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Date post: 23-Jan-2017
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Evaluation Marco Atouguia


EvaluationMarco Atouguia

In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?In my media work I have made sure I have met all the codes and conventions of a media product. This meant that I had to make sure I have included; The Masthead The Bar code The Date/Price Issue number A unique selling point Main image + Headline Cover lines Strapline For my contents I have used additional conventions such as : Sections Page numbers Promotions Sublines Web Address/Social networking sites.In my media product, I attempted to keep consistent with my design, keeping the red, black colour scheme in all of my 4 pages. For my cover image, for any text (aside from the title) I used a blocky/pixelated effect. However my feedback said that my images were too stretched and therefore I had to fix it but I did not have enough time to make amends. It was to make it stand out against the image on the front cover. For my contents page, I decided to have the stories written on the left side and have a couple of pictures on the right side. I also had the editorial at the bottom with an image of me. For the double page spread I had decided to have the text on the left page and a photo on the right. Although my double page spread did not have text continuity to the next page the content is rich and easy to read.

How does your media product represent particular social groups?My media products target audience is adolescents who like pop music. How it is represented within my work, is by using star appeal, like names of well known celebrities for the cover stories or using colours that stand out against the black on all of my 4 pages. The cover is made in order to gain the attention of the target audience, since adolescents might buy something that is more colourful and eye catching.

What kind of media institution (Publisher) might distribute your media product and why?From the research that was completed pre-production, I would envisage Vibe magazine because Vibe has a wide range of interests, so I presume they would publish my magazine. The similarities between my magazine and Vibe is in that they have predominately 3 or 4 colours. The barcode is located in the same part of the magazine. But there are more differences than similarities between these two magazines.

Who would be the audience for your media product and why?Hartleys seven subjectivities:The audience would be adolescents aged 13-18. It would be for anyone really of any gender, class, ethnicity, etc. Why Im targeting 13-18 year olds specifically is because I presume that adolescents would buy magazines more often than someone older because they want to know gossip or information.Katz Uses & Gratifications theory:The magazine will inform the audience of whats happening within the celebrity world or anything else really. It isnt there to be a diversion for the audience to escape from reality. It isnt for the audience to build a bond with any of the stories within the magazine nor relate to the text.Maslows Hierarchy of needs:I presume caregivers and maybe explorers would be intrigued to read this magazine. The caregivers would want to read it simply because they mght be curious to see whats happening to their favourite celebrity while explorers would want to see if there is any changes within society.

How did you attract/address your audience?In order to attract the intended target audience of my magazine, I decided to have bubbles containing people within them for each cover story I had on the front cover. For the contents page I had a couple pictures and for the double page spread, I had a detailed interview. I put a Facebook and twitter icon on my front cover to indicate that they is a page for the magazine.

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?The denotation of the software used to construct my media product was Photoshop. In order for this product to look fit for purpose and appeal to the target audience, I decided to create a box using the rectangle tool just so I could rub out portions out of the box using the rubber tool to create a blocky/pixelate effect making the text stand out more. Another example would be the cover story bubbles. I made a circle using the ellipse tool and holding shift to make it a perfect circle. I then coloured it red with the paint bucket tool. I then got the necessary picture, used a combination of the magic wand tool and the rubber tool to get rid of the background surrounding the person. Then used the smudge tool to smooth it down at the edges. Then I put them together.

Analyzing my Front Cover

Date and IssueCover story BubblesCover storiesMastheadStraplineBarcodeStar appealCodes and conventions

Analyzing my Contents Page



Analyzing my Double Page spread Interview

StarAppealConvergenceInterviewNumbered pages

Audience FeedbackThe main feedback I got was that it looked as though the front cover is crowded, makes it harder to notice the star appeal of the person since the red circles take up points across the magazine. The pictures on the contents page are either too stretched or they have been squished making them look weird. As for the double page spread, the picture is re-used and again looks stretched. But I was also told that it was consistent across the 4 pages, the colour scheme and also the blocky effect is seen on the front cover, contents and double page spread.

Looking back at your preliminary task what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?I feel that, having completed the preliminary task and learning about the demands of his production process, I have learnt that it takes a lot of work to get magazines and blogs created. I feel that I may have underestimated the difficulty there is in creating a music magazine that would sell or creating a blog. I think out of it all Ive learnt that for a magazine to be successful, there has to be more consistency between the pages. In relation to this, the evidence of this within my work is that all of my pages the colour scheme is consistent, and the blocky effect is also keep across all of the 4 pages. I feel that this helped me meet the demands of production, in turn making my magazine be a good one.