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Date post: 03-Apr-2018
Author: sagar-sharma
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  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    J A M E S A L L E N' S

    B O O K O F M E DI T A T I O N S

    F O R E V E R Y D A Y

    IN T H E Y E A R

    by J A M E S A L L E N

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    By Thought we rise ; by Thought we fal l , by Thought

    We stand or go ; al l destiny is wr ought

    By its swift potency , and he who stands

    Master of Thought, and his desires commands,

    Wil l ing and weaving thoughts of Love and Alight,

    Shapes his high end in Truths unerring Light!

    He who does not find The way of Meditation cannot reachEmancipation and enlightenment.

    But thou wilt find the way of Holy Thought;

    With mind made calm and steadfast, thou will see

    The Permanent amid the mutable,

    The Truth eternal in the things that change

    Thou wilt behold the Perfect !aw "osmos

    #rom "haos rises when the con$uered self

    !ies underneath man%s heel !o&e be thy strength ;

    !oo' on the passion(tortured multitudes,

    )nd ha&e compassion on them ; 'now their pain

    By thy long sorrow ended. Thou wilt come

    To perfect peace, and so wilt bless the world,

    !eading unto the High and Holy Way

    The feet of them that see'.*)nd now + go

    To my )bode ; go thou unto thy wor'.

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Editors preface

    James Allen may truly be called the Prophet ofMeditation. In an age of strife, hurry, rel igious

    cont roversy, heated arguments, ritual and

    ceremony, he came with his message of

    Meditat ion, cal ling men away from the din and

    strife of tongues into the peaceful paths of

    stil lness within their own souls, where the ight

    that lighteth every man that cometh into the world

    ever burns steadily and surely for all who will turn

    their weary eyes from the str ife without to the

    !uiet within! Many of the Meditations were written

    as he came down from the "airn in the ear ly

    morning, where he spent those precious hours

    alone with #od while the world slept. $thers are

    gleaned from his many wri tings, published

    and unpublished, and are arranged for daily

    readings at his re!uest, and, we believe, underhis spiritual guidance. %he boo& must ever be a

    stronghold of 'piritual %ruth and blessing to all

    who read it, and especially to those who use it for

    daily meditation. Its great power lies in that it is

    the very heart of a good man who l ived every

    word he wrote! %he beautiful half(tone portrait is

    a spea&ing l i&eness of the Author. It was ta&en

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    only si) wee&s before his translation, and has not

    been published before.

    *e are indebted to Messrs. Putnams 'ons

    +ondon and ew -or&, and to Messrs. *m.

    /ider and 'on, imited +ondon, for their cordial

    e)pressions of pleasure that some of the

    Meditat ions should be cul led from the boo&s

    published by them, vi0., The Mastery of

    "estiny, and Above Lifes Turmoil+Putnam,

    and #rom $assion to $eace, and Man % & ing of

    Mind, Body, and 'ircumstance +/ider.

    I- . AE.


    I4/A"$M2E, E#A5.

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    The way from passion to peace is by overcoming

    ones self!


    4/E63E%- the man of passion is most eager

    to put others right 7 but the man of wisdom puts

    himself r ight . I f one is an)ious to reform the

    world, let him begin by reforming himself. %he

    reformation of self does not end with the

    elimination of the sensual elements only 7 that is

    its beginning. It ends only when every vain

    thought and selfish aim is overcome. 'hort of

    perfect pur ity and wisdom, there is sti ll some

    form of self(slavery or fol ly which needs to be


    $n the wings of aspiration man rises from earth

    to heaven, from ignorance to &nowledge, from the

    under dar&ness to the upper light. *ithout it he

    remains a grovell ing animal, earthly, sensual,

    unenlightened, and uninspired.

    Aspiration is the longing for heavenly things!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Where is peace to be found( Where is the hiding)place of



    E% first things be put f irst 7 wor& before play 7

    duty before en8oyment7 and others before

    self % this is an e)cellent rule which cannot lead

    astray. %o ma&e a right beginning is half(way to

    victory. %he athlete who ma&es a bad start may

    lose his pri0e 7 the merchant who ma&es a false

    star t may lose his reputation ; and the %ruth(

    see&er who ma&es a wrong start may forego the

    crown of /ighteousness. %o begin with pure

    thoughts, sterling rectitude, unself ish purpose,

    noble aims, and an incorruptible conscience9this

    is to start r ight : this it is to put first things first,

    so that all other things will follow in harmonious

    order, ma&ing life simple, beautiful, successful,and peaceful.

    The soul will cry out for its lost heritage!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    * f one would f ind peace, he must come out of



    '$ long as animal condit ions taste sweet to a

    man, lie cannot aspire % he is so far satisfied ; but

    when their sweetness turns to bitterness, then in

    his sorrow he thin&s of nobler tilings. *hen he is

    depr ived of earthly 8oy, he aspires to the 8oy

    which is heavenly. I t is when impurity turns to

    suffering that purity is sought. %ruly aspiration

    rises, phoeni)( li&e, f rom the dead ashes of

    repentance, but on its powerful pinions man can

    reach the heaven of heavens.

    %he man of aspiration has entered the way which

    leads to peace 7 and surely he will reach that end

    if he stays not nor turns bac&. I f he constantly

    renews his mind with glimpses of the heavenly

    vision, he will reach the heavenly state.

    That which can be conceived can be achieved!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    +ur life is what we mae it by our own thoughts

    and deeds!


    MA attains in the measure that he aspires. ;is

    longing to be is the gauge of what he can be. %o

    fi) the mind is to fore(ordain the achievement. As

    man can e)perience and &now all low things, so

    he can e)perience and &now all high things. As

    he has become human, so he can become divine.

    %he turning of the mind in high and divine

    directions is the sole and needful tas&.

    *hat is impurity but the impure thoughts of the

    thin&er< *hat is purity but the pure thoughts of

    the thin&er< $ne man does not do the thin&ing of

    another. Each man is pure or impure of himself

    alone. %he man of aspiration sees before him the

    pathway up the heavenly heights, and his heart

    al ready e)periences a foretaste of the fina l


    There is a l i fe of v ictory over sin, and tr iumph

    over evil!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    When a manwishes and wil ls he can find the

    good and the true!

    JA3A/-4 I4%;.

    %;E #ates of ;eaven are for ever open, and no

    one is prevented from entering by any wil l or

    power but h is own 7 but no one can enter the

    =ingdom of ;eaven so long as he is enamoured

    of, and chooses, the seductions of hell, so long

    as he resigns himself to sin and sorrow.

