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Media log 2

Date post: 27-Jul-2015
Author: elliezambakides
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Creating My Music Magazine Ellie Zambakides Production Log

1. Ellie Zambakides 2. In my media lesson I started to design my music magazine contents page on InDesign. I used a tutorial on the school system to help me when designing my page as it tells you how to use the software and what to do. I found it very useful, however I am still not sure on what I want my contents page to look like so I didnt get much done in the lesson. 10/11/14 3. In my media lesson continued to start designing my contents page. I have added more detail and whilst it is still just the framework of my design it is a lot more detailed than it was, and I have started to add the smaller details to shaped the overall look. I need to add text and pictures and general information, but it is starting to take shape. I found this lesson more productive as I have more of an idea of what I want the contents page to look like. 12/11/14 4. 17/11/14 In my media lesson continued to design my contents page and I added some brief writing so I can see roughly what and where the writing will go. Moreover, I started adding pictures to see what my magazine will look like when I have pictures on it, obviously these are not the pictures I will use as I am going to take my own photographs. Additionally, I added a sample front cover in the corner, to see if mine will look good there. 5. 19/11/14 In my media lesson I made progress on my contents page, I started to include the actual information that will be on the page, I adjusted lots of small things like making all the headings in red boxes in the centre of the box and add my own picture of a fall out boy concert that I went to. Moreover, I started to design the text and I changed think about the smaller details. 6. 24/11/14 In my media lesson I continued to create my contents page, I designed the contents title, there are two different styles/designs so I am not sure which one I want to pick so I have left them both there. Which ever I pick will also be the same style as my mast head so they can be continuity and a running theme in my magazine. Moreover, I did the social media and subscriptions part as well as other small bits and deciding on a magazine name. 7. 26/11/14 In my media lesson my contents page have really started to look more like its finished product. Apart from pictures which I have not got to put in the images. Moreover, I have not included many numbers as I do not know what my numbers will be yet. I added lots and changed the bottom right hand corner, however I am not sure if I like this or not yet, or I am going to change the colours of it. 8. 1/12/14 In my media lesson I have started to come to an end on my contents page, I added a few shadows to the bottom right hand corner, and I added some smaller details, like the twitter icons. I cannot do much more to my contents page until I upload pictures as once they are up I can add them and fill in the description of picture box, and the numbers. Most of the lesson I spent watching a tutorial for my feature page that I will start next lesson. 9. 3/12/14 In my media lesson I have moved on from my contents page as I will finish that when I have my photos. I have now started to create the basis for my feature page, of which I have used a picture, quote text and artist as a drop in until I write my article and add in my photos. So it is still in a planning stage, however, everything I have done is who I will want it to be with my information, for example the fade of the picture in the background. 10. In my media lesson I continued to create my feature page by adding the title I created and a quite and the feature text I wrote, however it is still not done, and I am still not sure about it. Then I started work on my feature article and I had added the blank boxes where my pictures will be, and the text and the quotes that I will use. I still need to do a lot to improve it. 8/12/14 11. 10/12/14 In my media lesson I added to the feature article with pictures, quotations and a box in the corner, however I am still deciding whether to include tour dates, or an album review in the box. Then I started to design my front cover using a place holder image, I didnt have time to do much so I threw onto the page a few things I want to include so I can develop them later. 12. 15/12/14 In my media lesson I carried on with designing my front cover, I have pretty much got everything into place now, however I may change the font where it writes IZZY SPYROU. I arranged everything on the page so it looks like a front cover and have added the badge that writes The UKs best music guide to make it look more interesting. It is still not completely finished but it is not far off now. 13. In my media lesson I finished creating my magazine. I finished the front cover by adding more cover-lines and making it look more complete, then I went through the other pages and finished small details on the contents page, re-did the writing on the feature page and then finished off the text and the quotes on the feature page by making everything stand out more. 17/12/14 14. 21/01/15 In my media lesson I started to work off the feedback that I was given and I adjusted a few things on the front cover to make the image more visible and less crowded. I then made the spaces between the words on my contents page wider. I started to look at the picture feature article page but did not get time to finish it. Finally I added another page and on the page was a subscriber Q & A and the rest of my feature article. 15. 26/01/15 In my media lesson I started work on my picture feature page but I am still unsure as to what I am going to do with it. I really started work on my other features page that I just added but adjusting all of the columns so the words could fit. The black box is where an image will go, moreover, the red box is tour dates for the featured artist as it is a useful box out text to have. 16. 2/02/15 In my media lesson I adjusted a few things on these pages of my magazine however when I get my own photos up, it will make it a lot easier to see what these pages will look like, and I can begin to make them look finished. Other than those small adjustments I went through my blog and got sorted things out within my coursework so that everything can come together completed. 17. 4/02/15 In my media lesson I placed a few of my photos that I took on my photo-shoot onto my magazine. The pictures have been adjusted slightly however I will adjust them further as I just wanted to see what they looked like so I could decide what photos I wanted to use in certain places. I still need to place in the rest of my images and this is what I plan to do next. 18. 11/02/15 In my media lesson I am starting to have a finished product of my magazine. I added more pictures to my feature article, however I am not sure on them and may change them. None of the pictures are edited apart from removing the background. Moreover, I am still missing a few pictures for my contents page. Additionally, I worked on blog posts. 19. 16/02/15 In my media lesson I finished the final draft for my magazine. I drastically changed a few aspects like the main feature page and main image. I put all my pictures in the contents page and adapted the front cover. The pictures are edited and chosen to be fitting with my magazine. It was a case of tweaking all of the small aspects of my magazine to make it look finished and complete.