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Marlabs Capabilities Overview: Cyber Security Services

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  • Marlabs Capabilities Overview

    2016, Marlabs - Confidential

    [email protected]

    +1 (732) 694 100


    Cyber Security Services

    mailto:[email protected]://www.marlabs.com/

  • Founded in 1996

    2100+ employees

    Consistent year-on-year revenue growth

    100+ blue-chip clients across multiple verticals

    IP driven global consulting and software services

    Headquarters in Piscataway, NJ USA

    Global delivery headquarters in Bangalore, India

    CMMI Level 5 and ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certified

    Marlabs Snapshot


    Global Locations

    Strategic Partnerships Awards and Recognition Verticals Serviced



    22% 9%



    Banking, Finance,Insurance

    Media &Education

    Transportation &Logistics

    Healthcare & LifeSciences

    Retail & Others


  • Global presence to drive speed and value

    Key locations


    Marlabs Corporate HQ: One Corporate Place South, Piscataway NJ

    Global Data Center

    Network Operations Center

    Sales, Acct. Management & Operations Support

    Onshore Development Center

    Marlabs North American Training Facility Broadhead Road, Bethlehem, PA

    Global Training Facility

    Multi-Discipline Center of Excellence

    Onshore Development Center

    DR Data Center

    Global Development Center BWTC, Bangalore, India

    Global Development Center

    Multi Discipline Center of Excellence

    Asia-Pacific Data Center

    Network Operations Center

    Global Development & Training Center Udayaravi Road, Mysore, India

    Global IV&V Center and CoE

    Asia-Pacific Training Facility

    Global Development Center

    Global Development Center & CoE Infopark, Kochi, India

    Global Development Center

    Centers of Excellence

  • Partners in our success



    Media & Education Banking, Financial Services,

    Insurance Healthcare & Life Sciences

    Logistics & Hospitality Retail & others

  • Full spectrum of solutions and services

    Service Offerings


    Application Development and Maintenance | Information Security | IT Infrastructure Services | Testing | Packaged Implementation & Support | Product Engineering

    Cloud | Mobility | DAM | DW-BI & Analytics| Microsoft |Java | Open Source | ERP | Salesforce | IoT


    Industry Verticals

    Technology Solutions

    BFSI Education Transport Healthcare

    Energy Retail Media Government

  • The expertise driving our solutions and services

    Centers of Excellence


    Improve legacy and proprietary Integration with current solutions/software

    Positive impact on usability and architecture decisions among project teams

    Increase overall user adoption

    Implement the best practices for the development of solutions

    Promote cross-platform flexibility

    Rapid scale up for project requirements

    Marlabs Centers of Excellence (CoE)

    Primary objectives

    Industrialized assets and methods

    Innovation Architecture based on cost/benefit analysis

    Skills and Resources Alliance ecosystem

    Microsoft Java/Open Source Digital Asset Management


    Testing DW/BI & Analytics


    Infrastructure, Security & Cloud


  • Client Project Stakeholders

    Customer centric blended model

    Client Engagement


    Client Executive Sponsor

    Client Program Manager

    Client Project Manager

    Client SMEs

    IT & Infrastructure

    Marlabs Executive Sponsor

    Marlabs Account Manager

    Business Analyst/ Lead Developer

    Technical Architect

    IT & Infrastructure

    Programmer/ Analysts

    Quality Assurance

    IT & Infrastructure

    Client Team Marlabs On-Site/Off-Site Team Marlabs Off-Shore Team

    Strong Transition Mgmt.

    Peer-to-Peer Communication

    Defined Escalation Process Steering

    Business Alignment

    Work Prioritization

    Metrics Monitoring

    Project Management

    Requirements/ Deliverables

    Task Monitoring & Control

    Project Status

    Issue Management

    Work Packages

    Technical Specs

    Project Lead/ Manager

    Project Lead/ Manager

  • Center Of Excellence - Objectives

    Cyber Security Services

  • Continually serve as trusted advisors for our clients by providing world class cyber security service processes and skills; establishing and sustaining enterprise-wide security strategies by pragmatically leveraging people, process, technology


    Comprehensive knowledge in security technology and business processes paired with a matured shared services model; results in continuous innovation and affordable solutions that are well integrated and aligned with our clients business strategy and regulatory obligations


    Cyber security management practice



  • Security Risk Assessment Vulnerability Assessment

    Security Policy

    Security Awareness Cyber Incident Planning

    Cyber Threat Management Service



    e O




    Cyber security management services



  • Objective: To establish and sustain the clients company wide vision for cyber security strategies for addressing regulations, audit, and security risks.

