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Material Agreement and Disagreement for High School

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Sedikit oleh-oleh zaman kuliah di pendidikan bahasa inggris. Barangkali ada yang minat dan nyari-nyari bahan ngajar, hehhe...
  • 1. Lets Discuss it!

2. Expressions to state the opinion FORMAL Wouldnt you say that? Dont you agree that? I would just like to say I would like to point out thatINFORMAL In my opinion I think that I feel that I believe that It seems to me that The point is As I see it I personally think 3. Expressions to show Agreement (used in the formal and the informal situation) You're right I think so, too I agree with you You could be right I couldn't agree more That's a good point I couldn't agree more I see what you mean That's just what I was thinking I agree entirely You know, that's exactly what I think 4. Expressions to show Disagreement (used in the formal and the informal situation) Yes, but I disagree That's not the point No, I think you're wrong Up to a point, but Yes, that's quite true, but I'm not sure I quite agree Well, you have a point there, but Perhaps, but don't you think that I see what you mean, but I tend to disagree with you there I dont really see the point 5. Thats not the point Honey, Thanks forlooking what will your Imom, I Ijustyou to think, do want think abouta job mom. understanding,world see the new mom for your plan after graduate school. beside from Owhits good honey, senior high school? mmmokay. Its up to butI feel that continue the you dear and her mom study is better for you.Andin discuss about her plan after graduate from Senior High School 6. Thats not the point Imom, I Ijust want to think, will looking Thanks for your Honey, what do you understanding,world see thejob mom. for a new mom think about your plan beside school. after graduate up to mmmokay. Itsfrom senior high school? Owhits good honey, you dear butI and her mom feel that continue the study is about her plan for you. betterAndin discuss after graduate from Senior High School 7. Do you Know them? Celebrities in Parliament 8. Discussion Role There are two groups Pro and contra Each group has 1 minute to prepare their argument about the topic Each members in group should deliver at least one argument, its not only the representatives responsibility Every argument s should be deliver in clear and polite way. Please use sorry, excuse me, etc before interrupt someones argument. 9. Thanks For your Attention

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