    %here is a larger, higher, nobler, diviner life than

    that of sinning and suffering, which is so common

    9in which, indeed, nearly all are immersed9a

    life of victory over sin, and tr iumph over evil7 a

    life wise and happy, benign and tran!uil, virtuous

    and peaceful. %his l i fe can be found and l ived

    now, and he who lives it is steadfast in the midst

    of change ; restful among the restless7 peaceful,

    though surrounded by strife.

    -very moment is the time of choice 7 every hour

    is destiny!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    The lover of the pure life renews his mind daily!

    JA3A/-' I>%;.

    As the energetic man of business is not daunted

    by difficulties, but studies how to overcome them,

    so the man of ceaseless aspiration is not crushed

    into submission by temptations, but meditates

    how he may forti fy his mind 7 for the tempter is

    l i&e a coward, he only creeps in at wea& and

    unguarded points. %he tempted one should study

    thoughtfully the nature and meaning of

    temptation, for unt il i t is &nown i t cannot be

    overcome. ;e who is to overcome temptat ion

    must understand how it arises in his own

    dar&ness and error, and must study, by

    introspection and meditation, how to disperse the

    dar&ness and supplant error by truth.

    A man must &now himself if he is to &now truth.

    'elf(&nowledge is the handmaid of self(con!uest.

    -ngage daily in holy meditation on Truth and its


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    As errors and impunit ies are revealed, purge

    them way!


    ?E/- step upward means the leaving of

    something behind and below. %he high is reached

    only at the sacri fice of the low. %he good is

    secured only by abandoning the evil. =nowledge

    is ac!uired only by the destruction of ignorance.

    l ivery ac!uisition has i ts price, which must be

    paid 1to the uttermost farthing.1 Every animal,

    every creeping t il ing, possesses some gif t, so

    power, which man, in his upward march, has laid

    down, which he has e)changed for some higher

    gif t, or power. *hat great good men forfeit by

    cl inging to old sel fish habi ts @ 2ehind every

    humble sacrifice a winged angel waits to bear us

    up the heights of &nowledge and wisdom.

    et him who has attained guard against fal l ing

    bac&. et him be careful in l i t t le things, and be

    well fortified against the entrance of sin.

    Aim, with ardour, for the attainment of a perfect


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    The st r i fe of the wor ld in a l l i ts forms has i ts

    origin in one common cause, namely, individual


    JA3A/-E I#;%;.

    A the varied activities of human life are rooted

    in, and draw their v ital ity f rom, one common

    source9the human heart. %he cause of all

    suffer ing and all happiness resides, not in the

    outer act ivi ties of human l ife, but in the inner

    activi ties of the heart and mind ; and every

    e)ternal agency is sustained by the life which it

    derives from human conduct.

    %he man who cannot endure to have his errors

    and shortcomings brought to the surface and

    made &nown, but tr ies to hide them, is unfi t to

    wal& the highway of %ruth. ;e is not proper ly

    e!uipped to battle with and overcome temptation.

    ;e who cannot fearlessly face his lower nature

    cannot climb the rugged heights of renunciation.

    -ach man comes under the laws of his own

    being, never under the laws of another!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    When the soul is most tried, its need is greatest!

    JA3A/- I%;.

    5$ not despair because of fai lure. 4rom your

    particular failure there is a special greatness, a

    peculiar wisdom, to be gained ; and no teacher

    can lead you to that greatness, that wisdom,

    more surely and swiftly than your e)perience of

    failure. In every mista&e you ma&e, in every fall

    you encounter, there is a lesson of vital import if

    you wil l but search it out ; and he who will stoop

    to discover the good in that which appears to be

    disastrous will r ise superior to every event, and

    will util ise his failures as winged steeds to bear

    him to a final and supreme success.

    4oolish men blame others for their lapses and

    sins, but let the truth(lover blame only himself.

    et him ac&nowledge his complete responsibility

    for his own conduct.

    Where temptation is powerful, the greater and

    more enduring will be the victory!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    The great need of the soul is the need of that



    %;E old must pass away before the new can

    appear. %he old cottage must be demol ished

    before the new mansion can appear upon its site.

    %he old error must be destroyed before the new

    truth can come. . . . %he old self must be

    renounced before the new man can be born.

    *hen the old self of temper, impatience, envy,

    pride, and impurity has perished, then in its place

    will appear the new man of gentleness, patience,

    goodwill, humility, and purity. et the old life of

    sin and sorrow pass ; let the new life of

    /ighteousness and Joy come in. ... %hen all that

    was old and ugly will be made new and beautiful.

    It is in the realisation of this Principle where the

    =ingdom of ;eaven, the abiding home of the

    soul , resides, and which is the source and

    storehouse of every permanent blessing.

    A life of virtue is noble and e.cellent!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    *t matters l it tle what is wi thout, for i t is a ll a

    reflection of your own consciousness!


    %;E deplorable fai lure of many outward and

    isolated reforms is traceable to the fact that their

    devotees pursue them as an end in themselves,

    failing to see that they are merely steps towards

    ultimate, individual perfection.

    All true reform must come from within, in a

    changed heart and mind. %he giving up of certain

    foods and drin&s, and the brea&ing away from

    certain outward habits, are good and necessary

    beginnings7 but they are only beginnings, and to

    end there is to fall far short of a true spiritual life.

    I t is good, therefore, to c leanse the heart , to

    correct the mind, and to develop the

    understanding, for we &now that the one thing

    needed is a regenerate heart.

    * t matters everything what you are within, for

    everything without will be mirrored and coloured


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    /enew your resolution daily, and in the hour of

    temptation do not depart from the right path!


    %;E days are lengthening. Each day now the sun

    rises a l i t t le higher, and the l ight l ingers a l i t t le

    longer. 'o each day we can st rengthen our

    character7 each day we can open our heart a little

    more to the l ight of %ruth, and allow the 'un of

    /ighteousness to shine more highly in our mind.

    %he sun does not increase in volume or intensity,

    but the earth turns towards it, and receives more

    as it turns. All that there is of %ruth and #ood is

    now. It does not increase or diminish, but as we

    turn towards i t we receive of i ts radiance and

    beneficence in ever(increasing abundance and


    As the artisan ac!uires s&ill in fashioning the

    articles of his craft by daily and diligent practice

    with his tools, so do you ac!uire s&ill in

    fashioning good deeds by dai ly and di ligent

    practice of the %ruth.

