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Matar Capital Advisors Corporate Brochure

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Matar Capital\'s corporate presentation
  • 2. ABOUT US Matar Capital Advisors Ltd., founded in 2003 as a diversied investment rm, is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with a presence in Europe, Asia and the USA, providing corporate nance, strategic advisory, equity partnering and alternative asset management solutions to leading investors, shareholders and companies in various areas. Our activities embrace a wide range of sectors, with a particular focus on high technology, industry, energy, resources, nancial services and real estate. Thanks to our extensive relationships cultivated across the years and our unique positioning and approach in the market, we are working hand in hand with leading private equity and venture capital funds, holding groups, nancial institutions and corporate investors Internationally. Our unique global network, combined with our experience and broad expertise in all aspects of corporate nance and investment strategy, oers international access with local capabilities to enable our partners and clients to achieve their nancial and strategic goals, in an ever evolving global economy. Matar Capital Advisors specializes in cross-border transactions, ranging from M&A, buyouts, divestments, private placements, IPOs and strategic moves. Always working with shareholders and executive managements as partners or gatekeepers, with a clear objective of implementing goals, and making them last. Our core values are based on discretion, integrity, insight, eficiency, creativity, and above all dedication to achieving success for our clients. Our global presence enables local and international players to interact through us and achieve their business objectives, elegantly and eficiently. 3
  • 3. MISSION & PHILOSOPHY Matar Capital Advisors MISSION is to leverage your vision from feasibility to business strategy, from business strategy to implementation, from local to a global presence in the international marketplace and help you capitalize on emerging and proprietary investment opportunities. Matar Capital Advisors PHILOSOPHY is to capitalize on our MISSION by way of three dierentiating and value enhancing factors for our clients: INVESTMENT HUB UNBIASED ADVICE Matar Capital Advisors operates through Our investment advisory is delivered without its Matar Network as an investment consideration from outside sponsors or sources Hub imparting investment advice as guaranteeing independence and the best interest of well as sharing ideas, investment our clients. opportunities and information from and to all of its clients. The rm has long standing relationships with leading asset TAILOR MADE SOLUTIONS managers, venture capitalists, We recognize that each client has a unique prole, investment bankers, private funds and business culture and dierent objectives. We family ofices, with whom we act as develop tailored nancing strategies for each client venture partners and where there is a and select the most appropriate tools to implement mutual exchange of knowledge for the those strategies based upon the client needs rather benet of the rm and all our clients. than compensation or rm afiliation. 4
  • 4. THE SOURCE BUSINESS RAINMAKING Since ancient times, rain is a blessing for all living creatures on earth, enabling life and prosperity. Rainmaking is an ancient craft, practiced by the few gifted with the rare ability to predict and provoke the fall of the precious pearls from the sky. We are business rainmakers, harnessing our skills to make things happen by turning objectives to achievements. 5
  • 5. CORPORATE FINANCE Matar Capital Advisors operates in all stages of equity transactions including Private Equity, Buyouts, Pre-IPO, IPO, Secondary Oerings and M&A. From growth capital to exit or nancial development we help our clients target, capitalize and invest in proprietary and emerging opportunities in line with their strategic needs. We create these investment opportunities by virtue of sourcing adequate, criteria oriented transactions and long term partnerships for all facets of deal making. Our approach fuses rigorous business analysis and due diligence with our insider's global understanding of local business cultures and markets. The focus of our activity is mainly on high growth industries like nancial services, Energy, Telecom and Media, High Technology, Resources and Infrastructure Matar Capital Advisors will target and structure specic deals globally or help you attain and access new markets, industries or geographies that need your attention. Allowing you to concentrate on what is important; realizing transactions and creating value. PRIVATE EQUITY & PLACEMENT MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS Matar Capital Advisors focuses on Matar Capital Advisors caters to M&A needs in order to source the private equity fund placements and right acquisition targets and or partnerships catering to the needs private equity fund and portfolio of an ever more demanding clientele: transactions. The rm takes on a Sell-Side / Buy-Side Advisory limited number of transactions in Financing order to work on a tailored made Strategic Partnerships / Joint Ventures basis with each specic client. Portfolio Restructuring Matar Capital Advisors acts as partner Exit Strategies to investors, funds and shareholders wishing to manage their private equity IPO OVERSIGHT portfolio actively by selling, acquiring or restructuring their holdings. Matar Matar Capital Advisors organizes and oversee the whole IPO Capital Advisors structures and co- process from the decision until the oering. We enable our clients ordinates the whole process, Assisting to be better prepared for the rst impression in order to generate investors to achieve best value for stronger appeal and value and more competition amongst the their equity assets eficiently and required advisors, subsequently leading to a better and more cost 6 discreetly. eficient service.
  • 6. REAL ESTATE Matar Capital Advisors Real Estate practice caters to its clients needs in order to create value and source the right investment targets, strategy and partnerships in line with their development needs. Matar Capital Advisors is a major gateway for International Investors wishing to invest in the global property market. Matar Capital Advisors international network of partnerships positions it to source and sell proprietary investment opportunities all over the globe in all types of real estate, from yield generating and greeneld development projects to joint ventures. From Western and Eastern Europe to the USA, Asia and Israel, our network allows us to establish value added relationships to the benet of our clients. Our services include: Sell Side / Buy Side Origination and Advisory Financing Strategic Partnerships and Joint Ventures Portfolio Restructuring Exit Strategies 7
  • 7. EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT MICHEL HABIB, Founder, Managing Partner Mr. HABIB is the Founder of Matar Capital Advisors. He is also a Venture Partner with Agate Medical Investments LP. Mr. Habib serves as observer on the boards of Brainsgate Ltd. and Petratec Ltd. and as advisory board member of Sixx Partners. Prior to founding Matar Capital Advisors, Michel worked for close to 4 years as Elron Electronic Industries' Business Development Director. At Elron Mr. Habib implemented more than a dozen investments, M&As and represented the company on numerous Boards. Prior to Elron, he established and managed the investment banking activity of ING Barings in Israel and served as Vice President Investment Banking at Cukierman & Co.. During the 90's Mr. Habi
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