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May 2013 presentation for a leading it  & outsourced business services  provider based out of...

Date post: 17-Jul-2015
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Company Logo Corporate Marketing (Battle) Plan 2013-14 By: Paul Sebastian Rosario Senior Level Marketing Specialist Mumbai, May 16 th 2013 Presentation for a leading IT & outsourced business services provider based out of Mumbai

Company Logo

Corporate Marketing (Battle) Plan 2013-14

By: Paul Sebastian RosarioSenior Level Marketing Specialist

Mumbai, May 16th 2013

Presentation for a leading IT & outsourced business services provider based out of Mumbai

Company LogoWar Room (Index)

• War Room Situation • Battle Strategy • Tactical Deployments– 1st Wave– 2nd Wave– 3rd Wave– 4th Wave

• Recruitment & Reconnaissance• Battle Spoils• Summarize Strategy

Company LogoWar Room Situation (Business Reflection)

XXXX brand… to transcend Indian borders However… need to consolidate itself as a professionally

driven, unified & branded organization, offering world class quality end-to-end solutions


Note: Business Reflection & information in subsequent slides is based on my experience and perception formed while visiting XXXX offices + interaction with its staff over a period of time

Battle Strategy (Marketing)

Company LogoBattle Strategy (Marketing)

Enhance Image

Corporate Marketing Plan

Centralized Content

Consolidate Brand




CustomerKey Objective: Instill business confidence & pride in the brand

Company LogoBattle Strategy (Marketing)

• Leverage the potential power of 21,000+ team members

• Have consistent & unified branding at over 100 offices across India

• Generate & create a centralized repository of regularly updated Content, Audio & Visuals, etc.


Company LogoBattle Strategy (Marketing)

• XXXX Corporate & Line Of Businesses (LOBs) to synergize business initiatives and support centralized marketing campaigns

• Leverage Public Relations (PR) as an Image building medium to connect with Investors, Media, Customers & future employees, etc.


Company LogoWar Room Exercise(Marketing Management)


Start Here

Company LogoWar Room Exercise(Marketing Management)

• Being Customer Centric…it’s essential to:– Plan & generate updated

CONTENT / CAMPAIGNS at regular intervals

– deploy marketing systems / processes to connect with customers (internal + external)

– Identify /take charge / deploy effective mediums of communication


Company LogoWar Room Exercise(Marketing Management)

– Consistently communicate as per marketing plan

– Review campaigns + initiatives every quarter versus marketing plan

– Take Corrective Action where ever necessary or record observations for future reference


Tactical Deployments(Marketing Mix)

Company Logo1st Wave (Brand Identity Manual)

• Need to create Brand Identity Manual• All Tangible surfaces, collaterals,

communication, assets to be branded as per the framed / approved guidelines

• Partner with HR to train all internal stakeholders inclusive of channel + vendor partners on XXXX brand nuances

• Regular Brand Audits across all XXXX Corporate & LOBs offices

Company Logo2nd Wave (Corporate Website)

• Partner with IT department to create robust & customer centric website with regularly updated content

• Website content / design / brand to be central repository for all collaterals needs of XXXX Corporate & LOBs

• Enterprise wide website to be leveraged as a central integrated hub for corporate communication (internally & externally)

• Lead Generator & Loyalty Campaign Hub• Leverage medium for extensive use of

both Electronic & Mobile Commerce

Company Logo3rd Wave (Corporate Marketing Plan)

• Need to frame & deploy Marketing Plan basis MD / CEO’s approval– Create & disseminate Corporate Marketing

& Events Calendar across group– Deploy & share Corporate level Customer

& Competitor Insights– Partner with cross functional Business

Management teams for Product & Services launches across XXXX Corporate & LOBs


Company Logo3rd Wave (Corporate Marketing Plan)

– Create & deploy Standardized Communication to Customers (Internal & External) e.g.: Corporate level Newsletters, local level souvenir advertisements, sponsorships, Tariff Changes, etc.

– Deploy & Monitor Loyalty Programs at Customer, Channel & Vendor levels

– Create & own Corporate gifts & merchandize


Company Logo4th Wave (Public Relations Plan)

• Need to frame Public Relations plan to support XXXX Corporate Marketing Plan to enhance its image / brand

• Corporate Public Relations Manual (XXX Corporate, LOBs, Channel & Vendors)

• Corporate Public Relations Kit • Integrated real-time presence on Social

media sites• Review of PR plan versus its deployment

Recruitment(Corporate & Specialist)

Company LogoCore Team (Corporate Marketing)

• Need to recruit Marketing team at Corporate Level

• LOB’s to Identify & provide names of their representatives to support Corporate Marketing team to execute various campaigns / programs / systems / processes / surveys, etc. in their respective businesses

Company LogoCore Team

(Marketing Specialized Units)• Need to form alliances with:– Market Research agency– Public Relations agency– Advertising agency– Event Management agency– Creative Design studio– Web designing Agency / In-house

ReconnaissanceTarget Groups (Profile / Research)

Company LogoTarget Groups (Profile/Research)

• Conduct Corporate level research + profiling of below target groups:– Internal Customers across its LOBs:

• Corporate + LOBs marketing & events initiatives• Infrastructure (Offices, Equipments, Vehicles, etc.)• Communication (Website, Newsletters,

advertisements, press notes, etc.)• Proprietary Assets (Product / Services / Software /

Hardware / Processes)• Employees• Outsource Staff• Channel Partners• Vendor Partners


Company LogoTarget Groups (Profile/Research)

– External Customers: • Customers (Existing, Lost & New)• Share Holders• Investor Community• Industry Association/ Local Bodies / Government

Representation• Future Employees• Media

– Competitors:• India• Overseas


Battle Spoils(Marketing Deliverables)

Company LogoBattle Spoils (Marketing Deliverables)

• Uniform Brand Identify across locations• Single Point Content Management• Centralized Marketing Plan for Group• Centralized Communication Policy• Corporate Archives *Continued…

Company LogoBattles Spoils(Corporate Archives)

• Create + Own Corporate Marketing Archive consisting genesis of: – Logos creation, development over the years– News clips (past & present – online + offline)– Corporate audio visuals– Corporate photographs– Advertisements (online + offline)– Collaterals (Brochure, Leaflets) – Corporate presentations, – Product Launch, Conferences, etc.


Summarize Strategy (Marketing)

Company LogoBattle Strategy (Marketing)

To summarize…Strategy involves leveraging internal stakeholders

to be brand ambassadors and pro-actively add value to business performance, highlighting

achievements using the PR medium

Company Logo

Thank You

By: Paul Sebastian RosarioSenior Level Marketing Specialist

Mumbai, May 16th 2013

Corporate Marketing (Battle) Plan 2013-14