    0ou can ac1uire Truth only by practice!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    The wise purify their thoughts!


    E?E/-day is a new birth in time, holding out new

    beginnings, new possibilities, new achievements.

    %he ages have witnessed the stars in their orbits,

    but this day hath no age witnessed. It is a new

    appearance, a new reality. It heralds a new life9

    yea, a new order, a new society, a new age. It

    holds out new hopes, new opportunit ies, to all

    men. In i t you can become a new man, a new

    woman. 4or you it can be the day of regeneration,

    renewal, rebi rth. 4rom the old past with its

    mista&es, fai lures, and sorrows, you can r ise a

    new being, endued with power and purpose, and

    radiant with the inspiration of a new ideal.

    2e chaste in mind and body. Abandon sensual

    pleasures. Purge the mind of selfishness, and

    live a life of e)alted purity.

    Be upright, gentle, and pure)hearted!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    -.ert yourself ceaselessly in decreasing evil

    and accumulating good!


    ?I"%$/- of all &inds is preceded by a season of

    preparation. It can no more appear spontaneously

    and erratically than can a flower or a mountain.

    i&e them, it is the culminating point in a process

    of growth, in a series of causes and effects. o

    mere wishing, no magic word, wil l produce

    worldly success ; it must be achieved by an

    orderly succession of well(directed efforts. o

    spir itual v ictory wil l be achieved by him who

    imagines that it does not begin until the hour of

    temptat ion arrives. All spiri tual t riumphs are

    gained in the si lent hour of medi tat ion, and

    through a series of successes in lesser trials. %he

    time of great temptation is the clima) of acon!uest that long preparation has made certain

    and complete.

    #i. your minds on the practice of virtue, and the

    comprehension and application of fi.ed and noble


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    The 2ever)-nding 3ladness awaits your 4ome)


    JA3A/-4I4%EE%; .

    A' the falling rain prepares the earth for the

    future crops of grain and fruit , so the rains of

    many sorrows showering upon the heart prepare

    and mellow it for the coming of that wisdom that

    perfects the mind and gladdens the heart. As the

    clouds dar&en the earth but to cool and fructify it,

    so the c louds of gr ief cast a shadow over the

    heart to prepare it for nobler things. %he hour of

    sorrow is the hour of reverence. It puts an end to

    the shallow sneer, the ribald 8est , the cruel

    calumny; i t softens the heart with sympathy, and

    enriches the mind with thoughtfulness. *isdom is

    mainly recollection of a ll that was learned by


    5o not thin& that your sorrow will remain ; it will

    pass away li&e a cloud.

    Where self ends, grief passes away!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Live sweetly and happily, as becomes the dignity

    of a true manhood and womanhood!

    JA3A/-' I>%EE%; .

    %;E/E is no greater happiness than to be

    occupied with good, whether it be good thoughts,

    good act ions, or good employment7 for every

    good thing is fraught with bliss, and evil cannot

    enter the heart or house that is tenanted by all

    that is good. %he mind whose doors are guarded

    by good shuts out unhappiness as the well(

    sentried garrison shuts out the foe. 3nhappiness

    can only enter through unguarded doors, and

    even then its power over the tenant is not

    complete unless it f ind him occupied with evil.

    ot to entertain evi l thoughts 7 not to do bad

    actions ; not to engage in worthless or

    !uestionable employment, but to resort to good inall things9this is the source of supreme


    $ure happiness is the rightful and happy

    condition of the soul!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    All things are orderly and se1uential being

    governed by the law of causation!


    5$ not trouble about results, or be an)ious as to

    the future; but be troubled about personal

    shortcomings, and be an)ious to remove them 7

    for &now this simple truth9wrong does not result

    from right, and a good present cannot give birth

    to a bad future. -ou are the custodian of your

    deeds, but not of the resul ts which f low from

    them. %he deeds of to(day bring the happiness or

    sorrow of to(morrow. 2e therefore concerned

    about what you thin& and do, rather than about

    what may or may not come to you; for he whose

    deeds are good does not concern himself about

    results, and is freed from fear of future ill.

    5erily the Law reigneth, and reigneth for ever,

    and 6ustice and Love are its eternal ministers!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Spea only words which are truthful and sincere!

    JA3A/-E I#;%EE%;.

    %;E storm may rage without, but it cannot affect

    us i f there is peace within. As by the f ireside

    there is security from the fiercest storm, so the

    heart that is steadfast in the &nowledge of %ruth

    abides in peace, though all around be strife and

    perturbation. %he bitter opposition of men and the

    unrest of the world cannot ma&e us bit ter and

    restless unless we enter into and co(operate with

    it. /ather, if we have peace in our heart, will the

    outer turmoil cause our peace to deepen, to ta&e

    firmer root, and to show forth more abundantly in

    wor&s of peace for the softening of human hearts

    and the enlightening of human minds.

    2lessed is he who has no wrongs to remember,

    no in8uries to forget, in whose pure heart no

    hateful thought about another can ta&e root and


    4e who speas evi l of another cannot f ind the

    way of peace!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    $urification is necessarily severe! All becoming is


    JA3A/- IE%EE%;.

    *;E a storm has subsided, and all is calm

    again, observe how all nature seems to pause in

    a restorative silence. A restful !uiet pervades all

    things, so that even inanimate ob8ects seem to

    participate in the recuperative repose. 'o when a

    too violent eagerness or a sudden burst of

    passion has spent itself, there comes a period of

    reflective thought, a t ime of calm, in which the

    mind is restored, and things are seen in their true

    outlines and right proportions. It is wise to ta&e

    advantage of this !uiet t ime by gaining a truer

    &nowledge of ones sel f, and forming a more

    &indly 8udgment of others. %he hour of calm is the

    hour of restoration.

    Joy comes and f il ls the sel f(emptied heart 7 i t

    abides with the peaceful ; i ts reign is with the


    Mae your every thought, word, and deed sweet

    and pure!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    *n the dar t imes of sorrow, men approach very

    near to Truth!

    JA3A/-%*E%IE%; .

    *;E the tears f low, and the heart aches,

    remember then the sorrow of the world. *hen

    sorrow has overta&en you, remember then that it

    overta&es all 7 that none escape it 7 that it is the

    great fact in human l ife that ma&es rel ig ion a

    necessity. %hin& not that your pain is isolated and

    un8ustly inflicted. It is but a fragment of the great

    pain of the world. It is the common e)perience of

    all . Perceiving this, let sorrow gently lead you

    into a deeper rel igion, a wider compassion, a

    tenderer regard for all men and all creatures. et

    it bring you into greater love and deeper peace.

