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Letter of transmittal American international university Bangladesh House #83/B, Road # 4, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka - 1213, Bangladesh. Email: [email protected], URL: www.aiub.edu 27th December, 2010 . Mr. Rodrick, Stanley Sumon Department of Marketing American international university Bangladesh Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh Dear sir, I am writing this letter as the representative of my group for informing you that the Term paper of our Course, Principles of Marketing, is ready to submit. Our topic was Marketing Mix of Rahimafrooz. We got our topic on 14th November, 2010.After doing hard work of several weeks finally we have completed our term paper. We took help from many several outlets, journals, executive people as well as internet. We got the maximum number of information from the internet. I therefore hope that you will be kind enough to receive our Term paper and give your honorable feedback and thus we will be ever grateful to you. Yours truly, Sarker Sadman Sadi Id: 09-14460-2 4th Semester.



Our Principle of Marketing Course Teacher Rodrick Stanley sumon has chosen Rahimafrooz Company for us, which is marketing in Bangladesh since a 1954. He asked us to analyze the companys marketing mix and strategies. This is a very important topic to consider while learning marketing objectives. Rahimafrooz is a company which is dominating the Bangladeshi market with its exclusive products since a long time. Road to prepare this term paper we got to know about the present marketing process of Rahimafrooz Company in Bangladesh and it had helped us to increase our knowledge about marketing strategies and also the Rahimafrooz company is now known to us. We would like to give thanks to our course teacher for giving us such an opportunity to make a term paper and also for his cooperation during preparing the term paper. We also would like to give thanks to the persons who were really helpful to us for collecting the Marketing relative data of the Company and answered to our various question.



Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd. (RABL) is the Group Parent Company that supports and guides the Strategic Business Units SBUs from the Rahimafrooz Corporate Office (RACO). It ensures continuous management innovation, best utilization of technology, new initiatives, corporate governance and adoption of best global practices. The organization comprises of the Group Board Office, Group Information Technology Centre (GITC), and the functional teams of Finance & Accounting, HR & Administration, Corporate Marketing, Group QMS and Compliance. Along the way of completing the term paper we have analyzed the current business situation and the marketing strategies (4P) of Rahimafrooz and made a brief evaluation of their competitors, which will help to enhance our marketing knowledge as well as corporate knowledge. Basically we have worked with four different SBUs of rahimafrooz those are BATTERY, IPS, TYRE AND AGORA. As an established company in Bangladesh, RABL provides various promotional activities to motivate their employee. RABL provides Discount Facilities, Healthcare services, free products, transportation facilities, welfare measures, bonus payment, performance based rewards and other promotional facilities to get motivate their employee and increase the efficiency and productivity of the company. To stay successfully in this competitive market, a business firm must do some intelligence tasks. Motivation is one of them. To keep the intelligent and experienced employee in organization and reduce employee turnover, motivation plays a vital role. RABL exercise successful motivational approaches to gain competitive advantages.



Aspiration and vision of Rahimafrooz:

Aspiration To be the most admired and trusted organization through excelling in everything we do, following ethical business practices and adding value to the stakeholders.

Vision A billion dollar diversified group committed to adding value to all stakeholders and community.



Milestones of the company:

1954 Incorporated by Mr. A.C. Abdur Rahim

1959 Distributorship of Lucas Battery

1978 Exclusive distributorship of Dunlop tyre

1980 Acquisition of Bangladesh operations of Lucas UK

1985 First producer of industrial battery

1985 Pioneering Solar Power in collaboration with BP

1992 First ever battery exports to Singapore

1993 Launched Rahimafrooz Instant Power System

1994 Acquisition of Yuasa Batteries (Bangladesh) Ltd and launched Excel Retreades.

1997 Attained ISO 9002 certification for RBL operations

2000 First India office opened in Ahmedaba



Table of Contents:Introduction to Rahimafrooz----------------------------------------------------------------------09 Formation history of Rahimafrooz---------------------------------------------------------------10 Objectives of the study ----------------------------------------------------------------------------12 Limitations of the study----------------------------------------------------------------------------12 Methodology of the Study-------------------------------------------------------------------------12 Sources of Data Collection------------------------------------------------------------------------13 List of Market offerings----------------------------------------------------------------------------13 Rahimafrooz Product Mix-------------------------------------------------------------------------18 Rahimafrooz product line--------------------------------------------------------------------------18 Rahimafrooz product Mix length ----------------------------------------------------------------19 Rahimafrooz product line depth ------------------------------------------------------------------20 Brand Development strategies by Rahimafrooz -----------------------------------------------21 Brand sponsorship by Rahimrafrooz ------------------------------------------------------------22 Practice of Marketing concept --------------------------------------------------------------------22 List of Strategic Business Unit(SBU)s ----------------------------------------------------------23

Product Market Expansion Grid -----------------------------------------------------------------25 Corporate Social Responsibility by Rahimafrooz ---------------------------------------------27



Product Promotion under IMC ------------------------------------------------------------------34 Pricing strategy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------36 Rahimafrooz Distribution -------------------------------------------------------------------------38 Competitors of Rahimafrooz Company ---------------------------------------------------------38 Suggestion for Rahimafrooz Company ---------------------------------------------------------41 Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------42



Introduction to Rahimafrooz: This section describes Rahimafrooz Groups businesses according to the four broad segments that its companies operate in. Storage Power: Rahimafrooz Group is the largest manufacturer and exporter of automotive and industrial batteries in Bangladesh and has the largest battery export plant in South Asia. Rahimafrooz Accumulators Ltd. Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd. Automotive and Electronics: Rahimafrooz Group markets and distributes various automotive after-market products such as automotive batteries, tyres and lubricant as well as electronics ranging from home appliances, power backup systems, lighting products, and electrical accessories. The Group is also one of the leading complete CNG solution providers in the country. Rahimafrooz Distribution Ltd.

Energy: Rahimafrooz Group has a significant presence in the energy sector of Bangladesh and offers a wide range of renewable and conventional energy solutions. Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd. Retail: Rahimafrooz Group introduced the first retail chain of superstores in Bangladesh and has played a major role in redefining everyday shopping.

Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd.



Formation history of Rahimafrooz: A man of strict religious values, yet a believer in progressive dynamism, and a dreamer who thought nothing is impossible Late A C Abdur Rahim overcame numerous challenges and obstacles to become one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs of this country. Born on the 20th of January 1915, he lost both his parents by the time he was seven years of age. Deprived of formal schooling and a typically comfortable childhood, he grew up as a man with strong determination, hardworking diligence, and humane compassion. By the early 1940s, Mr. Rahim started small scale commercial trading on his own. He moved to Chittagong in 1947 and stared afresh with very little capital in hand, but with a whole world of courage and faith. In 1950, he established the small trading concern dealing in various items. This proprietary business was formally incorporated on April 15, 1954 as Rahimafrooz & Co. Till date, Rahimafrooz Group commemorates this as its Foundation Day. The childhood hardship and the struggle in his young years only made Mr. Rahim a strong individual, a faithful human being, and a leader full of compassion and humanity. He was a caring father and an affectionate person throughout his life. Whoever, in his lifetime, came in touch with Mr. Rahim, fondly remembers him as a man of tremendous humility, dignity, and trustworthiness. His passion for continuously improving himself and his religious and ethical righte

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