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  • Celebrating Our Community Sports


    Bringing the HEAT

    For the Love of Riding


    Recovery - The Motivated Athletes Biggest Hurdle


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    Marlton Resident and Coach


    Marlton Resident, Cherokee Grad, Baseball


    Marlton Resident, Cherokee Grad, Basketball


    Marlton Resident and Coach

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    Marlton Resident and Coach


    Marlton Resident and Coach


    Marlton Resident, Cherokee Grad, Baseball


    Marlton Resident, Cherokee Grad, Basketball


    Marlton Resident and Coach

  • Contents

    Winter Sport Recaps: 8 Wrestling Dominating the mat

    10 Basketball Girls and boys recaps

    12 Ice hockey Skating into history

    Departments: 9 Where are they now? Chris Murray

    16 Expert advice Tackling the tuition titan

    18 Fitness tips Recovery - The motivated athletes biggest hurdle

    23 Sports advice Baseball/Softball: Playing it safe

    32 A message from the mayor Marltons new diamonds shine

    Celebrating Our Community Sports


    Bringing the HEAT

    For the Loveof Riding


    Recovery - The Motivated Athletes Biggest Hurdle


    Features 4 Perspectives

    on coaching How the right coaching can have a positive impact

    6 Equestrian For the love of riding

    20 Q&A with Todd Frazier

    26 The dream that came true Diamonds at Arrowhead Park

    25 New venue gets a homerun turnout Marlton Bat-a-Thon 2014

    28 Golf Family drives

    33 Track Team highlights14


    19 Street hockey A winning tradition

    22 Swimming A stroke of victory

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    EditorDubravka Cortese

    Content/Photography Will Stith

    Graphic Design Corporate Imagination

    Contributing WritersConnie Domingo, Renae T . Flanders,

    Shawn Teske

    Account ExecutivesDave Brodack, Nicole Weiner

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    A personal thank youI would like to thank everyone in our community for the overwhelming support of this magazine. Its greatly appreciated. This is something I have always wanted to do ever since we moved to Marlton and my kids started playing sports. Growing up in Southwest Philadelphia I did not have a rec council or any real type of organized sports. We just basically went outside to play. I love all the sports this town has to offer for my children. It keeps the kids busy, fit, and they are creating great relationships with friends, as well as coaches that will last a lifetime.

    My two boys, Jaden (7th grade) and Ethan (5th grade), are heavily involved in Marlton sports playing travel and rec baseball, basketball and soccer. My daughter, Breana (3rd grade), just started playing basketball, lacrosse and soccer. So like most families here, we are a year-round sports family. We love it! These people have become our friends and extended family. I have always felt that its more than sports. It brings different types of people together with sports in common and grows into great relationships that continue off the field.

    Traveling through our many sports circles I would hear stories about athletes and teams in our town that were doing great. Kids are working hard and excelling in their sport. I would always wonder how we could help get this news out. It was something to be proud of. Then one morning my partner Stephanie and I had a conversation at our boys basketball camp. We had known each other for years but didnt realize that both of our work specialties were a perfect match; she is a magazine designer, and I am a sports photographer thats involved in multiple sports. It was the perfect combination. We turned a little conversation into Marlton Sports Magazine. We are so humbled and happy about the great response so far and promise to get better with each issue. Thanks again for all your support!

    On a personal note, I want to dedicate this issue to my dear friend, Robert OBrien.

    Will StithCo-Owner

    MARLTONSPORTSCelebrating Our Community Sports

    Spring 2014


    Stephanie BiddleWill Stith

    On the CoverFrom left to right: Dannie Dinsfriend, Cherokee junior and softball pitcher . She has a 12-year career in softball and has been a three-year starter for the Cherokee varsity softball team . Dannie has 10 years of experience in the Marlton travel program and is a current member of the Marl-ton Thunder 18U select team . Jordan Krug is a Cherokee senior and is a varsity starter in football, wrestling and lacrosse . He is being recruited by Hartford University, Rutgers, University of Richmond, Cabrini College, Stockton College and more . Rebecca Weiner is a seventh grader at DeMasi Middle School and a three sport athlete . She is in her second year of lacrosse at DeMasi, where she has played basketball and soccer for two years . This is her fifth year in the MRC girls lacrosse program, and she has played Marlton travel basketball for three years and Marlton travel soccer for six years . Jaden Stith is a three sport athlete playing baseball for the 12U Marlton Reds, soccer for the U14 Marlton Lightning and the Marlton Middle School team and basketball for the seventh grade Marlton Chiefs A travel team .


  • 4 Marlton Sports Magazine

    We asked three local coaches to give us their perspectives on coaching and how the right coaching can have a positive impact on both the players and the coaches. ANN GASIOREKLACROSSE COACHCoaching has been a rewarding part of my life for the past 30 years. Not only does it allow me to stay involved in athletics and as a volunteer in the communities in which Ive lived, but it has brought me such joy and pride to watch these girls grow, literally, and develop into such fine athletes and gifted young ladies, knowing the impact I may have had on many of them.

    Coaching is always about safety first. Next comes the development of skills/education and fun, and being competitive, defined by always trying your best and never giving up. My coaching philosophy is based on very simple elements:1. Respect me of them and them of me. I learn every girls name the

    first night of practice so I can immediately form a relationship and show them that I care about them as a person first, not what they can do for me on the field. I treat every one of my girls as if they were my own daughter.

    2. Confidence/praise Playing on youth teams is such an impressionable experience in girls lives, not only in athletics, but in their social world and their perception of themselves and others. Confidence building is critical not only in their growth in their abilities, but how successful they will be later on in life.

    3. Creative Have fun, and make it interesting so they always want to come back day after day, year after year.

    4. Prepared Always come prepared with a plan to keep them focused and engaged the entire practice.

    5. Communication/feedback Never belittle or embarrass a player, especially in front of teammates. This is a sure fire way of losing their respect, and more importantly, destroying their self confidence. It is important to be honest and provide feedback and encouragement to help them understand how to improve, but being positive in your delivery is much more effective than just criticizing.

    6. Winning My definition of winning or being a winner is not based on a number at the end of a game or your end of season record or personal stats, but to witness each and every girls improvement and growth from the first day they stepped on the field until the last game of the season. Not only does this include their athletic ability and skills, but key qualities such as leadership, social skills, teamwork and confidence that will lead to their success later on in all aspects of life.

    As long as my girls keep coming off the field with big smiles, I will try to keep going on!

