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May 2012 - GSO News

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Volume 3, Issue 3
  • The GSO News

    Inside this Issue

    Graduate Research Day

    GSO Students Work Towards Mending a Heart

    2012 Student Leadership Awards

    28th Annual Graduate Research Day Awards

    Student Spotlight: Stacie Studstill

    Student Spotlight: Maha Coucha

    Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Richard White

    GSO Continues Superbowl Tradition

    Winter Coat Drive

    APS Manuscript Writing Course

    Phi Kappa Phi: GHSU Chapter is Granted

    Vesalius Trust Awards

    GHSU Students Receive Honors at UGA/GHSU Student Scientific & Medical Illustration Exhibition

    Augusta Half Marathon

    New Years Resolutions

    Games: Spot the Location

    GSO Game Night





















    As per the tradition for several years,

    the GHSU College of Graduate Stud-

    ies (CGS) sponsored and hosted the

    28th Annual Graduate Research Day on

    March 22nd and 23rd. CGS hosted a total

    of 118 participants, of which 105 were

    students from the PhD, M.S/MPH, and

    International Graduate Exchange Train-

    ee programs. The GRD was planned

    with perfect timing, a month prior to the

    very vastly attended Experimental Biol-

    ogy meeting as well as several other in-

    ternational conferences! The event pro-

    vides students an opportunity to present

    their work in a professional setting and

    receive suggestions and inputs whilst

    they prepare for the conference season.

    On the morning of the 23rd of March,

    amongst the colorful and impressive

    posters displaying research in basic

    physiology, vascular biology, neurosci-

    ence, immunology, molecular and cellu-

    lar biology, and genetics, were also ani-

    mations presented by the talented crew

    of CGSs Medical Illustration program.

    These animations were designed for stu-

    dents to develop a better understanding of

    the processes of lung development, trau-

    matic brain injury and weight training.

    Graduate Research Day 2012Margaret Zimmerman and Namita Hattangady

    ...toGraduate Research Day, pg. 4

    Photos Provided by Dr. Patricia Cameron

    Volume 3, Issue 3, May 2012

  • The GSO News 2

    GSO Students Work Towards Mending the HeartColleen Carey, Anil Bhatta, Ashley Wilson, Katie Spitler, Kate Buckley

    Members of the CGS and GSO spent the

    month of February actively involved in

    the Enterprise-wide American Heart As-

    sociation fundraising initiative of Geor-

    gia Health Sciences University. The goal,

    to raise $50,000 campus wide. What was

    not anticipated by GHSU and AHA plan-

    ners was the tremendous drive and pas-

    sion to raise money for such a great cause

    here on campus. In total GHSU sur-

    passed its goal exponentially by raising

    over $111,000. The members of the CGS

    teams were able to contribute close to 50

    walkers and over $4,500 in funds raised.

    The CGS/GSO fundraising campaign

    began in December/January through

    the sale of Candy Bars, both on campus

    and off campus. Efforts were then was

    ramped up in February with a number

    of planned events to raise money. These

    events were no walk in the park for

    those involved in the planning, however

    all efforts were well worth the expendi-

    tures with the support that was shown

    by those who participated. Each event

    had a very different target audience. In

    all, the event promoted the awareness

    of AHAs presence on our campus, and

    therefore the need to give back, and

    also presented the school with oppor-

    tunity to come together as a College as

    a whole, to meet a goal that was set.

    Have a look below for some reflections

    on these great events that were planned.

    AHA Bake Sale Pushes GSO Closer to Fund-raising Goal

    On Friday, February 10 2012, GSO

    ...to GSO Mending the Heart, pg. 3

    Provided by Colleen Carey

  • The GSO News 3

    held its highly anticipated bake sale at

    GHSUs Annex I Building from 11 am

    to 2 pm to raise money for the Ameri-

    can Heart Associations Heart Walk in

    March. Donations from students, staff,

    faculty and even local businesses like

    Boll Weevil were generous and over-

    whelming enough so that over five long

    tables were covered with delicious items

    such as 5 layered cakes from Boll Wee-

    vil along with other bakeries, home-

    made cayenne pepper cupcakes, banana

    pudding and chocolate covered pretzel

    sticks. With so many extra baked goods,

    students packed boxes with an assort-

    ment of snacks to sell on campus. The

    sale was a hit with all of the goods be-

    ing sold before having GSOs Bar Bake

    Sale that was planned for that evening.

