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Marketing to the Modern Family 2011

Date post:23-Aug-2014
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The essence of parenting hasn’t changed. Parents love their children unconditionally. What has changed is the look and make up of families today. The Marketing to the Modern Family study looks at the changing dynamics, then offers insights and recommendations to ensure brands are poised for future success.
  • What Brands Can Do TodayTo Be Relevant Tomorrow
  • The essence of parenting hasnt changed.Whats changed?The look and make-up of the American Family. 2
  • Weve Seen A Seismic Shift Demographics Pop Culture Society & TechnologyFROM TO
  • Only 4% of todays families fall into the Censusdefinition of traditionalMinorities make up nearly half the children born inthe U.S.African-American households headed by womennow exceed African-American households withmarried couples40% of all children are born to single moms in theU.S. todayThere are nearly 1 MM same-sex couples inthe US
  • But most brand engagement is still behind the times
  • George Nan McCann, Dr. Susan Jennifer ChrislerBardenheier Marketing To Moms Blumenthal, LGBT Dads Health and Wellness METHODOLOGY Ellie Kay, Tom Matlack, Manny Ruiz, Kimberly Seals Financial Good Men Project Hispanic Allers African American
  • 05 Insights 05Recommendations
  • 41% of moms say they are the sole decision makerfor their family purchasesPlus, they are taking on more than they did in thepast Managing family finances (70% vs. 86%) Earning money (61% vs. 75%) Buying technology oriented items (57% vs. 78%) Buying a car (57% vs. 84%)Men lost employment at higher rates than womenduring most recent recession
  • Shes either forced by theeconomy or by choice tobecome the primarybreadwinner but shedoesnt want to give upcontrol at home. At the sametime, shell be running onoverload in her attempt tobalance both strategic roles.- Ellie Kay, Financial Expert
  • 62% of moms and 54% of dads say parenting roles willbe redefined from traditional mom and dad33% of dads say they take on role of a traditional momThe 10 MM single mothers of children under 18 aretaking on both roles
  • As gender roles shift and menand women fill different parts ofhousehold responsibilities andchildrearing, the way theyidentify will shift away frommom and dad and move towarda universal concept of parent. Jenn Chrisler, LGBT Expert
  • 68% of moms and dads say children haveinfluence on purchase decisions67% of grandmothers with involvement intaking care of their grandchildren say theyhave influence in family purchasesMore than a third of mothers and fatherssay that its likely their children will live athome after college
  • In families where both parents workespecially, grandparents or otheradult family members will acceptincreased responsibility in raisingchildren and keeping the householdrunning. Ellie Kay, Financial Expert
  • PastDads were in charge of financialsecurity (93%), purchasing consumer goods(76%) and discipline of children (84%)Presentall this and more Taking care of children (33% to 83%) Buying groceries (32% to 70%) Cooking (22% to 67%) Cleaning (18% to 70%) and doing laundry (11% to 64%)
  • Its okay to think of men as apositive influence ashusbands and fathers ratherthan Bud Light Cavemen.- Tom Matlack, Good Men Project
  • Mixed race marriages have jumped 20% since2000 to 4.5 million, or 8% of the totalAbout 20% of moms and dads say theirchildren will not identify with the same ethnicgroup as they do2 million children are being raised by LGBTparentsThere is a growing number of women whochoose to have a baby alone
  • Marketers would be wise tonavigate the new culturalwaters carefully. The nation isgoing to experience increasedconflict over the preservation oftraditional family values. Manny Ruiz, Hispanic Families Expert
  • What you can do today to beready for the family of tomorrow
  • 5 Ways to Get Started Today01 Find your Action Consumer: Not all moms are the same what subset of this power demo is right for your brand?02 Go outside your bullseye use the 80/20 rule when it comes to brand messaging03 Dont Stereotype think universal parent and view the whole family as your palette04 Rethink channel planning use transmedia storytelling to resonate with all family stakeholders05 Test and Learn think about how 1-5% of your overall marketing spend can be used to optimize the future
  • Look at the American Dreamthrough this new lens of themodern family. How do wereinterpret that desire in thecontext of a more complicatedworld? Jenn Chrisler, LGBT Expert
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