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March Madness!

Date post: 10-Jan-2016
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March Madness!. Tournament Headlines. Housing and Food Style. Tournament Headlines. The 2007 DHFS Final Four Tournament was our largest ever. 288 employees spread out over 4 Zone Brackets were entered in this year’s competition. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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March Madness!
  • March Madness!

  • Tournament HeadlinesHousing and Food Style

  • Tournament HeadlinesThe 2007 DHFS Final Four Tournament was our largest ever. 288 employees spread out over 4 Zone Brackets were entered in this years competition.

    The competition was expanded to include nearly all of our Full-Time staff, including supervisors, team leaders, office staff, building services, residence life, food services and facilites staff members.

  • Tournament HeadlinesThe Four Zone Brackets: Zone One: Division OfficeZone Two: Whitis Residence HallsZone Three: Jester Residence HallZone Four: Waller Creek/Apartments

  • Tournament HeadlinesEarly Round Update: Year of the Durantosaurus RexFirst came the Year of the Farrell Cat (Mike Farrell that is).Then came the Berry Shocker in the South. Last year we had the Surge of the Serge.

    For the Year of Durant, we have yet to crown a champ in the 2007 DHFS Final Four Tournament event but we are well on our way. 288 fellow employees have had the chance to reach the top. At this point, we are well into the competition and folks who have been skilled or lucky enough to advance should try to move forward next week and continue to try to Live the Dream.

    The remaining Round deadlines come rather quickly so people should strive to play as soon as possible rather than just wait till the last minute. So, lets try to move this thing forward and see who comes out on top in the Year of Durant. For those who might have missed a deadline why not suggest that they come by and shoot a basket or two just to smile a little wider and feel apart of the event.

    Remember to support the Horns and each other.

  • Real World Tournament UpdateFollowing the UT Mens Basketball team loss to USC in Tacoma.

    Well, this might not have been the year for UT basketball in the real competitions but we want to, as always, show our gratitude and support for their efforts. All due respect and thanks to Coach Jody Conradt for her 31 years (!!!) of commitment to UT athletics. Truly a class act.

  • Tournament HeadlinesSweet 16/Elite 8: Rover, Cookie, Cat Vie for Top Dog!Woe Nellie! Weve moved beyond the Sweet 16 of the DHFS Basketball tournament. Every year of the Basketball challenge has been different and this years competition is no exception. We dont know everything about the final shakedown to this years event, but we know this for sure. Proving the old adage that nothing is as hard as repeating as champ, we have seen last years winner, Sergio Flores, go down in the Apartments bracket. A couple of interesting trends this year:

    Some old school contenders are still looking strong this year, including Doug Rover Garrard, Mike Cat Farrell, Floyd the Doc Hoelting and Michael Cookie Sawyer.

    Some of our own fabulous freshmen have managed to move through and vanquish their opponents, including a scrappy Bianca who managed to flay competition in Housing Reservations, Bevo Bucks and the Directors office before falling to the Doc himself in an early Elite 8 match. Also, note the emergence of Esperanza Garcia, Nydia Rodriguez and Gilbert Acosta (who actually defeated Sergio last years winner).

    The SJH lock shop seems to have a lock on the competition as Tim, Tom and Sammy have marched through their competition in the WCR bracket.

    Check out the 5 ladies in the Jester Zone who have made it to the Elite 8 Round Margaret Osuna, Gaylee Horton, Nydia Rodriguez, Yolanda Siles and Michelle Skaggs. And Jessica St. John would have made it 6 if not for a tough one-point overtime loss to Cookie Sawyer in the last round. Jody Conradt would be proud.

  • Tournament HeadlinesFinal Four Newsflash #1: Double Ds Down Dr. Doug!It was a Tale of Two Doctors: Dr. Doug Rover Garrard vs. The Doc Hoelting for the Division Office title. The bookies were in a tizzy over this marquee chess match; odds-makers were befuddled at the duel of the Docs. But in the end, the two-point shot failed the oft-reliable Dr Doug. Why he abandoned the one-point lay-up which had brought him so far is a mystery that only he and the Almighty can fathom. But, The Doc never faltered in his swagger sinking all 5 one-pointers, like a cuckoo clock never out of rhythm. So, in the end the Tale of Two Docs ended as a 5-2 boilermaker for the crowd. Can you say Dynasty, Doc?