    Perspectives on coaching

  • 5Spring 2014

    BOB HENNEFERGOLF COACHMy name is Bob Hennefer, and I am the PGA Head Golf Professional at Indian Spring Golf Course. The Indian Spring Golf Academy teaches a system that is broad enough for the beginner golfer but has enough sophistication to cover the most intricate details for the expert golfer. A blueprint and roadmap is developed to track a golfers progression, and a set of instruction courses are designed to help

    each golfer build their own custom game plan to improve. Instruction is catered to all levels of play. At Indian Spring we believe in individuals, and we tailor our program accordingly.

    Indian Spring uses a system that teaches golfers the correct fundamentals in the proper order, ensuring more accurate play, because issues can be diagnosed immediately.

    Instructors use high speed video analysis with each lesson, and the latest in radar technology will soon be available to record statistics such as ball speed, club speed, vertical and horizontal swing plane and launch conditions. To further enhance students game plan, each student will receive their golf swing video and instructions on how to practice in between sessions.

    PAT DOUGLASBASEBALL COACHI have been coaching travel baseball in Marlton for the past 10 years. My goal is not to prepare boys for professional baseball careers, since it is unlikely that any of the boys I coach will make their living playing sports. What I hope to provide is great memories and an environment ideal for learning important life lessons. Hopefully, the boys will learn that there is a correlation between hard work and

    success. They will also learn how to handle adversity through on-field disappointments.

    The goal I set for my coaches and myself each season is to instill in all the boys a confidence in their abilities. Developing confidence stems from competence, and I believe that competence is achieved through rigorous practice. During games, the coaches should relax and let the boys play; there should be no additional pressure created by the coaches. One of my youth baseball coaches would always say, Practice hard, and play easy. I have used these words as the cornerstone of my coaching philosophy.

    Another component leading to confident, competent players is making sure players know the coaches have unwavering confidence in them. Allowing players to play in all types of situations fosters player confidence.

    It has taken me 10 years of coaching and watching kids develop (and not develop) in multiple sports, under varying coaching styles, and at multiple levels, to develop my coaching philosophy. MSM

    The goal I set for my coaches and myself each season is to instill in all the boys a confidence in their abilities.

  • 6 Marlton Sports Magazine

    Horseback riding holds a different appeal for each person who learns to ride. Riders generally begin their riding career because they are drawn to the beauty of the horse and a love for the animal. However, for many, the bond between rider and horse changes their life. Hannah Kent is one such rider.

    A seventh-grader at Marlton Middle School, Hannah had been riding since the age of 4 before she came to Tustin Farm to ride a small pony named Wink and Smile. John Mastriano and Audrey Winzinger, trainers and owners of Tustin, had no student small enough or experienced enough to show Wink and Smile in the small pony hunter division, until Hannah came along. Hannah rode Wink and Smile to a national ranking and qualified him for the Pennsylvania National Horse Show and the Washington International Show.

    Hannah has also achieved her goal of being nationally ranked in the top 15 in the nation in her division each year, but it takes a great deal of dedication and sacrifice. She spends at least five nights a week riding, and there is still homework to be done. This past February, Hannah once again traveled south to Gulfport, Miss. for six weeks to compete in the Gulfport Classic Horse Show.

    If you ask Hannah why she loves to ride, she says, Its the love of the pony or horse! Each one I ride has something to teach me. They never let you feel like you know everything!

    One day, I want to own my own barn and rescue ponies and horses, she says. I hope to use them to teach physically and emotionally challenged kids to ride. I have been given many opportunities, and I know how important it is to give back! MSM

    EQUESTRIANFor the Love of Riding By Audrey Winzinger

  • 7Spring 2014

    Coaches Picks - BasketballMiddle School MVPs

    Megan is a hardworking passionate player whose main focus is her team . Megan has been part of the Marlton Middle School (MMS) Mustangs basketball team for the last two years, and if she is not play-ing at MMS, she is playing with her travel team or spending countless hours practicing on her own . As Megans teacher and coach, Ive had the pleasure of witnessing her blossom from a quiet, introspec-tive student, to a powerful presence on the court, where she takes risks and leads her teammates with aplomb . Megans work ethic and determination led her to be one of the Mustangs leading scorers and rebounders . It has been an honor and a pleasure to coach and teach Megan this year, and MMS will be sad to see her leave .

    Megan Gray

    The 2013-14 DeMasi Girls basketball MVP is starting shooting guard and eighth-grader Kaitie Cummiskey . Kaitie is a three-year member of the girls basketball team . This season, Kaitie led the team in scoring and three point field goals made . The coaches would like to wish Kaitie good luck next year as she becomes a Lady Chief .

    Kaitie Cummiskey

    Tyler is a determined player . Although he didnt make the 2012-13 undefeated Mustangs basketball team, it motivated him to work extremely hard over the past 14 months to fine tune his game . He went to camps, played AAU and JKMBA . Tyler loves and lives for basketball . This season at Marlton Middle, he was a true leader who rarely came off the court . He averaged 10 points, five assists and double digit rebounds leading MMS to the league championship game . His work ethic and determina-tion to be the best will help him in basketball and life . For his efforts he was nominated to represent MMS in the annual Al Carino All Star game which rec-ognizes the best eighth grade players in South Jersey .

    Richie has played on the DeMasi boys basketball team for the past three years, making the team as a sixth-grader, which is very difficult to do . He has been a starting guard for the last two years and also a great team leader . Richie not only has great basketball skills and knowledge but is an excellent role model and leader on and off the court .

    Tyler Ludwikowski

    Richard Laird

  • 8 Marlton Sports Magazine

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    Cant decide where to send your printing?

    WRESTLING Three youth MRC wrestlers made it to the Mid Atlantic Wrestling Association (MAWA) Eastern National Finals on May 6-7. Each of the boys had to qualify for the Eastern Nationals by placing in the top three of the District Tournament held in early April and then place in the top four of the Regional Tournament in late April. The top four wrestlers for each age group and weight class came from the south, north, east and western regions to compete in the Eastern Nationals. There were a total of 16 region champions competing in the nationals. The

    MAWA tournament is one of the oldest and most respected tournaments in amateur wrestling with a 47-year track record of hosting the nationals.

    Evan Brown, 9, competed as a midget 66-pound wrestler. He took first place in both the MAWA District Tournament and MAWA Southern Regional Tournament and was champion of the Eastern Nationals. Between all three tournaments he only gave up two points against him. He is in the third grade and attends Marlton Elementary.

    Jason Brown, 7, competed as a bantam 56-pound wrestler. He took first place in the District Tournament, second place in the Regional Tournament and placed second in the Eastern Nationals. This was Jasons first year entering the MAWA tournament. He is in the second grade and attends Marlton Elementary.

    JP Hangey, 9, competed as a midget 72-pound wrestler. JP took first place in the District Tournament, third place in the Regional Tournament and placed third in the Eastern Nationals. This was JP's first year entering the

    MAWA tournament series. He is in the third grade and attends Beeler Elementary School.