    2ear well in mind that nothing can overta&e you

    that does not belong to you, and that is not for

    your eternal good.

    The end of sorrow is 7oy and peace!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    The sorrowless state is reached through sor row!


    A' light displaces dar&ness, and !uiet follows

    storm, so gladness displaces sorrow, and peace

    comes after pain. %he deeper wisdom which flows

    from ac!uaintance with sorrow brings with it a

    hol ier and more abiding 8oy than that shallow

    e)citement that preceded sorrow. 2etween the

    lesser 8oys of the senses and the greater 8oy of

    the spiri t l ies the dar& vale of sorrow through

    which al l earthly pilgrims pass, and having

    passed through it, the heavenly Joy, the Abiding

    #ladness, is henceforth our companion. %hey

    who have passed from the earthly to the heavenly

    pilgrimage have lifted the dar& veil of sorrow from

    the radiant face of %ruth.

    4e whose treasure is Truth, who fashions his life

    in accordance with Wisdom, will find the 6oy

    which does not pass away7 crossing the wide

    ocean of i l lusion, he will come to the sorrowless


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    All outward oppression is but the shadow and

    effect of the real oppression within!


    I happiness and unhappiness, in 8oy and sorrow,

    in success and failure, in victory and defeat7 in

    religion, business, c ircumstances 7 in a ll the

    issues of life, the determining factor is character.

    In the mental ity of individuals l ie the h idden

    causes of al l that pertains to their outward l i fe.

    "haracter is both cause and effect. It is the doer

    of deeds and the recipient of results. ;eaven,

    hell , purgatory, are contained with in i t. %he

    character that is impure and vicious will

    e)per ience a l ife f rom which the elements of

    happiness and beauty are lac&ing, wheresoever

    they may be placed 7 but a pure and v irtuous

    character will show forth a life that is happy andbeautiful. As you ma&e your character, so will you

    shape your life.

    To put away self and passion, and establ ish ones

    self in right doing, this is the highest wisdom!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    2ot departing from the path of hol iness, but

    surmounting all diff icult ies and continuing to the

    end whosoever does this will comprehend Truth!


    *;E great difficulties arise, and troubles beset,

    regard your perple)ity as a call to deeper thought

    and more vigorous action. othing will attac& you

    that you are not capable of overcoming7 no

    problem will ve) you that you cannot solve. %he

    greater your trial, the greater your test of

    strength, and the more complete and triumphant

    your victory. ;owever complicated your ma0e of

    confusion may be, there is a way out of i t , and

    the finding of that way will e)ercise your powers

    to the utmost, and wil l br ing out all your latent

    s&i ll , energy, and resource. *hen you have

    mastered that which threatens to master you, youwill re8oice in a new(found strength.

    &nowing the Truth by practice, and being at one

    with Truth, you will be invincible, for Truth cannot

    be confounded or overthrown!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Loo not outside thee nor behind thee for the

    light and blessedness of Truth, but loo wi thin!


    *E advance by a scr ies of efforts. *e gather

    st rength, whether mental or physical, by a

    succession of s trivings in given di rect ions.

    E)ertion, oft repeated, leads to power. It is by

    obeying this law that the athlete trains himself to

    accomplish wonderful feats of speed or

    endurance. *hen the e)ertion is along

    intellectual l ines, i t leads to unusual talent, or

    genius 7 and when in spiritual channels, it leads

    to wisdom, or transcendent greatness. *e should

    not mourn when circumstances are driving us to

    greater efforts and more protracted e)ert ion.

    Events are only evil to the mind that ma&es them

    so. %hey are good to him that accepts thei rdiscipline as salutary.

    Thou wilt f ind Truth within the narrow sphere of

    thy duty, even in the humble and hidden

    sacrifices of thine own heart!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    There is no blessedness anywhere until

    impatience is sacrificed!


    5E'P$5E"-, an)iety, worry, and irritability

    cannot cure the ills against which they are

    directed. %hey only add more misery to the

    troubles that prompt them. %he cult ivation of a

    steadfast and serene spirit cannot be overloo&ed

    if l ife is to yield any measure of usefulness and

    happiness. %he trifles, and even greater troubles,

    which annoy would soon dissolve and disappear

    if confronted with a temper that refuses to be

    ruffled and disturbed. Personal aims, wishes,

    schemes, and pleasures will meet with chec&s,

    rebuffs, and obstacles 7 and it is in learning to

    meet these reverses in a wise and calm spirit that

    we discover the true and abiding happiness withinour heart.

    When impatience and irr i tabil ity are put away,

    then is realised and en7oyed the blessedness of a

    strong, 1uiet, and peaceful mind!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    The greatest blessedness comes to him who

    infuses into his mind the purest and noblest



    *E are becoming wise when we &now and realise

    that happiness abides in certain habits of mind,

    or mental characteristics, rather than in material

    possessions, or in certain combinations of

    ci rcumstances. It is a common delusion to

    imagine that if one only possessed this or that9

    a l it tle more money, a l it tle more leisure, this

    mans talent, or that mans opportunities7 or if one

    had better friends, or more favourable

    surroundings9one would be happy with a perfect

    felicity. Alas @ discontent and misery lie in such

    vain wishes. If happiness is not already found

    within, it will never be found without. %hehappiness of a wise mind abides through al l


    0our whole life is a series of effects, having their

    cause in thought9in your own thought!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    A sweet and happy soul is the ripened fruit of

    e.perience and wisdom,!


    %;E/E is an infinite patience in nature which it is

    profi table to contemplate. A comet may ta&e a

    thousand years to complete its orbit7 the sea may

    occupy ten thousand years in wearing away the

    land 7 the complete evolution of the human race

    may occupy mill ions of years. %his should ma&e

    us ashamed of our hurry, fussiness, discontent,

    disappointments, and ridiculous self(importance

    over trif l ing things of an hour or a day. Patience

    is conducive to the highest greatness, the most

    far(reaching usefulness, and the profoundest

    peace. *ithout it, life will lose much of its power

    and influence, and its 8oy win be largely


    1'o with well(ordered strenuousness /aise thou

    thy structure of 'uccess.1

    4e who f i l ls with useful pursuits the minutes as

    they come and go grows old in honour and

    wisdom, and prosperity abides with him!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    2o pure thought, no unsel fish deed, can fal l

    shortof i ts fel ic itous results, and every such

    result is a happy consummation!