  • Tournament HeadlinesFinal Four Newsflash #2: Mike and Mike Show Coming to CampusNot!ESPN Radio might have something good in the morning with their own Mike and Mike Show and it looked like DHFS might have their own version. Mike Cookie Sawyer and Mike Cat Farrell have been perennial contenders over the years in our little tournament world. This year appeared to be no different as both advanced to the Final Four rounds in their respective zones. But in Jester, the Cookie crumbled like a stale snickerdoodle when faced with the challenge brought by Edward Gupton. In the Creek ---home of the next American Basketball Idol --- we saw a series of exciting matchups resulting in the final meow for Farrell. He lost out to Francisco Guzman by a score of 10-8. He was voted off the island. He was fired! Three cheers to Lupe Gonzales who skillfully and bravely represented the Apartments staff in the Final Four at WCR. He lost by one point to Simkins own Tim Rogers. Well done to all.

  • Tournament HeadlinesThe Four Zone Bracket Champions: Zone One: Floyd The Doc HoeltingZone Two: Gruder TolliverZone Three: Gaylee HortonZone Four: Francisco GuzmanHonorable mention to Lupe Gonzales who won the Apartments side of the Zone Four Bracket.

  • Tournament HeadlinesSouth Campus Champ: Horton Hears No Hoop!Tuesdays Waller Creek champ, Francisco Guzman, may have caught a case of Cat-in-the-Hat Scratch Fever after his heated contest with Mike Farrell. Not to suffer a let down following his heroic advancement to the finals of WCR, Francisco brought his red-hot A- game to the Jester Court. He wrested victory from Ms. Horton in her own home. So, with a combination of pluck and luck, Francisco is the South Side champion for 2007. Gaylees ascendancy was no small victory and we should all keep it in our memory. But on this day another champ won this round goes to a fella named Guzman. So come one and all from the South and root for your 2007 champ on Thursday at noon.

  • Tournament HeadlinesNorth Campus Champ: Tolliver Tops the Doc!Something funny happened on the way to the finals. The Doc Hoelting had blazed his way to the penultimate matchup versus Gruder Tolliver behind a sweet, sure single-point shot. Many an opponent witnessed Floyds no falter one-pointers falling like butter off roasted corn-on-the-cob. But Gruder brought his own game of fame and Floyd felt that the ones just would not do. So, he went for the longer (2 point) ball and in this case that ball would not fall. The Doc like the rest of us in the North Zone will just have to root for our home zone hero, Gruder Tolliver, as he shoots for the final prize on Thursday at Noon. Be there at Duren Hall or be square.

  • Tolliver Tops the Doc! In case you missed the marquee match up between Gruder Tolliver and Floyd Hoelting.

  • The Championship Game 04/05/07 at 12 noon in the Texas Rivers Room in Duren Hall

  • The Championship Game 04/05/07 at 12 noon in the Texas Rivers Room in Duren HallGruder brought his Whitis Halls Posse cheering section with him to the competition.

  • The Championship Game 04/05/07 at 12 noon in the Texas Rivers Room in Duren HallFrancisco, who actually came in on his day off to compete in the finals, appeared to be relaxed and confident during warm-ups.

  • The Championship Game 04/05/07 at 12 noon in the Texas Rivers Room in Duren HallConversely, Gruder seemed to be showing some nerves, as he was even having difficulties locating the two point line. Its behind him!

  • The Championship Game 04/05/07 at 12 noon in the Texas Rivers Room in Duren HallThe Winner is: Gruder managed to win an exciting match by a score of 6-4. The crowd of baited-breathe onlookers (estimated count of 25) cheered and congratulated both finalists for an excellent conclusion to the 2007 DHFS Final Four Basketball Tournament.

  • The Championship Game 04/05/07 at 12 noon in the Texas Rivers Room in Duren HallSportsmanship was alive and well in Housing and Food Service. The camera man was so excited he had trouble focusing.

  • The Championship Game 04/05/07 at 12 noon in the Texas Rivers Room in Duren HallSo, we commissioned famous sports artist LeRoy Neiman to memorialize the final moments of our tournament.

  • Tournament HeadlinesWe hope you all enjoyed this years tournament and congratulations to all our participants.

  • Remember to Do the Right Thing.Support UT Hoops!Have Fun!Support Each Other!