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Media evaluation

Date post: 14-Apr-2017
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NasreenHow does your media product represent particular social groups and why?

LocationIn our two minute film opening we use stereotypes and challenge particular social groups, this is clearly shown in our panning shot when we show the rough area of east London. Gangs tend to graffiti and hang around in gangs in alley ways.

CostumeThe way the characters are dressed indicates that its aimed at a younger audience, the use of costume i.e. hoodies and traksuits relates to teenagers. The drug dealer is shady and wears baggy clothes to conceal his identity. Whereas the mystery boss is in a smart suit and apears to take care in his apearence, this is aparent in his designer belt. This represents the boss is in a higher class than the drug dealer which shows he has more authority which is why he has people doing his dirty work for him.

GenderOur movie represents the types of activities the common youth take part in todays society.We used male characters as we have gone to represent the stereotype of males as being more rebellious and delinquent also as we have tried to represent real life situations statistics reveal that the majority of drug related crimes are made by males.

Our target audience is mostly males within the youth culture because they are associated with criminal actives such as drug dealing, this is apparent in our movie.They will associate with people of similar characteristics for example in our video the drug dealers were both men as they are more likely to communicate better.As a group we felt that young male teenagers enjoy the viewing of crime/ mystery movies which involves drugs and anti-social behavior. The use of males demonstrate the disobedient and criminality which relates to the genre crime/mystery.

The video portrays innocence amongst those oblivious to these particular socials groups for example the students were shocked when they mistakenly opened the wrong bag and realised it was full of drugs and other items they are unaware of.