    Identify need for security managers to realign

    their security programs with the following aspects

    of their organization in order to achieve overall

    security vision:

    Formal structures

    People processes

    Cultural aspects

    Define and implement appropriate physical,

    administrative, and technical security control


    Obtain assurance of effective controls through

    iterative process review and gap analysis.

    Customer Benefits of Due-Diligence Security Analysis:

    Cyber security management services (contd.)



  • Holistic Security


    Critical Business






    Task and people relationship

    Task and organization relationship

    Task and culture relationship

    Congruency Based Problem Solving:




    Security Controls Leveraging:

    Holistic approach towards cyber security



  • Cyber security management offerings



    Healthcare Finance Education Manufacturing

    Information Security Risk Assessment & Gap Analysis

    Vulnerability scanning Network vulnerability assessment Web application security scanning Penetration testing Wireless security assessment

    Vulnerability Assessment

    Cyber Security Policy Development

    Cyber Security Incident Management Planning

    Security Awareness, Training, and Education

  • Cyber security management offerings



    Network security monitoring Vulnerability assessment Log collection, aggregation, and analysis Security device monitoring Cyber security incident management and response

    Cyber Threat Management Service

    Cyber Security Staff Augmentation

    Business partner and vendor risk assessment planning Cyber security policy review and development Secure disposal assessment and planning Cyber security awareness and training Cyber security and performance monitoring tiger team Intrusion detection/prevent device tuning Social engineering assessment and testing Mobile device security assessment and strategy


    Cyber Security Check-up Services

  • Cyber threat management service (CTMS)



  • Cyber Security

    Operations Center Holistic


    Network Surveillance -


    Vulnerability Assessment

    Log Collection Correlation and Analysis

    Security Device


    Security Incident Plan Development

    Cyber Security Incident


    Service portfolio

    Cyber Threat Management Service


  • Managed security solutions



    NetDetector A Detector, Security Camera, and Motion Sensor for the Network

    Makes the unknown known

    Fastest incident resolution

    Safeguard against sophisticated attack vectors

    Most scalable security solution

    Cost-effective and scalable performance solution

    Deepest and Fastest Analytics

    Best Detection

    Full Packet Everything

  • Support for over 700 protocols

    Complete on-demand reconstruction of several hundred


    Web, email, chats, video, FTP, telnet, voice, and many more

    Extensive metadata generation, filtering, and search

    HTTP, DNS, file name, file types, SSNs, CCNs, attachments,

    email (to/from, cc, subject)

    Correlated and contextual multi-path analysis for fast incident

    analysis and resolution.

    Deep and Fast Network Forensics

    Managed security solutions



  • Proactive, network behavior/pattern based and signature based alerts:

    Covert channel detection

    DNS anomalies

    Blacklisted domains

    Geo-traffic alarms

    Code injections,

    Botnet like behavior

    Self signed certificates

    Dynamic detection of applications on any port

    Detection of port hopping, malicious applications

    Best Detection by Service

    Managed security solutions



  • Full packet capture, analysis, indexing, and warehousing

    Continuous interception

    Retrospective forensic analysis

    Robust drill-down from application to packet level

    Complete body of evidence

    Availability of all packets for analysis against newer signatures and alert definitions

    Managed security solutions



    Full Packet Inspection by Appliance and Service

  • Protection of Critical Infrastructure Provides faster analysis of sessions and applications for zero-day attack

    detection and remediation

    Information Protection/Data Loss Prevention Leakage of confidential plans, secret documents, design blueprints, troop

    deployment plans, etc.

    Lower TCO with Integrated Tools Capture, alerts, troubleshooting, reports, trending,

    common data warehouse, performance, and security forensics

    Protect Investments with a Highly Scalable Solution Single software solution across scalable hardware platforms centralized management, reporting, analysis for enterprise

    Managed security solutions - value



  • Managed security solutions - value



    Protection of Critical Infrastructure

    Provides faster analysis of sessions and applications for zero-day attack detection and remediation

    Information Protection/Data Loss Prevention

    Leakage of confidential plans, secret documents, design blueprints, troop deployment plans, etc.