    I4 to(day is cold and gloomy, is that a cause for

    despair < 5o we not &now that there are warm,

    bright days ahead < Already the birds are

    beginning to sing, and the tremulous tri l l in their

    little throats is prophetic of the approaching love

    of a new spring, and of the bounty of a summer

    that as yet is but a sleeping germ in the womb of

    this gloomy day, but whose birth is sure, and its

    full growth certain. o effort is vain. %he spring of

    all your aspirations is near9very near ; and the

    summer of your unselfish deeds will surely come

    to pass.

    'elf shall depart, and %ruth shall ta&e its place ;

    %he "hangeless $ne, the Indivisible, 'hall ta&e

    up ;is abode in me, and cleanse %he *hite /obe

    of the ;eart Invisible.

    3o to your tas with love in your heart, and you

    will go to it light)hearted and cheerful!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    8nrest and pain and sorrow are the shadows of



    ' there no way of escape from pain and sorrow %;.

    %;E/E is no diff iculty, however great, but wil l

    yield before a calm and powerful concentration of

    thought, and no legi timate ob8ect but may be

    speedily actualised by the intel ligent use and

    direction of ones soul(forces.

    ot until you have gone deeply and searchingly

    into your inner nature, and have overcome many

    enemies that lur& there, can you have any

    appro)imate conception of the subtle power of

    thought, of its inseparable relation to outward and

    material things, or of its magical potency, when

    rightly poised and directed, in re(ad8usting and

    transforming the l i fe(condit ions. Every thought

    you thin& is a force sent out, and in accordance

    with its nature and intensity will it go out to see&

    a lodgment in minds receptive to it, and will react

    upon yourself for good or evil.

    Thin good thoughts, and they wi ll 1uicly

    become actual ised in your outward l ife in the

    form of good conditions!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    4e only is fitted to command and control who has

    succeeded in commanding and controlling



    I4 you would ac!uire overcoming power, you

    must cultivate poise and passivity. -ou must be

    able to stand alone. All power is associated with

    immovabil ity. %he mountain, the massive roc&,

    the storm(tr ied oa&, all spea& to us of power,

    because of their combined solitary grandeur and

    defiant fi)ity 7 while the shifting sand, the yielding

    twig, and the waving reed spea& to us of

    wea&ness, because they are movable and non(

    resistant, and are utterly useless when detached

    from their fellows. ;e is the man of power who,

    when all his fellows are swayed by some emotion

    or passion, remains calm and unmoved. %hehysterical, the fearful, the thoughtless and

    frivolous, let such see& company, or they will fall

    for lac& of support7 but the calm, the fearless, the

    thoughtful and grave, let such see& solitude, and

    to their power more power will be added.

    Be of single aim! 4ave a legit imate and useful

    purpose, and devote yourself unreservedly to it!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Self)seeing is self)destruction

    4E2/3A/-E I#;%;.

    I4 you would realise true prosperity, do not settle

    down, as many have done, into the belief that if

    you do right everything wil l go wrong. 5o not

    allow the word competition to sha&e your faith in

    the supremacy of righteousness. I care not what

    man may say about the laws of competit ion, for

    do I not &now the 3nchangeable aw, which shall

    one day put them all to rout, and which puts them

    to rout even now in the heart and li fe of the

    righteous man < And &nowing this aw I can

    contemplate al l d ishonesty with undisturbed

    repose, for I &now where certain destruct ion

    awaits i t. %hose who have wandered from the

    highway of righteousness guard themselves

    against competition 7 those who always pursuethe right need not to trouble about such defence.

    8nder all circumstances do that which you

    believe to be r ight, and trust the Law 7 trust the

    "ivine $ower, and you will always be protected!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    $erfect Love is $erfect $ower!


    %;E wisely loving heart commands without

    e)ercising any authority. All things and all men

    obey him who obeys the ;ighest. ;e thin&s, and

    lo @ he has already accomplished @ ;e spea&s,

    and behold @ a world hangs upon his simple

    utterances @ ;e has harmonised his thoughts with

    the Imperishable and 3ncon!uerable 4orces, and

    for him wea&ness and uncertainty are no more.

    ;is every thought is a purpose 7 his every act an

    accomplishment7 he moves with the #reat aw,

    not setting his puny personal will against it, and

    he thus becomes a channel through which the

    5ivine Power can flow in unimpeded and

    benef icent e)press ion. ;e has thus become

    Power itself.

    $erfect Love is $erfect Wisdom!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    * f you real ly see Truth, you wil l be wil ling to

    mae the effort necessary for its achievement!


    A% the outset, meditation must be distinguished

    from idle reverie! %here is nothing dreamy and

    unpractical about it. It is a process of searching

    and uncompromising thought which allows

    nothing to remain but the simple and naed

    truth! %hus meditating you will no longer strive to

    build yourself up in your pre8udices, but,

    forgetting self, you wil l remember only that you

    are see&ing the %ruth. And so you wil l remove,

    one by one, the errors which you have bui lt

    around yourself in the past, and will patiently wait

    for the revelation of %ruth which will come when

    your errors have been sufficiently removed.

    Let the supreme ob7ect of your meditation be


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    As the flower opens its petals to receive the

    morning light, so open your soul more and more

    to the glorious light of Truth!


    'PI/I%3A meditat ion and self(discipline are

    inseparable 7 you wil l , therefore, commence to

    meditate upon yourself so as to try and

    understand yourself, for, remember, the great

    ob8ect you will have in view will be the complete

    removal of all your errors in order that you may

    realise %ruth. -ou wil l begin to !uestion your

    motives, thoughts, and acts, comparing them with

    your ideal, and endeavouring to loo& upon them

    with a calm and impartial eye. In this manner you

    will be continually gaining more of that mental

    and spiritual e!uilibrium without which men are

    but helpless straws upon the ocean of life.

    Soar upward on the wings of aspi ration ; be

    fearless, and believe in the loftiest possibilities!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    A beginning is a cause, and, as such it must be

    followed by an effect!


    %;E nature of an ini tial impulse wi ll always

    determine the body of i ts results. A beginning

    also presupposes an ending, a consummation,

    achievement, or goal. A gate leads to a path, and

    the path leads to some particular destination 7 so

    a beginning leads to results, and results lead to a


    %here are right beginnings and wrong beginnings,

    which are fo llowed by effects of a li&e nature. -ou

    can, by careful thought, avoid wrong beginnings

    and ma&e r ight beginnings, and so escape evil

    results and en8oy good results. In aiming at the

    life of 2lessedness, one of the simplest

    beginnings to be considered and rightly made is

    that which we all ma&e every day9namely, the

    beginning of each days life.

