.

    Arena said, It is one place where I can bein control. I have played softball for so longthat at this point I can not imagine my lifewithout it. As a senior, Arena already knowsthat next year she will be playing at OurLady of the Lake University in San Antonio.

    Besides softball, she is involved in PALs, National Honor Society, and Spanish NationalHonor Society. Although trying to balancesports, grades, and everything else, Arenagets throughout the stress by looking at it aday at a time, instead of feeling pressured todo a weeks worth of work in a single night.

    Arena said that her motto in lifcomes from the lyrics of Lee BriceBe a best friend, tell the trut And overuse I love yoGo to work, do your beDont outsmart your commonsens

    Never let your prayin knees get lazyAnd love like craz The biggest role model in hlife is the same as many; her mom

    My mom has definitely been an icon androle model for me. My mom is very strongand independent, and has taught me that I canaccomplish anything on my own if I set mymind to it and work hard. She has also supportedme unconditionally in every decision I havemade, and has proven that the support fromsomeone you admire can go a long way.

    Arenas advice to anyone whmight want to play softball next year?Have the ambition to work hard. Not everyone

    is going to be the best player on the field, but ifthe effort is there, the success is sure to follow.


  • 8/12/2019 March 300 Dpi


    MLB season on deck

    Spring training has come to an end andregular season is right around the corner.The 2014 Major League Baseball seasonwill begin March 22 in Sydney Australia

    between the Los Angeles Dodgers andthe Arizona Diamondbacks. The NorthAmerican part of the season will starton March 30 and end on September 28.

    An advantage for us Houstonians is that theCivil Rights Game will be at Minute Maid

    NCAA b-ball frenzy beginsBy KASEY VOLLMERING Ads Editor It is already time for March Madness.The 2014 NCAA Mens Division BasketballTournament includes 68 teams playing insingle elimination games ighting to be thechampions of college basketball.

    The tournament will be starting March18 and the championship game 4withbe on April 7 th at the AT&T Stadium in

    Arlington. Viewers can watch the game onthe following channels: truTV, CBS, TBS,ESPN and TNT.

    March Madness was irst started in 1939by a Couch from Ohio State University byHarold Olson. Since then it has become ahuge part of the year for basketball playersaround the United States. Below is theschedule and places for the tournament:

    Selection SundayMarch 16First Round

    March 18-19UD Arena (Dayton, Ohio)Second-Third RoundsMarch 20, 22First Niagara Center (Buffalo, N.Y.)BMO Harris Bradley Center (Milwaukee)Amway Center (Orlando, Fla.)Veterans Memorial Arena (Spokane,Wash.)March 21, 23

    PNC Arena (Raleigh, N.C.)AT&T Center (San Antonio)Viejas Arena (San Diego)Scottrade Center (St. Louis)

    South RegionalMarch 27, 29FedExForum (Memphis, Tenn.)West RegionalMarch 27, 29Honda Center (Anaheim, Calif.)East RegionalMarch 28, 30

    Madison Square Garden (New York)Midwest RegionalMarch 28, 30Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis)

    National SemiinalsApril 5Cowboys Stadium (Arlington, Texas)Championship GameApril 7Cowboys Stadium (Arlington, Texas)

    Park on May 30. Hopefully from this seasonforward, we will never have to hear about thelong and infamous track record of the Astros.The All Star Games 85th edition will be heldJuly 15th at the home field of the MinnesotaTwins. The winning league will get homefield advantage during the World Series. The2013 champions were the Boston Red Soxs.

    This season there are a few changes to themanager roster. The Seattle Mariners formermanager Eric Wedge resigned and LloydMcClendon took his place. Chicago Cubs

    Dale Sveum was fired after two seasonsRick Renteria is the new manager for thisteam. Davey Johnson of the Washington

    Nationals retired leaving his position toMatt Williams. Another manager who wasfired is Dusty Baker of the Cincinnati Redswho was there for the past six seasonsBryan Price, the Reds four year pitchingcoach is his replacement. Lastly, JimLeyland of the Detroit Tigers resignedretired leaving Brad Ausmus in charge This season is guaranteed to be a good one

    By RABAB ZEHRASports Editor

  • 8/12/2019 March 300 Dpi


    My necklace.

    Andrew Burgos, junior.

    My boyfriend.

    Dinah Martin, junior.

    My Habibis in the struggle.

    Ghaffar Dudabney, sophomore.

    My graduation ring.

    Valerie Vasquez, senior.


    Kevin Wu, junior.

    My best friend.

    Aliza Raza, senior.

    I dont need a good luck charm because

    Im amazing.

    Naomi Sequira, freshman.

    What is your good luck charm?

    Red underwear.

    Ankit Dave, freshman.

    I dont belive in luck.

    Juan Lozano, sophomore.


  • 8/12/2019 March 300 Dpi