    All three boys have earned the title of 2014 All Americans. They have been wrestling with Marlton Recreation Council since they were 4 years old. They are coached by John Hangey, JPs dad, who is also the head wrestling coach for Rider University, and Jerry Boland, who was the head wrestling coach at Camden Catholic High School. MSM

    Dominating the mat

  • 9Spring 2014

    Where are they now?

    Former Cherokee High School baseball pitching star Chris Murray couldnt stay away from his sport or his hometown for long. After a stellar college baseball career at George Mason University, Murray, 32, returned to his hometown and continued his involvement in baseball by coaching aspiring young pitchers. Murray started playing t-ball with Marlton Rec when he was five and went on to play for the Marlton Reds and township tournament teams before playing varsity ball all four years at Cherokee. He set single season and career records as both a pitcher and a batter for the Chiefs. Murray continues to be active in the community through his posi-tion as a residential loan officer for Oak Mortgage and a volunteer with the Evesham Celebrations Foundation.

    CHRIS MURRAYQ: How do you feel your experience playing baseball in Marlton prepared you for your college playing days and your current role as coach?

    A: Being able to grow up in the rec program, I have forged some great relationships and have fond memories. The coaches that I had were all awesome; they knew baseball, and I knew they knew baseball, and I wanted to learn from them.

    I still remember what my first Marlton Rec coach taught me about pitching. Its interesting that as you grow up, you find it always comes back down to the simple principles of it. Even the lessons I learned at 5 or 6 years old in the Rec Council have stuck with me. Sometimes people want to make things more complicated than they are. When I am giving pitching lessons now, I feel like a broken record, but when I coach these kids, whether they are 8, 12 or 15, its all the same. Their wind up or delivery may look a little different, but no matter what, successful pitchers eventually all get to the same spot in their delivery. I keep harping on the fundamentals, the things I learned, and the things I learned the hard way. But ultimately, its fun to give back to the kids. Coaching is not about yelling at the kids when they do something wrong; its about teaching them what they did and what they could do different.

    Q: What is your fondest memory playing in Marlton?A: When I was 14, our team won districts, states, regionals and ended up in Lebanon, Mo. for the nationals. It was an interesting experience to be on that kind of stage at that age. It opens your eyes, and it becomes a lot bigger than just playing baseball in the state of New Jersey. Even moving through my career, having that experience made me feel sometimes, whether it was a particular game in high school or college, like I had been there, done that.

    Another fond memory was in my senior year at Cherokee when we won the Group 4 South Jersey championships at the Atlantic City Surf stadium. We had a great season, so heading in to that game, we had a lot of confidence. We were playing Toms River North, who had a pretty good run themselves having beaten Cherry Hill East and Shawnee. We ended up beating them pretty handily 13-3 in 4 1/2 innings. (Due to the 10 run rule, the game was called early).

    Q: What words of inspiration would you give to a young kid hoping to play sports at the college level or higher?

    A: As a coach, I see these kids that are only 10 or 11, and I think, they might be 3 feet tall now, but in five years they might end up being 6 feet 2 inches tall, 220 pounds and bigger than everybody else. I tell the kids to continue to work hard and not be so focused on what exact results they are getting at that moment. If they are working hard and working on the right things, the rest will take care of itself. They should also enjoy the experience, because there are a lot of things that can be gained through sports. You learn the importance of teamwork, working hard and having goals. I think that is the real important stuff.

    I would hate for any kid to get turned off by a sport because of something petty happening at that moment. At that young age, you just dont know what anyone will become. For those that have a love for a sport, I say press on, have fun with it, learn from it, get better at it, and see what happens from there. MSM

    By Dubravka Cortese

  • 10 Marlton Sports Magazine

    BASKETBALL Cherokee Girls Basketball RecapBy Shannon Bretz

    At the start of the 2013-14 Lady Chiefs basketball season, there was one word constantly used in reference to the team - young. The Lady Chiefs began and ended the season starting four sophomores and one freshman, yet somewhere in the middle of the season they lost their youth and began playing like veterans. One of the biggest growth spurts occurred during the KSA Holiday Tournament in Orlando, Fla. During this tournament, not only did the team get to go to Disney World, but more importantly, they played teams from across the nation. The team went a respectable 2-1

    The St . Joan of Arc Schools varsity girls basketball team completed a three-peat this year, winning the South Jersey Saints League Championship for the third year in a row .

    221 Greentree Rd.MARLTON

    MON-FRI 10:30am-9pmSATURDAY 11:30am-9pm

    SUNDAY 11:30am-8pm

  • 11Spring 2014

    Cherokee Boys Basketball RecapBy Shane Douglas

    A lot was expected of the 2013-14 Cherokee basketball team. With 10 seniors returning from a team that had made the playoffs a season ago, we had the depth and the experience to have a very successful season. Most of the seniors have been playing basketball together since the fourth grade, so we knew each others tendencies on the floor, which gave us an advantage against our opponents. The senior guards on the roster were Brendan and Kyle Kahriger, Lance Taylor, Brian and Matt Cunningham and myself. The forwards were Ben Handel, Pat Thompson, Jake Powell, and Kevin Wixted. The varsity roster was rounded out by junior Paul Bellamy, and sophomores Tyler Tobin, Marcus Marshall and Kevin Brown.

    We had a solid regular season record of 15-8. The regular season was highlighted by a close seven-point win over Shawnee on opening night, and a tough seven-point win at highly ranked Cherry Hill East. One of the last games of the regular season was a matchup with undefeated Haddonfield, the top ranked team in South Jersey. We lost a very close game by three points, but we knew that we had played step for step with a top team, and we felt ready to make a run in the upcoming playoffs.

    We were the sixth seed in the South Jersey Group 4 playoffs, and we opened up by crushing Egg Harbor Township by 24 points in the first round. In the second round, a strong defensive effort paved the way to a 55-45 victory over rival Lenape. In the South Jersey semi-finals, we dominated a very athletic Southern Regional team in almost every aspect of the game en route to a 63-39 victory. Our next game was the South Jersey Group 4 Final against Cherry Hill East. In front of a packed gym, we traded blows with East for the first three quarters of the game. In the fourth, Cherry Hill began to pull away, and they held on for an 11-point win.