    The effect wil l always be of the same nature as

    the cause!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Wisdom inheres in the common details of

    everyday e.istence!


    E?E/-%;I# in the universe is made of l it tle

    things, and the perfection of the great is based

    upon the perfection up of the small. If any detail

    of the universe were imperfect, the whole would

    be imperfect. I f any particle were omitted, the

    aggregate would cease to be. *ithout a grain of

    dust there would be no world, and the whole is

    perfect because the grain of dust is perfect.

    eglect of the small is confusion of the great. %he

    snowdrop is as perfect as the star 7 the dewdrop

    is as symmetrical as the planet 7 the microbe is

    not less mathematically proport ioned than the

    man. 2y laying stone upon stone, plumbing and

    fitting each with perfect ad8ustment, the temple atlast stands forth in all its architectural beauty.

    When the parts are made perfect, the Whole will

    be without blemish!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    4e who masters the small becomes the r ightful

    possessor of the great!

    4E2/3A/-4 I4%EE%;.

    %;E foolish man thin&s that l it tle faul ts, l it tle

    indulgences, l itt le sins, are of no conse!uence7

    he persuades himself that so long as he does not

    commit flagrant immoralities he is virtuous, and

    even holy7 but he is thereby deprived of virtue

    and holiness, and the world &nows him

    accordingly 7 i t does not reverence, adore, and

    love him 7 it passes him by 7 he is rec&oned of no

    account7 his influence is destroyed. %he efforts of

    such a man to ma&e the world vi rtuous, his

    e)hortations to his fellow men to abandon great

    vices, are empty of substance and barren of

    fruitage. %he insignificance which he attaches to

    his small vices permeates his whole character,and is the measure of his manhood.

    4e who regards his smallest delin1uencies as of

    the gravest nature becomes a saint!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Truth is wrapped up in infinitesimal details!

    4E2/3A/-' I>%EE%;.

    A' the year consists of a given number of

    se!uential moments, so a mans character and

    l ife consists of a given number of se!uent ia l

    thoughts and deeds, and the finished whole will

    bear the impress of the parts. ittle &indnesses,

    generosities, and sacrifices ma&e up a &ind and

    generous character. %he truly honest man is

    honest in the minutest detai ls of his l ife. %he

    noble man is noble in every l i t t le thing he says

    and does. -ou do not l ive your life in the mass 7

    you live it in fragments, and from these the mass

    emerges. -ou can will to live each fragment nobly

    if you choose, and, this being done, there can be

    no particle of baseness in the finished whole.

    Thoroughness is genius!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Truth in its very nature is ineffable and can only

    be lived!


    %/3%; is the one /eali ty in the universe, the

    inward ;armony, the perfect Justice, the eternal

    ove. othing can be added to it, nor ta&en from

    it. It does not depend upon any man, but all men

    depend upon it. -ou cannot perceive the beauty

    of %ruth while you are loo&ing out from the eyes

    of self. If you are vain, you will colour everything

    with your own vanities. If lustful, your heart and

    mind will be clouded with the smo&e and flames

    of passion, and everything will appear distorted

    through them. If proud and opinionative, you will

    see nothing in the whole universe e)cept the

    magnitude and importance of your own opinions.

    %he humble %ruth(lover has learned to distinguishbetween opinion and Truth!

    4e who has most of 'harity has most o f Truth!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    That which temptation appeals to and arouses is

    uncon1uered desire!

    4E2/3A/- IE%EE%;.

    %EMP%A%I$ waylays the man of aspiration until

    he touches the region of the divine

    consciousness, and beyond that border

    temptation cannot fol low him. It is when a man

    begins to aspire that he begins to be tempted.

    Aspiration rouses up all the latent good and evil,

    in order that the man may be ful ly revealed to

    himself , for a man cannot overcome h imsel f

    unless he fully &nows himself. It can scarcely be

    said of the merely animal man that he is tempted,

    for the very presence of temptation means that

    there is a striving for a purer state. Animal desire

    and gratif ication is the normal condit ion of the

    man who has not yet r isen into aspirat ion 7 hewishes for nothing more, nothing better, than his

    sensual en8oyments, and is, for the present,

    satisfied. 'uch a man cannot be tempted to fall,

    for he has not yet risen.

    Aspiration can carry a man to heaven!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    See diligently the path of holiness!


    %;E giving up of self is not merely the

    renunciation of outward things. It consists of the

    renunciation of the inward sin, the inward error.

    ot by giving up vain clothing7 not by

    relin!uishing riches 7 not by abstaining from

    certain foods 7 not by spea&ing smooth words 7

    not by merely doing these things is the %ruth

    found. 2ut by giving up the spir i t of vanity7 by

    relin!uishing the desire for riches 7 by abstaining

    from the lust of self(indulgence 7 by giving up all

    hatred, strife, condemnation, and self(see&ing,

    and becoming gentle and pure at heart, by doing

    these things is the %ruth found.

    The renunciation of self is the way of Truth!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    4e who ceases to be passions slave becomes a

    master)builder in the Temple of "estiny,


    A MA commences to develop power when,

    chec&ing his impulses and selfish inclinations, he

    falls bac& upon the higher and calmer

    consciousness within him, and begins to steady

    himself upon a principle.

    %he realisation of unchanging principles in

    consciousness is at once the source and secret

    of the highest power.

    *hen, after much searching, and suffering, and

    sacrificing, the light of an eternal principle dawns

    upon the soul , a d ivine ca lm ensues and 8oy

    unspea&able gladdens the heart.

    ;e who has realised such a principle ceases towander, and remains poised and self(possessed.

    +nly that wor endures that is bui lt upon an

    indestructible principle!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Men and women of real power and influence are



    I% is easy for a man, so long as he is left in the

    en8oyments of h is possessions, to persuade

    himself that he bel ieves in and adheres to the

    principles of Peace, 2rotherhood, and 3niversal

    ove 7 but if, when his en8oyments are

    threatened, or he imagines they are threatened,

    he begins to clamour loudly for war, he shows

    that he believes in and stands upon, not Peace,

    2rotherhood, and ove, but strife, self ishness,

    and hatred.