    GSOs AHA Bake Sale generated over

    $500 dollars and pushed GSO closer to

    its $4,500 fundraising goal. GSO plans

    to make this an annual event for the

    AHA Heart Walk. Thank you again to all

    of you who donated your baked goods

    and time to this fundraiser. None of it

    would have been possible without you!

    Jumping for American Heart!

    GSO always acknowledges the love and

    importance for family and encourages

    their involvement in most of their events.

    This AHA fund raiser was no exception.

    Family friendly fun was on hand for the

    American Heart Association on Friday

    night, February 10th! Parents were able

    to have an evening of private time while

    a group of graduate students had fun with

    their kids at Monkey Joes in Evans. For

    a donation of $4 dollars the parents got

    to leave and have a great time without

    worrying about their children. The kids

    spent the night jumping and playing and

    enjoying pizza and drinks with each oth-

    er. All the kids and the graduate students

    had a great time and many parents were

    interested in future babysitting events.

    Of special mention is Katylyn Kersey,

    who assumed a large responsibility in

    babysitting. In total over $100 was raised

    for the AHA! Anyone interested in fu-

    ture events please contact Kate Buck-

    ley at kbuckley@georgiahealth.edu.

    Serve for a Healthy Heart Tennis Tourna-ment

    The Serve for a Healthy Heart ten-

    nis tournament was held on February

    18th at the Newman Tennis Center to

    benefit the Heartwalk. The 14 partici-

    pants in the tournament included GHSU

    students, faculty and their families and

    friends. While most participants con-

    tributed their talent at the game, others

    lent a hand by babysitting the young

    ones and providing energy, food, and

    refreshments. Through some keenly

    contested matches, and some played

    by novices for fun, the evening was

    overall enjoyable and financially pro-

    ductive. With separate tournaments

    for men and women, the two declared

    winners received a gift cards from Star-

    bucks as prizes. The tournament raised

    a handsome $125 for the Heartwalk.


    Another fund raising endeavor of the

    GSO took the shape of a massive Zum-

    bathon Lets Get Physical with the CGS

    and the Zumba instructors at GHSU.

    This event of dance, exercise and fun

    took place on Saturday, February 22nd.

    To add to the fun, the event was themed

    around the 80s, as participants danced

    around, surrounded by neon, spandex

    and colorful armbands. A prize for best

    outfit went to three students at GHSU in

    the Medical Illustration program, they

    dressed as Tom Cruises character from

    Risky Business. The event featured a

    large variety of the CSRAs Zumba in-

    structors that turned fitness fun by put-

    ting together some choreography to

    a variety of songs that really got you

    moving to the beat and provided a great

    work out. The Zumbathon successfully

    churned out approximately $300, all of

    which went towards AHAs HeartWalk.

    Around the World Luncheon

    The College of Graduate Studies (CGS)

    at GHSU is proud to have a large rep-

    resentation of international students.

    They account for more than half of the

    he international population on campus.

    These, along with students from differ-

    ent corners of the United States make

    CGS a very diverse college. The GSO

    decided to sue this characteristic to their

    advantage in their fund raising endeav-

    ors for the HeartWalk. As part of an in-

    ternational luncheon on February 27th,

    volunteers (students, postdoctoral fel-

    lows and faculty members) representing

    parts of the world and the U.S prepared

    their ethnic dishes. Tickets that sold for

    just $ 5 each gave GHSU employees the

    opportunity to sample more than 60 dif-

    ferent international and American dish-

    es. The GSO raised $ 600, all of which

    went towards American Heart Associa-

    tion Heartwalk. GSO would like to thank

    all the volunteers and the participants for

    their support for the event and are hop-

    ing this to be an annual GSO fundrais-

    ing event for future AHA Heartwalk.

    Congratulations Team GSO! O

    ...from GSO Mending the Heart, pg. 2

    Provided by Colleen Carey

  • The GSO

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