    I believe that our deep playoff run cemented our legacy as one of the better basketball teams in Cherokee history. We were only the third Cherokee basketball team to make it to the South Jersey Final. Though this season is memorable for our on-court success, what I will remember most is the bond shared by the seniors. I sincerely believe that my senior teammates and I will carry our special relationship far into the future. MSM

    The 8A girls team had an amazing last year of travel basketball . They went undefeated (30-0) including two tournaments . They won the ICBL 8A division against Rancocas 35-26 . Coached by Bill Cummiskey and Bill Wallace, they have been playing together since fourth grade . They won the ICBL championship in sixth grade and played up in the eighth grade division in seventh grade, only losing a total of four games . These girls look forward to playing high school basketball in November .

    in tournament play on the way to a 14-11 record. This record included a first round playoff win against Absegami and a second round loss to district-rival Shawnee, the eventual Group IV champions. The Shawnee playoff game reflected the growth of this years Lady Chiefs. In the first game of the season, Shawnee beat the Lady Chiefs by 26, and the young Cherokee team was never really in the game. Although the playoff loss was by 13 points, in this game the Lady Chiefs fought and clawed the entire game, never giving up until the buzzer sounded.

    Captains Taylor McGlashan, Cailey Gibson and Shaye McGoey led this years team. McGoey and Gibson both received second team all-conference awards - McGoey for her skills at point guard, and her 9 points per game, and Gibson for her tenacious defense and her 5.5 points per game. Freshman guard Isabella Therien, a first team all-conference member and third team all-county, led this years scoring and rebounding efforts. Therien led the team with 14 points per game and 7.6 rebounds. Theriens athleticism was also seen in her team leading 2.3 steals per game. Leah Reistle added another 7 points per game and 5.2 rebounds per game. Reistle could always be counted on doing the little things in a game that rarely make the box score. Erin Brown and Sammy Debicki rounded out the scoring with 4.2 points and 3.9 points per game, respectively. The future is bright for the Lady Chiefs if they continue to work hard and together in the upcoming seasons. MSM

  • 12 Marlton Sports Magazine

    After winning three consecutive South Jersey High School Championships and a Flyers Cup AA Championship, there were questions and doubts at the start of the 2013-14 ice hockey season about whether or not the Chiefs could maintain their championship run. Since 2011, the Chiefs have graduated 11, 12 and 12 players respectively each year to college. Only five skaters and both goalies returned this season.

    This years team was anchored by seniors Brian Miller, Johnny Martino, Anthony Fenu, Michael Buck, Jimmy Witkoski and sophomore Boomer Miller. Ten players were added from the JVA team which has now won two JVA Championships in a row. Though not officially sanctioned by the school, all the players go to Cherokee and are proud to play for the Chiefs.

    A feeder program that continues to grow and our ability to have numbers helps us keep the program alive, said head coach Scott McKay.

    There are 45-50 middle school age players

    and another 60-70 players trying out at the high school level each year. This depth and the ability to overcome the loss of players to injuries and graduation has been the key.

    Summer camps are offered for the middle school and high school players, and the players keep in shape off the ice at Velocity Sports Performance and on the ice at Voorhees Skate Zone.

    The Chiefs started off the first half of the season going 7-1-1 and outscoring their opponents 65-17. Great goaltending, superior defense and an average of over seven goals per game was crucial. The second half was just as successful with the Chiefs going 7-2-0 and finishing in second place at 14-3-1. Moorestown was slightly ahead in first place with a 15-2-1 record, their only losses and tie being to Cherokee.

    Cherokee shut out Washington Township 4-0 in the first game of playoffs, with Martino getting a hat trick. The second game, against Moorestown, had a scoreless first period, but

    then Moorestown went on a scoring rampage going up 5-0 midway through the third period. The Chiefs finally got on the board with TJ Schirmer scoring with 1:18 left in the game. TJ Janus, Tim Ryan and Martino went on to score three more goals within 48 seconds leaving 30 seconds left in the game. At 5-4, a game that was all but over had the Moorestown players and coaches scrambling. Moorestown held on for a 5-4 win, but the comeback was certainly something to build on.

    The Chiefs ended Washington Townships season in game three with a 6-2 win. Brian Miller had four goals, Boomer Miller had a goal and two assists and Martino added three assists. This set up a match against Moorestown for the championship, a best out of three series for the first time in years.

    The first game was a battle, with Moorestown getting a two goal lead early. The Chiefs responded once again with a four goal second period. Anthony Principato scored a goal just 10

    Skating into History By Scott McKay

  • 13Spring 2014

    seconds into the third period putting the Chiefs up 5-2, a clutch goal as Moorestown would mount a comeback with three goals of their own in the third to tie the game. Once again, Brian Miller came through with 2:22 left in the game for the go ahead goal and the Chiefs won, 6-5.

    The second game had the Chiefs up 3-1 early in the second period, but Moorestown came back to tie the game at the end of the second period. The Chiefs went up early 4-3 in the third period, but Moorestown fought back to eventually win the game with two goals late for a 6-4 decision.

    The final game wasnt any different. Moorestown went up 1-0, and then Cherokee came back 24 seconds later to tie and finish the first period at 1-1. The second period had three goals scored in less than two minutes apart with Cherokee netting two of those. Brian Millers hat trick was key going into the third period up 3-2. Fenu, a four-year varsity player, scored early in the third period to put the Chiefs up 4-3. His persistence in making the goal was history making. While the puck was sitting on the goal line, with everyone celebrating thinking it had gone in, Fenu rushed in and put the puck in the back of the net.

    Moorestown scored again on a powerplay 9:21 into the third period. With only two minutes to go, the refs awarded a penalty shot to Moorestown. Their leading scorer of the playoffs and second leader during the regular season, Michael Katz squared up against Witkoski. It came down to a battle of two young men competing for their school and their teammates. Katz took his time, (TJ Oshie like) and circled into the zone stickhandling and eventually went to his forehand as Witkoski

    slid across the crease with precision to block the shot. The crowd roared

    with excitement, and 120 seconds later, and for the first time ever, the Cherokee Chiefs won their fourth straight SJHSHL Championship.

    What is great about all of this is what it took to make it

    happen. This was a total team effort, and everyone earned a part of

    this championship. The blocked shots, fore checks, back checks and hits won this

    championship. In all of this, one player accomplished something that is extraordinary. Anthony Fenu not only made a championship team in his freshman year at just over 5 feet tall, but he won in all four years as a player. To all those people who have been told youre not big enough, Fenus story should be an inspiration to all. His feisty nature, never give up attitude and passion to be his best allowed him to play at a high level and contribute each night to a winning tradition. His winning goal in the final championship game was a mark he left on his tremendous career and will forever be remembered.

    If you are willing to do what others wont, then you will always have a competitive edge. Some of us will make mistakes, and some will do it right, but in the end, we will all be judged by the result.

    Congratulations to the Cherokee Chiefs, SJHSHL Champions 2011-14. MSM

    What is great about all of this is what it took to make it happen. This was a total team effort, and

    everyone earned a part of this championship.