    ;e who does not desert his principles when

    threatened with the loss of every earthly thing,

    even to the loss of reputation and life, is the man

    of power, is the man whose every word endures,

    is the man whom the after(world honours,

    reveres, and worships.

    There is no way to the ac1uirement of spir itual

    power e.cept by that inward il lumination and


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    All pain and sorrow is spiritual starvation, and

    aspiration is the cry for food!


    MA' essential being is inward, invisible,

    spiri tual, and as such it derives i ts life, its

    strength, from within not from without. $utward

    things are channels through which its energies

    are e)pended, but for renewal it must fall bac& on

    the inward s i lence. In so far as man see&s to

    drown this silence in the noisy pleasures of the

    senses, and endeavours to live in the conflicts of

    outward things, 8ust so much does he reap the

    e)periences of pain and sorrow, which, becoming

    at last intolerable, drive him bac& to the feet of

    the inward "omforter, to the shrine of the

    peaceful solitude within.

    *t is in sol itude only that a man can be truly

    revealed to himself!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    *n solitude a man gathers strength to meet the

    difficulties and temptations of life!


    J3'% as the body re!uires rest for the

    recuperation of its forces, so the spirit re!uires

    solitude for the renewal of its energies. 'olitude

    is as indispensable to mans spiritual welfare as

    sleep is to his bodily wel l(being 7 and pure

    thought, or meditation, which is evo&ed in

    sol itude, is to the spiri t what act iv ity is to the

    body. As the body brea&s down when deprived of

    the needful rest and sleep, so do the spir its of

    men brea& down when deprived of the necessary

    silence and solitude. Man, as a spir itual being,

    cannot be maintained in strength, uprightness,

    and peace e)cept he periodical ly withdraw

    himself from the outer world of perishable things,and reach inwardly towards the abiding and

    imperishable realities.

    4e who loves Truth, who des ires and sees

    wisdom, will be much alone!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    4uman loves are reflections of the "ivine Love!


    ME, c linging to self , and to the comfort less

    shadows of evi l , are in the habit of thin&ing of

    5ivine ove as something belonging to a #od

    who is out of reach 7 as something outside

    themselves, and that must for ever remain

    outside. %ruly, the ove of #od is ever beyond the

    reach of self, but when the heart and mind are

    empt ied of sel f then the sel fless ove, the

    supreme ove, the ove that is of #od, or #ood,

    becomes an inward and abiding reality.

    And this inward realisation of holy ove is none

    other than the ove of "hrist, that is so much

    tal&ed about, and so l it tle comprehended 7 the

    ove that not only saves the soul from sin, but

    lifts it also above the power of temptation.

    "ivine Love nows neither sorrow nor change!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    #ind your centre of balance and succeed in

    standing alone!


    3%I you can stand alone, loo&ing for guidance

    neither to spirits nor mortals, gods nor men, but

    guiding yourself by the l ight of the truth within

    you, you are not unfettered and free, not

    altogether blessed. 2ut do not mista&e pride for

    se lf (rel iance. %o attempt to s tand upon the

    crumbling foundation of pride is to be already

    fallen. o man depends upon others more than

    the proud man. ;is happiness is entirely in the

    hands of others. 2ut the self(reliant man stands,

    not upon personal pride, but on an abiding law,

    principle, ideal, reality, within himself. 3pon this

    he poises himself, refusing to be swept from his

    strong foothold either by the waves of passionwithin or the storms of opinion without.

    #ind the 7oy that results from well)earned

    freedom, the peace that f lows from wise self)

    possession, the blessedness that inheres in

    native strength!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    As the fountain from the hidden spring, so issues

    mans life from the secret recesses of his heart!

    MA/";4 I/'%.

    A' the heart, so is the life. %he within is

    ceaselessly becoming the wi thout. othing

    remains unrevealed. %hat which is hidden is but

    for a t ime 7 i t ripens and comes forth at last .

    'eed, t ree, blossom, and frui t is the fourfold

    order of the universe. 4rom the state of a man s

    heart proceed the condi tions of his li fe 7 his

    thoughts blossom into deeds, and his deeds bear

    the fruitage of character and destiny.

    ife is ever unfolding from within, and revealing

    itself to the light, and thoughts engendered in the

    heart at last reveal themselves in words, actions,

    and things accomplished.

    Mind clothes itself in garments of its own maing!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    There is no nobler woror hi gher science than

    that of self)perfection!


    E% man realise that l ife in its totality proceeds

    from the mind, and lo, the way of blessedness is

    opened to him. 4or he will then discover that he

    possesses the power to ru le his mind, and to

    fashion it in accordance with his ideal. 'o will he

    elect to s trongly and steadfastly wal& those

    pathways of thought and action which are

    altogether e)cellent ; to him life will become

    beautiful and sacred ; and, sooner or later, he will

    put to flight all evil, confusion, and suffering 7 for

    it is impossible for a man to fall short of

    liberation, enlightenment, and peace who guards

    with unwearying dil igence the gateway of h is


    4e who aims at the possession of a calm, wise,

    and seeing mind engages in the most sublime

    tas that man can undertae!

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  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Without the right performance of "uty, the higher

    virtues cannot be nown!

    MA/";4 I4%;.

    A duty should be regarded as sacred, and its

    faithful and unselfish performance one of the

    leading rules of conduct. All personal and selfish

    considerations should be e)tracted and cast away

    from the doing of ones duty 7 and when this is

    done, 5uty ceases to be ir&some, and becomes

    8oyful. 5uty is only ir&some to him who craves

    some selfish en8oyment or benefit for himself. et

    the man who is chafing under the ir&some(ness of

    his duty loo& to himself, and he will f ind that his

    wearisomeness proceeds, not from the duty itself,

    but from his self ish desire to escape it. ;e who

    neglects duty, be it great or small, or of a public

    or private nature, neglects ?irtue 7 and he who inhis heart rebels against 5uty rebels against


    The virtuous man concentrates his mind on the

    perfect doing of his own duty!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    -very form of unhappiness springs from a wrong

    condition of mind!


    A sin is ignorance. It is a condition of dar&ness

    and undevelopment. %he wrong(thin&er and the

    wrong(doer is in the same position in the school

    of l i fe as is the ignorant pupi l in the school of

    learning. ;e has yet to learn how to thin& and act

    correctly, that is, in accordance with aw. %he

    pupil in learning is not happy so long as he does

    his lessons wrongly, and unhappiness cannot be

    escaped while sin remains uncon(


    ife is a series of lessons. 'ome are dil igent in

    learning them, and they become pure, wise, and

    altogether happy. $thers are negligent, and do

    not apply themselves, and they remain impure,

    foolish, and unhappy.

