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mass uniformity

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mass uniformity. & expressive form. oPENrose. elements for house design, fabrication, and assembly. freedom from constraints. focus. panelized system. O. biophilic geometry/aesthetic. O. flexible system, adaptive to site conditions. O. manufactured via existing industrial methods. O. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • flexible system, adaptive to site conditionsmanufactured via existing industrial methodsdesign with respect to construction processpanelized systembiophilic geometry/aesthetic

  • Complexity of formMinimize # of unique jointsMinimize # of unique panelsGriffner Haus manufacturing method

  • manufacture: panel fabrication

  • Open space pultOrganic PrefabFlatPak houseGriffner HausLazor/EmpyreanYoumeheshe

  • problem statement creating component-based building system with a biophilic geometric aesthetic leveraging the united buildings/griffner house manufacturing process & huber advantech panel technologiesPenrose: The Tiles & ImplicationsOptimization forManufacture: United Buildings Process Pt. 2Manufacture: Advantech Sheet Material DimensionsPenrose: Joints & Implications within Structure -> When tiling aperiodically, Future possibility: expanding/contracting space contracting volume in winter to save energy Griffner Haus Open Space Pult http://www.griffnerhomes.com/INT_en/page.asp?id=270 GriffnerHaus Open Space Pult is based on a two-building principle which makes it possible to adapt optimally to the building plot situation. The three pult-roof typologies Box, Symmetric, Asymmetric are applied according to whether the two building parts are the same or of different sizes, arranged in line or staggered.

    Youmeheshes organic prefab houseCharlie Lazors Flat-PakPenrose: Tilings & ImplicationsUnity Presidents House Sketch PlanPenrose: Background

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