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  • Women and Leadership Archives

    Loyola University Chicago

    Mary Ann Smith, pg. 1

    Mary Ann Smith Papers


    Creator: Smith, Mary Ann

    Extent: 45 ft.

    Processor: Amber Kappel, October 2010

    Administration Information Access Restrictions: None

    Usage Restrictions: Copyright for all materials created by Mary Ann Smith in this collection

    has been transferred to the Women and Leadership Archives.

    Preferred Citation: Loyola University Chicago. Women and Leadership Archives. Collection

    Title. Box #, Folder #.

    Provenance: Mary Ann Smith donated these materials to the Women and Leadership Archives.

    These materials were accessioned in January 2009 (WLA2009.01) and on February 17, 2009.


    Separations: 17 linear feet of duplicates and extraneous materials were discarded.

    Biographical History Mary Ann Smith, a Mundelein College graduate, has lived in the Edgewater and Uptown

    communities for thirty years with her husband, Ronald C. Smith, a professor at John Marshall

    Law School, and her two sons. Long before her appointment as Alderman to the 48th


    Smith dedicated her time and efforts to the improvements of the ward. She was first involved

    with ward politics as part of the Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct

    Organization (IVI-IPO), working with Edgewater activists Marion Volini and Kathy Osterman,

    who both served as 48th

    Alderwomen. In 1989, Mayor Richard M. Daley appointed Smith to

    replace Kathy Osterman who took a position with the Daley administration, and she was elected

    in her own right two years later. Smith enjoyed several successful reelections, the last in 2007 to

    her fifth full term as alderwoman.

    In serving the 48th

    Ward, Smith was dedicated to matters concerning the economic and

    residential development, environmental issues, community outreach through education, traffic

    and transportation improvements, and expanding services to youth and the elderly. The 48th

    Ward, one of the most diverse in the city, is home to the Edgewater and Uptown communities,

    with Clark Street as its border to the west, Lake Michigan to the east, and reaching as far north as

    Sheridan Road and as far south as Leland.

    Through her efforts to bring economic and residential development to the 48th

    ward, Alderman

    Smith secured nearly $80 million dollars for community improvement projects, and was

    instrumental in bringing Tax Increment Financing districts to her community in order to enhance

    and encourage community directed redevelopment. As an advocate for human rights, she

    worked tirelessly to promote ethnic and racial diversity in the Edgewater and Uptown Business

    districts and integrate the new immigrant community with the mainstream structure of the

    neighborhood. Recognizing the historical beauty in the 48th

    Ward, Alderman Smith led the

  • Women and Leadership Archives

    Loyola University Chicago

    Mary Ann Smith, pg. 2

    campaign for two National Register Historic Designations, Bryn Mawr and Uptown Square. She

    worked diligently to rid the ward of problem buildings which brought harm to the neighborhood.

    Known as Chicagos Green Alderman Smith served on various parks and environmental

    committees including City Council Committee on Chicago parks, City Council Subcommittee on

    the Chicago Lakefront, Lake Michigan Federation, and PCB Gone. Her leadership on these

    committees earned her a United Nations Environment Programme Award for Citizen Action to

    Protect the Global Environment, and she was appointed as the Chicago Representative to the

    United Nations/USEPA International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives traveling to

    Berlin to open the 10th

    Summit in 2000. Smith is known for her concern for the Chicago

    lakefront and for her multiple accomplishments for the city parks including new programming,

    providing security for the parks, and increasing the access to the park system to all Chicagoans

    but especially teenagers and youths.

    Alderman Smith worked as an advocate for her community. As an early supporter of Chicago

    Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) she increased programs for public safety and the fight

    against crime, drugs, and gang activity in the 48th

    Ward. In addition, Smith spearheaded the

    campaign to improve traffic and transportation in her ward by promoting walkability, which

    decreases pollution and increases the safety of the neighborhood for residents. Alderman Smith

    was honored by the Chicago Civic Federation for her Walkable Edgewater program as well as a

    Soles and Spokes award from the Chicago Area Transportation Study. In collaboration with the


    Ward schools, Smith secured $55 million for education and school improvements. She also

    spoke out for her community when the US Postal Service neglected its services to the ward. As a

    consequence, she brought the Postmaster General to Chicago to speak with residents. In addition

    to her human rights work with the immigrant community, Smith is an advocate for seniors in

    nursing homes as is evident by her role as vice chair of the Illinois Citizens for Better Care.