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  • 15Spring 2014

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    Tackling the Tuition TitanBy Renae T . Flanders

    There are more than 7 million high school student-athletes in the U.S., and as talented as so many of those athletes are, only 2 percent of them will find a college roster spot (scholarship or walk-on). Getting to the NCAA Division I level is even tougher, and just 1 percent of those 7 million student-athletes will get a full scholarship to a Division I program. With those stats, there is a very high probability that you will be footing the college bill for your tot phenom or high school athlete. A four-year education costs upwards of $200,000 today, so it is never too early to start thinking about how those bills will be paid. Here are a few vehicles to consider when saving for college:

    529 Plans These are state-based plans which allow you to invest in a variety of vehicles. The money grows tax-deferred, and when your student is ready to use the money for college, the money can be withdrawn tax free as long as it is used for qualified educational expenses at a qualified institution. Most plans have age-based investment options as well, meaning the portfolio automatically rebalances based on the age of the child and how many years you have left to save. For example, if you are saving for a young child, the age-based plans will have your portfolio weighted heavily in equities (higher risk, higher return) and lighter in money market or bonds. As the student gets closer to needing the funds, the portfolio automatically rebalances to safer, lower risk investments. There are 529 plans in all 50 states, and you do not need to go to college in the state where your plan is domiciled. There are annual contribution limits on this plan.

    Coverdell ESAs (also called Educational IRAs) These plans are very similar to 529 plans, with one primary difference being that the definition of qualified expenses in an ESA includes primary and secondary school, not just college. There are annual contribution limits on this plan as well.

    Partial Scholarships There are literally thousands of scholarships available to our children, we just need to know where to look for them. If you have a high-schooler, you may want to consider asking your student to set aside a few hours a week to research scholarship opportunities online. They are part of this process and should be reminded that every bit helps, and every dollar matters.

    Student Loans Most students end up with loans of some sort. Typically the requirements for these loans are more lenient than, say, an auto loan or a mortgage. Further, the student usually only pays the interest during their college years, as the principle repayments do not typically begin until roughly six months after graduation.

    There are many college planning books available, and the online tools and calculators can be helpful as quick resources (CNNMoney is a very user-friendly website). Also consider contacting a financial planner, who can walk you through all of your savings options.

    Bottom line It is never too early or too late to start saving for what will likely be an expense that rivals (or exceeds) your mortgage. It is an overwhelming thought, but take a deep breath, take it slow, and plan out your approach. Nothing can replace careful planning. MSM

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  • 18 Marlton Sports Magazine

    Fitness TipsCamps + Group and Individual Skills TrainingSign Up!!

    CJBASKETBALLACADEMY.COM Recovery - The Motivated Athletes Biggest HurdleBy Shawn Teske

    The gung-ho athlete likes to train hard . The irony with all of this is that motivated athletes dont need a harder training plan but a better recovery plan .If you train hard, you need to recover even harder! This can be the biggest hurdle for the motivated athlete . Fol-low these tips to improve your recovery and start working with your body instead of against it .

    WARM UP FIRST This is so simple, but most athletes get it wrong because their strong work ethic makes them jump right into the fire . Recovery actually starts as soon as you begin your workout . Start out with too much intensity too soon and youve already hindered your ability to recover for your next workout . A proper warm up thins body fluids to allow easier muscle contractions . A good rule of thumb is to begin every workout with 5-10 minutes of a low intensity activity like walking, walking in place or light stationary biking with a 55-65 percent max heart rate, roughly 100-120 bpm or a 2-4 on a scale of 1-10 of perceived exertion . Follow this with 5-10 minutes of dynamic stretching, holding each stretch for 2-3 seconds, 3-5 repetitions, in place of the traditional static stretching . This will increase flexibility without compromising the strength of your muscles .

    HYDRATION: DRINK EARLY AND DRINK OFTEN During exercise fluid replacement is vital for recovery . Draining the engine oil dry will only hinder your ability to recover and decrease your performance . Aim to drink 24-32 ounces of water per hour . Keeping the body hydrated will make the training session less stressful on the body, and the recovery production system later on is enhanced .

    POST WORKOUT: ICE IS YOUR FRIEND - TAKE A COLD BATH This might sound crazy but feels fantastic! Soaking in cold water (50-60 degrees) for 10-15 minutes after a workout will do wonders for recovery and reduce inflammation .

    PURCHASE A FOAM ROLLER A foam roller can be purchased at most big retail stores . Rest your muscles on the cylinder and roll slowly back and forth, pausing at the tender spots to clear muscles of lactic acid and allow the muscles to release .

    LEG ELEVATION Give yourself a break, put your feet up . Elevating your legs to a 45 degree angle for 5-10 minutes will work wonders .This activates the lymph system, which allows the body to flush out debris . Swelling will be reduced, and recovery will be shortened . Your Frankenstein legs will return to normal .

    GET SOME SLEEP KNUCKLEHEAD!!! The most obvious of all really is the easiest . Often overlooked, the quest for sleep is ongoing . Shoot for 8-10 hrs per night for maximum growth hormone release . When sleep is compromised the heart has to work harder! An increase of 7-10 beats above your normal resting heart rate is a sign that you are under rested and need more sleep . MSM

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    The fastest game in town is also the fastest growing sport in Marlton. Over the past few years, the Marlton street hockey program has nearly doubled in size, and now has well

    over 800 participants in the winter program alone. Battling the extreme temperatures and conditions of the winter months, these players, ages 4 through 19, continue to come back year after year to enjoy the excitement and experience of street hockey.

    Why has this sport caught so much fire in the past few years? Street hockey commissioner Jeff Devine thinks the answer is simple. Street hockey is the ultimate team sport, he says. During any game, a great save, a stellar defensive play or a game winning goal can create a childhood memory that lasts a lifetime for all those involved.

    The Marlton Chiefs also host one of the largest tournament hockey programs in the country. Their home tournament, Marlton Rumbos at the Rinks, attracts more 80 teams and 1,200 plus players from all over the northeast region of the United States.

    Size is not the only quality this program brings. The Chiefs have a strong winning tradition. Their Penguin (ages 7-9), Beaver (10-12), Cadet (13-15) and Freshman divisions (16-19) have won numerous championships over the years, including the National Dek Hockey Championships in Massachusetts and the Maple Leaf Cup in Canada. This past April, the Marlton teams traveled to Pittsburgh, Pa. to participate in the Midwest Regional Dek Hockey Championships. The Chiefs success continued, as it was the first time in the tournaments longstanding history that an organization reached the finals in each of the four divisions.

    In the end, the Marlton Cadet A and Penguin A teams brought the championship titles home, defeating teams from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Illinois.

