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Date post: 31-Oct-2014
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Contents Page Comparision
Page 1: Media contents

Contents Page Comparision

Page 2: Media contents


Page 3: Media contents

House Style

The style of the contents page is very similar to the style of the front cover. The elements of typeface font, style and sans serif alongside the use of quotes carry over onto the contents page.

Page 4: Media contents

Grid System and Layout A three grid system is used on the contents page of this

magazine with the two outside columns being half the side of the middle column. The left side columns all has articles which are anchored with photos, quotes and a short description whilst the main middle space of the contents page is taken up by the strong from the puff off the front cover which is unusual because the main cover story is position in the top right of the contents page. Halfway down the page the centre and right columns stop and a small list of page numbers is flanked with another article advertisement and then a subscription advert. The layout helps the reader because it is clear to understand are read. The only downside is that not all of the headlines used as sell lines of the front cover are easily locatable from the contents page. The page design is quite full with white space being at a premium around the edge of the page and between articles.

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A variety of images are used to anchored featured articles of the contents page to their page number. This is done by placing the page numbers on top of the images. The images are of varying sizes with the most striking thing being the biggest centre image isnt of the cover article

Page 6: Media contents


The contents page treats almost all articles in a similar way with the content on all the articles remaining around the same level of detail with just the typeface/ image size changing to add punctuation to different parts of the page. The whole standout content is based on different stories about music acts with other aspects of the magazine being contained in a small column with no images with the smallest font.

Page 7: Media contents

Other information

There is no other information of NME’s contents page apart from article content apart from one small advertisement linking to a company which distributes copies of the NME.

The mode of address is slightly more formal than the front cover but uses the same quote, overview and title/image format to draw the audiences attention.

Page 8: Media contents

Rhythm Magazine

Page 9: Media contents

House Style

The house style from the front cover of Rhythm magazine flows onto the contents page due to the typeface and core typeface colours of black and white being used. There is still lots of capitalisation used for highlighting like the front cover but there is the absence of kickers which were heavily used on the front cover.

Page 10: Media contents

Grid System

A grid system is used to create space and to make the lay out of the contents page clear and easy to read. The magazine has a small column on the left hand side and a larger one of the right side which is split into two separate columns at the bottom of the page

Page 11: Media contents


There are eight images which are all linked to articles which are mentioned on the front cover and the hierarchy from the front cover transfers over to the different sizing's of the photos to give the sense of importance. The photos also draw the readers attention.

Page 12: Media contents


The page is designed to contain minimal text with the main focus being on images and page numbers. The page also has a very spacious feeling due to the white background and light typeface colours.

Page 13: Media contents

Mode of Address

The mode of address is formal but impersonal as it is based around imagery not text on the contents page. The text which is given is more like a brief pointer like a list of articles rather than a part of the magazine where the readers attention wants to be drawn to.

Page 14: Media contents

Further Information

There is an advertisement in the bottom left hand corner of the contents page as well as the website being displayed in a small typeface In the very bottom right hand corner. On the page before the contents there is also a full page taken up by an editorial.