    Alderman Smith was a strong supporter of the North Halsted project and was honored by the gay

    community as a friend and ally.

    Animal rights and animal control were also an important part of Alderman Smiths agenda. She

    made efforts to rid Chicago of dog fighting and animal cruelty, and has been recognized by

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for her proposed Elephant Protection

    Ordinance. In addition to the previously mentioned committees, Alderman Smith has served as

    Commissioner of the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission and the Chicago Plan

    Commission, and has served on City Council Committees on Traffic Control and Safety,

    Buildings, Rules and Ethics, Budget, Finance, Historical Landmark Preservation, License and

    Consumer Protection and the Mayoral Task forces on Lake Michigan and on Transportation.

    Smith retired in February 2011 as alderman.

    Scope and Content Mary Ann Smiths papers pertain primarily to her tenure as Alderman of the 48

    th Ward, and are

    divided into eleven series with multiple subseries. The collection is a reflection primarily of

    Smiths public works and not her personal life. Thus the business of the 48th

    Ward dominates the

    content. The collection is organized alphabetically within each series and subseries unless

    otherwise noted.

  • Women and Leadership Archives

    Loyola University Chicago

    Mary Ann Smith, pg. 3

    Series 1: Administrative, 1978-2008, n.d., Boxes 1-23 Contains materials related to the operation and activities of Mary Ann Smith and the 48

    th Ward

    office. A common theme within these papers is the communication and cooperation with

    community organizations and businesses. The series has been separated into five subseries.

    Subseries 1A: 48th

    Ward Office, 1978-2007, Boxes 1-7

    This subseries contains papers related to the general operations of the 48th

    Ward office.

    This includes reports, advertisements, office staff records, community issues such as

    requests for ward services, complaints about neighborhood problems, and meeting

    information. This subseries also pertains to the activities of Smith as Aldermen including

    her travels, her activities with the Democratic Party, and calendar.

    Subseries 1B: Correspondence, 1991-2007, n.d. Boxes 7-18

    This subseries includes correspondence to and from Alderman Smith and the 48th


    office. Correspondence includes personal notes, letters, facsimile, and interoffice memos.

    Please note correspondence can be found throughout the collection in files pertaining to

    the subject of the correspondence. Materials arranged chronologically.

    Subseries 1C: Newspaper Clippings, 1989-2006, n.d. Boxes 18-19

    This subseries includes newspaper and magazine articles pertaining to Alderman Smith

    and 48th

    Ward activities. Events include her efforts in preserving the Chicago Lakefront,

    the struggle with the US Postal Service operations in the ward, city park development,

    and Edgewater and Uptown business and neighborhood development. Materials arranged


    Subseries 1D: Office Finances, 1994-2007, Boxes 19-21

    This subseries includes materials related to the office budget and payment vouchers for

    office expenses. Materials arranged chronologically.

    Subseries 1E: Phone Messages, 1994-2008, Boxes 22-23

    This subseries includes the phone message book from the 48th

    ward. These books give an

    idea of day to day operations of the 48th

    ward. Materials arranged chronologically.

    Series 2: 48th

    Ward Activities, 1976-2009, n.d., Boxes 24-32

    This series includes materials related to the activities of the 48th

    ward including business

    associations, business development, park district, and events such as festivals and children and

    youth programming. Materials in this series include correspondence, fliers, meeting notes, and

    newsletters. This series includes one subseries.

    Subseries 2A: Neighborhood Organizations, 1987-2009, Boxes 29-32

    This subseries relates to the business and organization of the 48th


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