    Lower TCO with Integrated Tools

    Capture, alerts, troubleshooting, reports, trending

    Common data warehouse

    Performance and security forensics

    Protect Investments with a Highly Scalable Solution

    Single software solution across scalable hardware platforms

    Centralized management, reporting, analysis for enterprise

  • NetXperts NetRTX NetSLM


    Network-wide Monitoring, Reports, Alerts, Forensics

    3G & 4G Analysis, VoIP Performance


    IP Flow + Accounting Alerting,

    Intelligent Analysis

    Security Monitoring, Detection, Alerting

    & Forensics

    Network, Application & Service Performance,

    Troubleshooting SLA/QoS

    NetOmni NetX

    Central Manager NetTrident


    FlowAggregator NetPoller

    NetBlackBox Pro



    NetDetector NetDetectorLive

    NetReporter NetUsage

    NetMobility NetVoice

    Appliance/Product portfolio



  • Case Studies

  • Client Provider for analytics and reporting for pharmaceutical companies

    Need Enhancing the current security posture of the clients network infrastructure by discovering, analyzing, codifying network and system level security vulnerabilities and flaws for better understanding of the clients technical and business environment

    Marlabs Solution

    Marlabs studied the detailed profile of the clients current security and compliance posture and conducted a comprehensive external vulnerability assessment . The assessment consisted of both network/system scanning, analysis of scanning results, verification and validation of any exploitable vulnerabilities discovered, corrective action plans and extensive executive and technical level documentation/reporting.

    Scanning was done for each location based on scope definition. Scan within IP range provided for specific IPs to include operating systems, Web servers, SMTP/POP servers. FTP servers. firewalls, databases, LDAP servers, load balancers, switches and hubs, as well as desktops.

    An in-depth vulnerability validation test was done for public-facing servers. All common Internet services were scanned, including Web, FTP, mail (SMTP/POP/IMAP/Lotus Notes), DNS, database, telnet, SSH, and VPN services.


    Provided a list of final report and presentation of findings and recommendations as follows:

    Technical Network Vulnerability Report - Details of systems services vulnerabilities and resources

    Highest Risk Vulnerability Report - Lists vulnerabilities by impact on confidentiality, Integrity, and availability of data

    Remediation Plan - Defines a strategy to efficiently resolve identified issues.

    Technology Platform

    Case Study


  • Client Sands Capital Management, LLC.

    Need Perform network vulnerability assessment and established a cyber security strategy for a transforming invest firm.

    Marlabs Solution

    External vulnerability assessment

    Internal vulnerability assessment

    Wireless security assessment

    Social engineering assessment

    Mobile device security strategy


    Produced a customized snapshot of the organization's current security posture

    Recommend roadmap for sustainable security strategy improvement

    Technology Platform

    Case Study


  • Standing apart in the marketplace

    Value Proposition


    Delivery Excellence

    Domain Expertise

    Flexible, transparent, and mature engagement models

    Seamless solution integration

    Certification compliance

    Robust Governance

    Strong focus on emerging technologies

    CoEs for technology proficiency

    Best in class technology and security infrastructure

    Customer Centricity

    Investment In Talent

    US based, IP driven organization with a digital technology focus

    Flexible engagement models with global talent

    Proven record of successful on-site, off-shore and blended engagements

    Customized solutions and services

    High competence levels in all technologies

    Home grown algorithm for matching resources with customers unique need

    Global training centers: Continuous quality improvement programs

    High retention rates

    Higher Customer


    Excelling Employees

    Project Certainty

    Highest ROI and Value

  • Contact Us


    USA New Jersey

    Marlabs Inc. (Global Headquarters) One Corporate Place South, Floor 3, Piscataway NJ 08854 - 6116 Tel: +1 (732) 694 1000 Fax: +1 (732) 465 0100 Email: [email protected]

    India Bangalore

    Marlabs Software (P) Ltd. Bagmane World Technology Center, 14th Floor, Citrine Block - 4, Marathahalli Outer Ring Road, Mahadevapura, Bangalore 560 048 Tel: +91 (80) 67229400/700 Email: [email protected]

    Canada Marlabs Canada Incorporated 1235, Bay Street, Suite 400 Toronto Ontario M5R 3K4 Tel: +1 (416) 934 5005 Email: [email protected] Mysore Marlabs Software (P) Ltd. # 462, A & B Block, Udayaravi Road, Kuvempunagar, Mysore - 570023 Tel: +91 (821) 4000200 Email: [email protected] Marlabs Software (P) Ltd. # 469, A & B Block, Udayaravi Road, Kuvempunagar, Mysore - 570023 Tel: +91 (821) 4191450 Email: [email protected]

    Mexico Marlabs Technology Services Av. Patriotismo 229 Piso 8 Col. San Pedro de los Pinos Mexico, D. F. C. P. 03800 Tel: +1 (732) 694 1000 ext.6011 Email: [email protected] Kochi

    Marlabs Software (P) Ltd. "Athulya", 2nd Floor, Infopark Kusumagiri P.O. Kakkanad Kochi - 682 030 Email: [email protected] Marlabs Software (P) Ltd. Trans Asian Corporate Park, XIV/396-C, Seaport Airport Road, Chittethukara, Kakkanad Kochi - 682 037 Ph: +91 (484) 6062885/886 Email: [email protected]



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