    However, the excitement did not end there. On the seasons biggest tournament stage, the Marlton teams took part in the National Street Hockey Association National Championships in Gloucester Township, N.J. from April 26 through May 4. Again, the Chiefs did not disappoint, taking home the crowns in both the Beaver A and Cadet A divisions. Equally as exciting, the Cadet A win guarantees Marlton the opportunity to host the National Street Hockey Championships in 2015, an opportunity they will proudly embrace. The 2014 season will end on an exciting note as eight Marlton street hockey players, named to Team USA, will compete in the World Junior Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia on June 25. MSM

    Marlton Street Hockey A Winning Tradition By Joe Cataldo

    Front row: Drew Cardinali, Trevor Altmann, Nick Hackman, Brian Stickney, Nick Cataldo, Anthony NataleBack row: Asst . Coach Ed Stickney, Matt Natale, Nick Collins, Louie Rossano, Zack Thomas, Bryce Long, Asst . Coach Todd Powell, Evan Powell, Hunter Hoagland, Johnny Butkus, Trevor Devine, Head Coach Joe Cataldo, Asst . Coach Dom Rossano .

  • 20 Marlton Sports Magazine

    First Baseball Memory: First time picking up a bat and hitting the ball off a tee . We started in t-ball . Hitting my first home run . That's all I wanted to do was hit for the fences . Ever since then that was my dream, coming up and hitting in the Major Leagues, and it finally happened .

    Baseball Inspirations: People that have a love for the game . Guys like Derek Jeter and Pete Rose . They inspire you to be better than who you want to be . Try your best and over work; thats what you do in any job Just keep working and having fun . Both of my brothers are also inspira-tions to me . They made me better and stronger one day at a time .

    First Job: I worked at the Jersey Shore, in Seaside Heights on the board-walk . I was a carnival barker . I worked the basketball rim where you had to make three baskets to win a jersey . Check it out . Try it . One win chance ."

    Greatest Sports Moment: There's so many . Winning the Little League World Series when I was 12 was the first thing . That was probably my greatest moment . Then getting my first hit in the Major Leagues was another great moment .

    Most Painful Moment: I made six errors in a game in high school . I thought I'd never play the game again . I didn't think anybody wouldrecruit me out of high school . But I finally figured out it happens to ev-erybody . It doesn't happen every game . Knock on wood, it hasn'thappened again .

    Favorite Team Growing Up: Red Sox

    Favorite Uniforms: That's a good question . I have to go with the Yan-kee pinstripes . It's been around for generations, so I have to go there .

    Closest Baseball Friends: I'd say Eric Davis . Harold Reynolds is one of my closest friends, as well .

    Funniest Player Encountered: Brandon Phillips is on top of that list for sure . Ken Griffey Sr . is hysterical . Dontrelle Willis is pretty funny .

    Toughest Competitors Encountered: Ian Desmond, shortstop from the Nationals . I like watching him . He works hard an underrated guy .

    Cincinnati Reds third basemanHt: 6-3 Wt: 217

    DOB: February 12, 1986 In: Toms River, NJ

    QTodd Frazier


  • 21Spring 2014

    Best Cheesesteaks in Marlton

    BEST OF S.J. 2012

    Welcome to Marlton Gaetanos. We have been family owned and operated for over fifteen years and are committed to serving excellent food while providing a warm, friendly atmosphere.

    We specialize in huge, mouth-watering cheese steaks and chicken cheese steaks, but also have a variety of homemade dishes such as spaghetti and meatballs, roasted pork sandwiches, wraps, soups and fresh sal-ads. Whether you choose to dine-in, pick up or have us deliver to your home or business, we will keep you sat-isfied and coming back for more. Please call or stop in today and let us make you part of the Gaetanos family!

    What are you thinking when up at the plate? Hitting the ball re-ally hard . You try not to think as much up there .

    Funny Baseball Memory: You know what, I'm into umpires, like how they make the out calls and things like that . And I remember Joe West, I think it was against the White Sox, probably about eight or nine years ago . He had to come from first and call the guy at home and it was a bang-bang play . And he nonchalantly just walked off and just gave one of those easy, Oh, he was out, kind of things . I don't know why, it just stuck in my head . It was pretty funny .

    Strangest Game: All these games never cease to amaze me, it's un-believable . I can't remember anything exactly right now .

    Favorite Sport Outside Baseball: Basketball .

    Three Athletes You Like To Watch & Follow: I like watching Michael Phelps swimming . That's just unbelievable what he does . LeBron James is just not human . Ronaldinho - pretty cool, amazing .

    Favorite Stadium To Play: Yankee Stadium . Wrigley Field was pret-ty cool .

    Did you play on AAU teams or club teams growing up? Yes, I played AAU for eight years .

    Do you play and train for baseball year round? No, I usually take two months off .

    Any advice or tips for our Marlton Cal Ripken travel players get-ting ready to start the season? Have fun as much as you can . Accept that you are going to fail, and build off the positive things that you can handle . MSM

  • 22 Marlton Sports Magazine

    SwimmingA stroke of victoryThe Cherokee girls swim team clinched its first sectional champi-onship since 1983, and only the second such title in school his-tory, when they defeated fourth ranked Clearview 91-79 at the NJSIAA Public South A championship at the Gloucester County Institute of Technology on Feb . 12 . The Lady Chiefs, coached by Ann Rychlik, were ranked third going into the sectionals after fin-ishing the regular season with an 8-4-1 record .

    The Lady Chiefs had upset second ranked Shawnee 90-80 in the second round of the sectionals and gave the Renegades their first loss of the season . The Lady Chiefs ended up losing to Montgomery in the state semifinals on Feb . 18 at The Col-lege of New Jersey . MSM

    Photo courtesy of Mark Gernhardt

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    SwimmingThe winter blues are fading as the sun shines later in the day. It is that time of year when children are outside practicing and playing one of Marltons all-time favorite sports - baseball. Baseball is among the most popular and safest sports in which children and adolescents can participate. However, traumatic and overuse injuries occur regularly. The safety of the young athlete is a constant focus of attention among coaches and athletic trainers. They must remain knowledgeable and sensitive to the developmental and skill levels of the young baseball players and continue to modify the rules for the safety of the child. In addition to the coaching staff, it is important that the parents and players understand preventative strategies that minimize the risk of injury.

    Baseball is one of the safest high school sports in the United States with a reported injury rate of 1.26 injuries per 1,000 athletic exposures. Despite the overall injury rate being low, the degree of injury severity is relatively high. In youth baseball, most injuries to the head and face are attributed to being hit by a batted ball. The younger the age group, the more frequently injuries occur during practices, rather than games. Pitchers suffer noncontact overuse injuries, and the rate increases with each older age group.

