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Media a2 exam tips

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  • 1.Tips Media A2 exam

2. Foundation Portfolio 3. Advanced Portfolio Units 4. Think about the 5 Ws 5. Thinks about comparing contrasting 6. Thinks about the 4-8 examples. 7. Explainthen analysis then create structured argument 8. show clear sense of progression and be articulate and reflect on production process learnt 9. Use few examples showing broad range of specific ,relevant clear examples and use of technology in relation to creative skills development. 10. Try and use 5 terminology 11. use production terms 12. conceptual media terminology 13. applied thorough good understanding. 14. Complex issues expressed clearly and fluently using style. 15. sentences and paragraph consistent relevant 16. well structured 17. using appropriate technical terminology. 18. 1B 19. Media Texts rely on cultural experiences in order for audiences to easily make sense of narratives. 20. Explain how you used conventional and or experimental narrative approaches in one of your production pieces 21. Level 4 22. Candidates demonstrate a clear understanding of narrative theories 23. approaches and relate them clearly to production process 24. describing specific decisions made in relation to narrative and exactions of audience response. 25. A broad range of relevant and interesting examples of creative process are written. 26. Use of terminology 27. Use conceptual language and production terminology are applied with excellent results. 28. complex issues have been expressed clearly and fluent using style of writing complex matter.

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Tips Media A2 exam
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