Mask Mania

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Mask Mania. Your Challenge. Design a mask to wear at a festival of your choice… * Chinese New Year * St Patrick’s Day * Australian New Year * Indian Diwali Festival. Let’s Investigate…. What is the purpose of a celebration mask? Write down as many features as you can: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Mask Mania

Mask Mania

Your ChallengeDesign a mask to wear at a festival of your choice* Chinese New Year* St Patricks Day * Australian New Year* Indian Diwali FestivalLets InvestigateWhat is the purpose of a celebration mask?

Write down as many features as you can: What does a mask have? Why does it have that feature? How can the mask be worn? Why is the mask worn at the celebration?

Brainstorming timeMasksBrainstorming timeMaskscelebrationsTo tell storiesColours have meaningsShapes have meaningsTraditionsTo wear themDisguiseTo play a character

Compare and ContrastVenn Diagram

String for tying around the headEyes on top of the maskLine patternsLots of different coloursNot a face shapeStick for holding mask up to faceEyes where eye holes areSpot/Dot patternsChose 3 colours; yellow, blue and pinkMade like a face shapeCelebration masksSomewhere for eyes/eye holesAttaches to faceDecorated with colours and collageCelebration MasksFestivalImportantColoursStoriesCharactersPatterns/ShapesTradition/UsesChinese New YearSt Patricks DayAustralian New YearIndian Diwali Masks that other people have made

What do you likeWith a partner write down a list of things that you like about the masksWrite ONE thing you dont likeIs there anything that might make them better? IdeateOn your own

1. Choose your festival

2. Draw a rough draft design of your mask

3. Label the parts and features of your mask

4. Write out a materials list items you will need to make the mask

5. Write about your maskHow does your mask celebrate your festival; story, colours, character, emotions, shape, purpose


Mask Making and Creating!

EvaluateMask Mania ParadeStudents into festival groupsShow your mask in a circle3min pause to think and then tell usTell us one thing that worked when you made your mask and one thing that didnt work or was difficultCould you make any changes to it to make it better?

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