    Young pitchers have the potential to suffer overuse arm injuries. The repetitive stress of throwing can lead to muscle fatigue resulting in muscle, tendon and ligament damage. Pitchers who continue to throw with their fatigued arm may risk permanent injury to their muscles, ligaments, capsules and bones.

    Three key elements help in preventing overuse injuries to pitchers: Adhering to a limited number of daily pitches

    based on the players age as outlined by the 2010 Little League Baseball guidelines

    Following the rest requirements between pitching assignments

    Following seasonal and yearly total pitching counts.

    It is also important to note that young pitchers should avoid pitching on multiple teams with overlapping seasons. Young pitchers that participate in preseason conditioning programs can reduce the risk of throwing injuries.

    Baseball players who suffer a direct hit to the chest may develop cardiac arrest. It is the second highest cause of death in young athletes.

    Although protective gear can be a key preventive measure, it is not always effective. Researchers have shown that even with protective gear the fatality rate for cardiac arrest is alarmingly high

    at 90 percent. Proper coaching and execution can augment protective equipment. The use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) can prevent death by cardiac arrest if used promptly.

    Baseball/Softball: Playing it safeBy Connie Domingo, MD

    Sports Advice

  • 24 Marlton Sports Magazine

    Concussions and sports continue to draw ever-increasing attention and concern. High school baseball and softball data reflects low concussion rates for these sports. The two top activities associated with concussion in high school baseball were batting (36.7 percent) and running the bases (21.5 percent). The most recent concussion recommendations stress removing an athlete suspected of sustaining a concussion from play immediately, with no return to play on the day of injury. Resting the brain is key to the most rapid resolution of the concussion. Such rest includes no physical activity with minimal mental and social activity. The concussed athletes should seek prompt medical attention from an appropriate health care provider who specializes in concussion management. The athletes should only return to full sports activity when they receive medical clearance.

    Overall, youth baseball is a relatively safe sport for children. Although youth baseball injury rates are low, there are many opportunities for making it an even safer sport for children. Adhering to appropriate coaching techniques, developmental considerations of a growing youth, pre-season strength training and conditioning will all help to reduce injuries in our athletes. Baseball coaches should be routinely reminded to have a cell phone and emergency medical numbers at every youth baseball and softball activity in the event of a medical emergency. MSM

    Connie Domingo, MDMedical Director Weisman Childrens Rehabilitation HospitalConsultant Pediatrics Rehab Physician at Shriners Hospital for Children

    10% OFFwith mention of this ad

    Marlton, NJ856-983-7707

    Whats buggin you?




    LIC. #97672A

    Proud supporter of Marlton education and youth sports

    Family-owned and Operated Supporting Local Community

    209 S. Rt. 73 Marlton Crossing (near Champps and Home Goods) 856-988-0086

    Let our family serve your family

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  • 25Spring 2014

    New Venue Gets a Homerun TurnoutMarlton Bat-a-Thon 2014 at the Diamonds at Arrowhead was a great success

  • 26 Marlton Sports Magazine

    The Dream that Came True

    Evesham Township held a grand opening ceremony on May 7 for The Diamonds at Arrowhead Park, a new, 13-acre baseball and softball com-plex located next to the municipal building on Tuckerton Road . The four-field clover-shaped softball and baseball complex will allow Marl-ton Recreation Council (MRC) to hold four regular games or eight t-ball games simultaneously . The complex will also be used to host tourna-ments . Officials expect more than 1,000 games to be played on the new fields from March through September . Mayor Randy Brown and Deputy Mayor Ken DAndrea were on hand at the grand opening celebration to dedicate two of the fields, Brown Field and DAndrea Field, to their fathers, former councilmen themselves, Hank DAndrea, who was also present for the dedication, and the late Rich Brown .

    Diamonds at Arrowhead Park

  • 27Spring 2014


    975 Route 73 North, Suite G, Marlton, NJ 08053 Toll-Free: 800.989.8699 Phone: 856.988.6664

    www.massotorrence.com Securities and advisory services offered through Commonwealth Financial

    Network, Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser.

    Chris Masso, CRPS, and John Torrence, AIF,CRPS 975 Route 73 North, Suite G, Marlton, NJ 08053

    Toll-Free: 800.989.8699 Phone: 856.988.6664 www.massotorrence.com Securities and advisory services offered through Commonwealth Financial Network, Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered

    Investment Adviser.

    Brian P. Young, LUTCFFinancial Services Professional*

    New York Life Insurance CompanyLicensed Agent

    1000 Atrium Way, Suite 500Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

    Bus 856-787-4793 Fax 856-787-4800*Registered Representative offering securities through NYLIFE Securities LLC,

    Member FINRA/SIPC, A Licensed Insurance Agency

    SEND US YOUR SOFTBALL PHOTOSWe want to see your Softball Pictures! Please email them to [email protected] .com and well try to get them in the Fall issue!

  • 28 Marlton Sports Magazine


    Twin brothers and co-captains of the Cherokee High School golf team, Blaine and Liam Laf-ferty helped the Chiefs place second at the Central Jersey/South Jersey Group 4 Tournament at Linwood Country Club on May 13, qualifying the team for a spot at the Tournament of Champions .

    Liam lists his greatest golf achievements as: making the final 16 of the 2013 Philadelphia GAP Junior Boys Championship; the Chiefs first place Olympic Conference finish this season, and making 1stTeam All-Conference . Blaines highlights include representing New Jersey in the 2013 Callaway Junior World Golf Championship at Torrey Pines in San Diego, Calif . and realizing his long term dream of playing golf at the collegiate level after being recruited by the University of Delaware, where he received an athletic and academic scholarship . Liam received an academic scholarship to Rowan University and plans to study engineering while continuing to compete in amateur golf tournaments throughout the tri-state area .

    Family Drives

  • 29Spring 2014


    Jennifer LingessoThink of me for any of your real estate needs. You can nd me on the sidelines of the Chiefs football or wrestling games and practices. I am a local resident and active "sports" Mom. I will be your advocate in your real estate transactions bringing knowledge, diligence, and honesty to the table.

    Call me anytime!

