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Marketing Online Jan. 13 th , 2009

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Marketing Online Jan. 13 th , 2009. Bradley J. Blanken, Carrier Biz Dev Thumbplay. Thumbplay’s Online Ecosystem. Over 1000 partners driving content discovery, acquisition and delivery. 2. 2. Driving Principals. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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1 Marketing Online Jan. 13 th , 2009 Bradley J. Blanken, Carrier Biz Dev Thumbplay
  • *Marketing Online Jan. 13th, 2009Bradley J. Blanken, Carrier Biz DevThumbplay

  • *Thumbplays Online Ecosystem*Over 1000 partners driving content discovery, acquisition and delivery

  • *Driving Principals Establish Thumbplay as the preferred mobile partner among all leading interactive properties as Amazon is for CDs and iTunes is for full-track downloads and integrate wherever possible

    Syndicate Thumbplays content catalogue to as many relevant web and WAP sites as possible to grow search rankings, traffic and subscribers through automated, self-service implementations

    Provide partners the most integrated and flexible ingredients, to create competitive barriers and partner reliance on Thumbplay as an exclusive or primary provider of mobile content

  • Customer Acquisition Best of BreedSignificant Mobile Entertainment Partnerships Online, Social Media, Mobile, Television and Radio*Thumbplays Network of Distribution Partners now exceeds 380 million combined unique visitors per month

  • *Thumbplay OPENThumbplay & Adobe are leveraging OPEN to enable the self-service (i) submission, (ii) promotion and (iii) sales over-the-air to reach all Flash Lite-enabled handsets a first in mobile content app development.Flash developers will be sent to a custom-adapted upload experience directly from within CS4.*

  • *Confidential and proprietary material for authorized personnel only. Use, disclosure or distribution of this material is not permitted to any unauthorized third parties except by written agreement.The launch of OPEN in September drove the inflection point New Partnerships

  • *Online Marketing Channels

    Channel TypeDescription (Examples)SearchPaid search, SEO and API-based integrations with vertical search engines and WAP-based properties.DisplayGraphical banners via leading web/WAP ad networks and site-specific campaigns including self-service creation.WAPProduct integration into WAP sitesSocial MediaSites enabling user-created profiles & media sharingOnline RetailersContextual to new handset salesIVRServices facilitating high-volume, IVR-based navigation

    Handset ApplicationsInclusion within third-party apps

  • *Online Marketing Tools

    Tool TypeWho its forAPIPortals, Vertical Sites & WAP sitesFeedsPortals, Vertical Sites & social media platformsLanding PagesAll partners this is where traffic is driven

    MinistoresSites requiring a more traditional store experienceBanners, Buttons & FaviconsAll partners

    WidgetsOpenSocial & other profile-driven social media sites

  • Social Media Maroon 5*

  • Search AOL Mobile Example*

  • *Your Participation is [email protected]+1.813.777.5960

    **Thumbplay has over 1000 partners driving traffic to its website, ranging from AOL to Nokia to Sprint and Verizon. Once a potential customer arrives at the web or WAP site, they can surf our library of over 250,000 content items. Thumbplay is the de-facto commerce partner to traditional portals, social media applications, WAP destinations and increasingly, on-handset application developers.

    **Thumbplay has invested significant $ in building the industrys best and most scalable marketing and distribution platform. The companys proprietary analytical engine has delivered tremendous results and has helped to build a dominant online network of partners that now exceeds 1,000, and includes the most blue-chip names in digital media and wireless. We are signing 300+ new distribution partners per month. In typical online sites, Thumbplay is now being featured as a link side by side with Amazon and iTunes and is beginning to push iTunes out of their online distribution network, which currently drives 30% of iTunes sales.