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MarkLogic Overview. Clark D. Richey, Jr. – Technical Director, MarkLogic [email protected] @ crichey. We are the New Generation Databases. The MarkLogic Advantage. Only Enterprise NoSQL Database ACID compliant Big data s earch High availability Replication - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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MarkLogic Overview Clark D. Richey, Jr. – Technical Director, MarkLogic [email protected] @crichey

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MarkLogic OverviewClark D. Richey, Jr. Technical Director, [email protected]@crichey

Slide #Copyright 2013 MarkLogic Corporation. All rights reserved.We are the New Generation Databases

Slide #Copyright 2013 MarkLogic Corporation. All rights reserved.We start with Mainframe systems with databases that were built specifically for applications and specific hardware. It was a hierarchical model that required applications to be built in order to get data in and get data out.

The 1970s saw the emergence of the relational model, and the mathematical and theoretical background here is both interesting and if not unique so at least uncommon.The development of SQL databases during the late 1970s and early 1980 changed the world of database systems completely, and together with other technology changes of those days, such as the emergence of standardized operation systems (most prominently Unix) and the Personal Computer, would transform the climate for compting completely.As the storage capacities of even small computers grew, the potential and uses for databases grew. The PC oriented database systems, simple and working well on small PCs, largely disapperad as PCs became more powerful and above all networked.The 1990 saw the emergence of the Internet, and again the means and needs for accessing data changed, as so did the database systems. Those years also saw data warehousing grow to something everyone could potentially use and benefit from.

The emergence of new data types required yet another shift in database models. There is the need to build applications quickly, the need to ingest all types of data quickly and easily without having to adjust schemas. XML databases, document stores all able to manage this new type of data. There are lots of shiny object databases that have popped up to handle this new type of data but MarkLogic has been doing this for almost 12 years. 2

The MarkLogic AdvantageOnly Enterprise NoSQL Database ACID compliant Big data search High availability Replication Point in-time recovery Government-grade security Real-time your Hadoop Proven customer success

Slide #Copyright 2013 MarkLogic Corporation. All rights reserved.Government grade = cell based If you are prsenting to an objectivist, you wont like governtment grade3

The FAA increases airline safety by providing real time monitoring of incidents in a common operational pictureSlide #Copyright 2013 MarkLogic Corporation. All rights reserved.Fairfax County is one of the five largest in the nation, with a population and budget that dwarfs many States. It is the preeminent local government in the Capital Region and has become the economic engine of both the area and its Commonwealth. Despite the national recession, the County continues to attract new businesses and residents, but must find a way to maintain and increase its service delivery to citizens & businesses while reducing the costs of its operations.

Fairfax County, VA, wanted to promote a more open government. One clear benefit is the attraction of new businesses to the county. If constituents can easily research data collected by the county (particularly demographics), they can make better/quicker assessments about the viability of new businesses.


The FAA Enhances Airline Safety withReal-Time MonitoringMarkLogic is used as the all source repository to give an accurate picture of emergencies across the FAASolutionFAA ensures flight safety with real-time crisis management system and drastically reduced development timetable for critical project

BenefitsAllow Emergency Operations Network (EON) to monitor and track emergencies and severe weatherGoalsSocial media

Weather reportsLoad data as isUNIFIED DATAExisting FAA systems

Decisions during a crisis require complete informationSlide #Copyright 2013 MarkLogic Corporation. All rights reserved.The solution Fairfax chose was to create a land data repository based on MarkLogic Server

The repository has an easy to use search engine for property history and other information by tax map identification, by address or by keywords. For instance, typing in the word "heliport" quickly brings up data on all the heliports in Fairfax and their permits. The data can be spatially displayed by geographic information systems such as ESRI.

Since MarkLogic was designed to aggregate many disparate data types, the first phase of consolidating the countys data was completed in 2 months.

Trying to retain the mainframe data (which was valuable, but expensive to maintain) was a big challenge, but MarkLogic helped to obsolete the mainframes and reduced maintenance costs.

MORE INFORMATION--------------------------So, returning to our clerk and those data sources s/he used to have to search

The clerk now has one place to go for information the central repository based on MarkLogic server. This repository is fed with the necessary information from the Oracle Systems of Record. The old legacy data was imported into the repository so that it could be correlated with the new data coming from the Oracle-based systems. And, the multiple document files were also ingested.That data now lives solely in the central repository where ALL the data can be transformed and enriched as necessary. Storing the data in MarkLogic also allows Fairfax to realize the benefits that database technology has always delivered to it a fully managed & secure repository. MarkLogic Server provides that integrity to all the information that is stored there.

Now that the data is centralized, it can be viewed, correlated etc. in multiple ways by multiple applications. And tasks that once took days or weeks to accomplish can now be completed in seconds or minutes.

Additionally, Fairfax has decided to make this information even more accessible to its constituents by deploying a public-facing web portal, on top of the same central repository.

Fairfax County is reaping significant benefits from this project in terms of both cost savings and constituent satisfaction:Fast development: internal access went live in two months; public site went live four months laterLower maintenance costs: mainframe systems shut down (a month ahead of schedule!)Personnel savings: less time required to find information for residentsConstituents getting better information, faster

URL for the application is here:http://ldip.fairfaxcounty.gov/5EON Map with Facets

Slide #Copyright 2013 MarkLogic Corporation. All rights reserved.EON Geospatial Search

Slide #Copyright 2013 MarkLogic Corporation. All rights reserved.

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GIS / Mapping FAA / Other layers provide context and extra information

MarkLogic Data Discovery Powerful Search Rapid accommodation of new data structures Data / Trend Analysis Alerting Exporting of nearly any format


External Sources AAP / TFR Waivers TwitterFAA Applications DRA Skywatch GEMSEON Architecture Collaboration COOP Situational Awareness Anti-Virus Scanning Security PermissioningMicrosoft SharePoint Web Parts COP / UDOPGoogle Earth

Slide #Copyright 2013 MarkLogic Corporation. All rights reserved.Why MarkLogic AgilityCould ingest unstructured and semi structured content and make sense of itIdentify and generate metadataTag Geospatial coordinatesMark paragraphs Ease of implementationPilot built in less than two weeks Lots of featuresAlerting, geospatial, GazeteerFacets, full text and metadata search, mobile (future)Integration with Google Earth The MarkLogic pilot provided features with their content in two weeks which they had been trying to do for over a yearSlide #Copyright 2013 MarkLogic Corporation. All rights reserved.9Any Questions?

Slide #Copyright 2013 MarkLogic Corporation. All rights reserved.10