    Long and FosterCherry Hill Of ce1415 Route 70 East

    Of ce: 856-857-2200Cell: 856-952-0823Email: [email protected]


    Tell Em JAWSSent You

    HYUNDAIRoute 70, Marlton, NJ

    856.983.3700 BurnsHyundai.com

    BUICK-GMCRoute 70, Marlton, NJ

    856.983.6060 BurnsBuickGmc.com

    Burns Treats You Best

  • 30 Marlton Sports Magazine


  • 31Spring 2014

  • 32 Marlton Sports Magazine

    Marltons new diamonds shineBy Randy Brown

    Evesham Township is proud to unveil a state-of the-art baseball/softball complex, The Diamonds at Arrowhead Park. The four fields, which can be played on simultaneously, will give our children a place to grow as athletes. We are thrilled to have yet another venue that will be around to enjoy for many years to come and where residents can feel a sense of community. Community is of the utmost importance to me, which is a big reason I wanted to become your mayor.

    These fields are yet another example of how the quality of life is constantly improving in Evesham Township. The township is fortunate to have residents who care and are willing to support me and council as we grow this great town of ours. We have been consistent in

    providing the best recreational programs and facilities in the area. Nothing makes me more proud to be your mayor than to say, We did it. The complex took less than one year to construct, even with a harsh winter season. We all pulled up our boot straps and made it happen.

    Our children will grow in more ways than one at The Diamonds at Arrowhead Park, becoming better individuals by developing their teamwork, leadership and critical-thinking skills. Theyll also learn the importance of community, surrounded by family and friends.

    Additionally, the highly-used facility, the Blue Barn, has undergone some major changes. The floors have been replaced and the walls

    have been repainted, providing a better quality of play for our active residents. In addition to basketball, organized and open court, there are expos and trade shows that take place in the barn. We are excited the residents are again enjoying the renovated barn.

    Council and I could not have moved forward with either of these projects without the constant support of the residents. Were privileged to live in a town that allows us to communicate with residents on the needs of our community. We take pride in our hometown and it shows. Despite all these changes, we are still able to create a reduction in property taxes. Im proud to be your mayor in this great town of ours. We will continue to strive for excellence and offer state-of-the-art facilities and programs. MSM

    A Message from the Mayor

    501 Route 73 SouthSuite 202 2nd Floor



    Our patients travel from miles away for the best orthodontic care available.

    Fortunately, you wont have to. Were right here in Marlton.

  • 33Spring 2014


    (609) 760-8003Over 30 years experience Countless referrals

    Commercial projects Interior trim work Additions / Decks Kitchens & Bathrooms Finished basements Home theatres Storage solutions & custom closets

    Full Service General Contractor

    Scott Gasiorek31 Chateau Circle

    Marlton, NJ 08053

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    Woodstream Swim Club




    Please contact Don Antonelli for Low Monthly Payment PlansContact Don Antonelli [email protected]

    Extended Holiday Hours Division B Tri-County Swim Team Free Wi-Fi Available

    Freshman Nick Falk has a bright future in running mid distance and long distance . He hands off to sophomore Steve Gravlin, who ran as a fresh-man, but didnt fully commit to running until this fall . He has been stunning .

    Junior Marc Woodard (top) and senior Jason Kramer (bottom) made a huge contribution to the team by stepping up in all events and scoring many points for the team . Its going to be sad to see these guys leave .

    Cherokee throws has really become a better competitor thanks to this young lady, Kaela Schrier . Throwing 124 feet just a few weeks ago makes her second in Cherokee history and 12th in the state for the 2014 season .

    Shawn Tracey has always been a great runner for Cherokee, but in his last year as a Cherokee runner he ran his personal best of 11 .26 in the 100 meter dash .

    Freshman Julia McMillan has already acheived so much in her freshman year, breaking freshman records . She has a bright future for the Lady Chiefs, running a 61 .29 seconds so far this season .

  • 34 Marlton Sports Magazine

    Registrations Fundraisers All General Information



    UPCOMING EVENTS:Marlton Football 2014 Registration The Marlton Chiefs Football Organization, staffed 100% by dedicated and experienced volunteers, is presently accepting registrations for all age and weight classes. We welcome ath-letes of all skill levels, regardless of experience, to participate on one of our 5 teams:Ages 5, 6 & 7 70lb max weight classAges 8 & 9 85lb max weight classAges 10 & 11 105lb max weight classAges 12 & 13 120lb max weight classAges 12, 13 & 14 JR High School Register at www.marltonreccouncil.org REGISTER YOUR ATHLETE NOW AND BECOME PART OF THE MARLTON CHIEFS FOOTBALL FAMILY!! Visit our website www.marltonfootball.com or email our commissioner, Dave Garagozzo at [email protected] with any questions.

    560 Stokes Rd Medford, NJ 08055

    609-953-9464 www.sportsparadise.net




    40% OFF*Purchase one non-sale sneaker and get a second non-sale sneaker of equal or lesser value at

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    PROUD SUPPORTER OF MARLTON SPORTS TEAMSGet the savings and service that teams and coaches have come to rely on.

    Stock up now for sports camps and summer practices

  • SPORTS FAN SELFIESSend us your selfies from a Marlton sporting event and well pick the best ones to be featured!


    Email: [email protected]

    Marlton Sports Magazine


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    For more information, dont miss

    Teddy Bear Academys Open House and RegistrationSaturday, May 31, 2014 9 am - 12 noon

    Located at Marlton Middle School 150 Tomlinson Mill Road, Marlton, NJ

    Come tour the facility, ask questions and see what Teddy Bear Academy is all about!

    For more information,

    Introducing Our New Program...Evesham Child Cares

    Teddy Bear Academy

    Spaces are limited. Registrations will be accepted on a rst come, rst served basis. In order to secure a spot for your child, please bring the following to the Open House: $75 Non-refundable registration fee per child

    (check or money order, made payable to Evesham Child Care) Up-to-date immunizations Complete registration packet - to be given at open house

    Teddy Bear Academy is a full-day child care program for children ages 6 weeks old to pre-kindergarten. e program is located at Marlton Middle School.

    Grand opening, the fun begins June 30, 2014!

    Full Day Child Care and Half-Day Preschool Programs available

    For more information call Evesham Child Care at 856-988-0686

    old to pre-kindergarten. e program is located at Marlton Middle School. Grand opening, the fun begins June 30, 2014!

    Full Day Child Care and Half-Day Preschool Programs available

    For more information call Evesham Child Care at 856-988-0686

    Ongoing Registration

    Create a safer, independent environment by calling

    Bath Solutions609-828-3976

    Why install the Walk-Thru insert?Taking a shower should be comfortable and relax-ing. But for many seniors and disabled people, itcan be extremely dicult to simply step into theirbathtubs in order to wash and bath. By installingthe Walk-ru Insert, a shower can be a safe andenjoyable experience again.

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    Scan this QR code, or visit www.roldiamonds.com to see live video of the Rhythm of Love Collection

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    A Diamond Collection that vibrates with every beat of her heart

    231 East Marlton PikeCherry Hill, NJ 08034856.795.9105www.bermanjewelers.com



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