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Application Booklet


    It is my pleasure to greet you and let you know I am very happy you are considering AIESEC El Salvador as a journey on your life.

    As someone that has experienced previously an environment out of the AIESEC context, I can tell you that an MC experience is one of the most rewardable experiences of someones life.

    AIESEC El Salvador is an entity that has gone through different changes lately. From being almost out of the AIESEC map some years ago, now it is coming back on track with challenges but with a very optimistic membership that will surely impact you, and is opened to be impacted by you.

    I would fill all this application with all the experiences I can tell you that has developed myself and my team by being MC of El Salvador, but you can still contact us anytime to have a conversation on this.

    Now, take your time to put all your inspiration, and let know why you believe in this organization, and why El Salvador by filling this application.

    All my best wishes to you!

    Fernando GranadosMCP AIESEC El Salvador 2012-2013





    Name/ Birth date / Nationality / Skype ID / E-mail address / Phone number / University / Career


    In an organized way, list the following information:AIESEC Experience (Position, LC/MC, dates, main achievements). Events attended (name of event, location, your role in the event, date)Describe 3 main areas in AIESEC you have had the most experience (area, decribe briefly your experience, and how would this benefit the MC).


    Who are you? What are your values? How does these values shape your leadership style?Why do you consider AIESEC El Salvador as your next step on your AIESEC experience?


    Create a SWOT analysis of AIESEC Globally and AIESEC El Salvador (2 SWOT)

    -Based on both analysis answer this questions:1) What do you think should be AIESEC El Salvadors three main focus programmes for next term? 2) Why? And what are the results (basedon programmes) you expect to see at the end of your MC term for AIESEC El Salvador?3) Create a year plan proposal with key strategies, key activities, results expected, and dates.



    1. What is the value proposition that AIESEC in El Salvador offers to our society? Why is it relevant?

    2. What are the main AIESEC programmes and products to develop for next term?

    3. How would you ensure that growth on results of AIESEC El Salvador is aligned with quality of experiences?

    4. What do you consider as your main achievement on your AIESEC experience?5. Mention 2 different functional areas or 3 different program parts where you

    feel yourself confident to work in and why? Options: oGCDP, oGIP, iGIP, iGCDP, TMP, TLP, LCD, Finance & Legal, ER, Communication

    6. How will you explain AIESEC to a 10 year old kid?7. Please define the organizational goals for term 13.14. As MCP how will you

    make sure that these goals will be met? What woud be the main strategies of your MC term to achieve them?

    8. Define what strategies would you implement to each of the 4 current entities in AIESEC El Salvador.

    9. How would be your MC structure? Why? 10. What is your expansion strategy? How would you ensure it will be sustainable?



    1. What are the 3 bottlenecks that AIESEC in El Salvador has in terms of Talent Management as area and what solutions do you propose to overcome these bottlenecks?

    2. Taking into consideration the reality of AIESEC El Salvador, propose an Education Cycle for the memebers.

    3. What strategies will you use to verify that all members recieve a proper education in matter of the AIESEC Essence, core areas and goals?

    4. Management is responsible for the TMP/TLP goals, how can the TM area drive GCDP and GIP growth?

    5. Taking into consideration the orientation of Talent Management area in the international AIESEC network please describe what is the difference between Talent Management, Human resources and Talent Capacity and how these concepts are connected?

    mcvp tm


    1. Wich products do you think Mrktng & PR should start, stop, continue selling. and wich methods of selling we should use.

    2. Do you think we can make AIESEC El Salvador more profitable using PR? Wich strategy will you use?

    3. What are the current strengths and weaknesses of AIESEC El Salvador online presence (Facebook, Website, Twitter)?

    4. How do you see the MCVP Marketing role supporting the core operations of the programs (OGIP, OGCDP, IGIP, and IGCDP)?

    5. Please evaluate the current situation of Communications in the LC level of AIESEC El Salvador. What are 3 main strategies that can be implemented to improve the current reality.

    mcvp mrktng & pr


    1. Make an analysis of current reality by doing a SWOT of each Local Committee, then according to that analysis:

    Establish your 3 main strategies/focus for each program (GIP and GCDP)according to national reality for your whole term

    Plan your Ra.Ma.Re goals for your term (separate GIP and GCDP)

    2. Taking into account OGX programs: How will you ensure value proposition and

    long-term impact of OGCDP experiences? How will you take advantage of the global

    GIP sub-products (Marketing, IT and Teaching) for OGIP growing?

    3. How will you improve the OGX timeline in order to improve the OGCDP programm impact.

    4. How would you take advantage of Specialized Units in terms of OGX, and how would you approach each one of the entities ?

    5. Considering OGCDP is the main programme right now in AIESEC El Salvador, what new strategies and ideas would you propose in terms of : Market Segmentation, EP Recruitment, and International Cooperation?

    mcvp OGX


    1. Why should a company buy a GIP project?2. How can you increase the sell of GCDPs projects?3. What will be the focus of incoming exchange for

    your term considering the potential market? Set the three main initiatives to implement according this focus.

    4. How will you ensure that the vice-presidents of the incoming exchanges are achieving their goals?

    5. What do you think it takes to be a successful Member Committee Incoming Exchanges?

    mcvp er-icx


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