    4appiness is mental harmony.

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  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    -rror is si fted away! The 3old of Truth remains!


    'PI/I%3A transmutation consists in an entire

    reversal of the ordinary self(see&ing atti tude of

    mind towards men and things, and this reversal

    brings about an entirely new set of e)periences.

    %hus the desire for a certain pleasure is

    abandoned, cut off at its source, and not allowed

    to have any place in the consciousness 7 but the

    mental force which that desire represented is not

    annihilated, it is transferred to a higher region of

    thought, transmuted into a purer form of energy.

    %he law of conservation of energy obtains

    universal ly in mind as in matter, and the force

    shut off in lower directions is l iberated in higher

    realms of spiritual activity.

    The clear and cloudless heights of spir itual


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    The present is the synthesis of the entire past;

    the net result of all that a man has ever thought

    and done is contained within hint!


    I% is this &nowledge of the Perfect aw wor&ing

    through and above al l t ilings7 o f the Perfect

    Justice operat ing in and ad8usting all human

    affairs, that enables the good man to love his

    enemies, and to rise above all hatred,

    resentment, and complaining 7 for he &nows that

    only his own can come to him, and that, though

    he be surrounded by persecutors, his enemies

    are but the blind instruments of a faultless

    retribution ; and so he blames them not, but

    calmly receives his accounts, and patiently pays

    his moral debts. 2ut this is not al l; he does not

    merely pay his debts 7 he ta&es care not tocontract any further debts. ;e watches himself

    and ma&es his deeds faultless.

    'haracteristics are fi.ed habits of mind, the

    results of deeds!

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  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    * t is by the eradication of the inward errors and

    impurities alone that a nowledge of Truth can be

    gained! There is no other way to wisdom and


    MA/";%*E%IE%; .

    %;E peace which passeth understanding is a

    peace which no event or circumstance can sha&e

    or mar, because it is not merely a passing calm

    between two storms, but is an abiding peace that

    is born of &nowledge. Men have not this peace,

    because they do not understand, because they do

    not now, and they do not understand and &now

    because they are blinded and rendered ignorant

    by their own errors and impurit ies 7 and whilst

    they are unwill ing to give these up, they cannot

    but remain ent irely ignorant of impersonal


    Whilst a man loves his lusts he cannot love


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen



    ME suffer because they love self, and do notlove righteousness, and loving self they love their

    delusions, and it is by these that they are bound.

    %here is one supreme liberty of which no man can

    be deprived by any but himself9the l iberty to

    love and to practise righteousness!

    %his includes all other liberties. It belongs to the

    whipped and chained slave e!ually as to the &ing,

    and he who wil l enter into t ins l iberty wi l l cast

    from him every chain. 2y this the slave will wal&

    out from the presence of his oppressor, who will

    be powerless to stay him. 2y this the &ing wil l

    cease to be defiled by his surrounding lu)uries,

    and will be a &ing indeed.

    2o outward oppressor can burden the righteous


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    #ollow faithfully where the inward light leads you!


    I% is well to become conscious of your

    shortcomings, for, having realised them, and

    feeling the necessity of overcoming them, you

    will, sooner or later, rise above them into the pure

    atmosphere of duty and unself ish love. -ou

    should not picture dar& things in the future, but if

    you thin& of the future at all, thin& of it as bright.

    Above all, do your duty each day, and do it

    cheerfully and unselfishly, and then each day will

    bring its own measure of 8oy and peace, and the

    future will hold much happiness for you. %he best

    way to overcome your faults is to perform all your

    duties faithfully, without thin&ing of any gain to

    yourself , and to do al l you can to ma&e others

    happy ; spea&ing &indly to all, doing &ind thingswhen you can, and not retaliating when others do

    or say un&ind things.

    $ut your whole heart into the present, l iving it ,

    minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day,

    self)governed and pure!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    *t is better to love than to accuse and denounce!


    %;E/E is that outburst of passion which is called

    1righteous indignat ion,1 and i t appears to be

    righteous, but loo&ed at from a higher conception

    of conduct it is seen to be not righteous. %here is

    a certain stamp of nobil i ty about indignation at

    wrong or in8ustice, and it is certainly far higher

    and nobler than indifference, but there is a loftier

    nobility still, by which it is seen that indignation is

    never necessary, and where love and gentleness

    ta&e i ts place, they overcome the wrong much

    more effectual ly. A person that is apparently

    wronged re!ui res our pi ty, but the one who

    wrongs re!uires still more our compassion, for he

    is ignorant ly laying up for himself a s tore of

    suffering C he must reap the wrong he is sowing!When divine compassion is perce ived in i ts

    fullness and beauty,indignation and all forms of

    passion cease to e.ercise any influence over us!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Love is far beyond the reach of all selfish

    argument and can only be lived!


    JE'3' gave to the world a code of rules, by the

    observance of which all men could become sons

    of #od, could live the Perfect ife. %hese rules or

    precepts are so simple, direct, and unmista&able

    that it is impossible to misunderstand them. 'o

    plain and une!uivocal are they that even an

    unlettered child could grasp their meaning

    without difficulty. All of them are directly related

    to human conduct, and can be applied only by the

    individual in his own life. %o carry out the spirit of

    these rules in ones daily conduct constitutes the

    whole duty of life, and lifts the individual into the

    full consciousness of his divine origin and nature,

    of his oneness with #od, the 'upreme #ood.

    Men everywhere, in their inmost hearts, now

    that 3oodness is divine!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    A man has no character, no soul, no life, apart

    from his thoughts and deeds!


    EA"; man is responsible for the thoughts which

    he thin&s and the acts which he does, for h is

    state of mind, and the l ife which he l ives. o

    power, no event, no circumstance, can compel a

    man to evil and unhappiness. ;e himself is his

    own compeller. ;e thin&s and acts by his own

    volition. o being, however wise and great9not

    even the 'upreme9can ma&e him good and

    happy. ;e himself must choose the good, and

    thereby find the happy.

    %his l ife of t riumph is not for those who are

    satisfied with any lower conditions 7 it is for those

    who thirst for it and are willing to achieve it7 who

    are as eager for righteousness as the miser is for

    gold. It is always at hand, and is offered to all,

    and blessed are they who accept and embrace

    it 7 they will enter the world of %ruth 7 they will

    find the Perfect Peace.

    There is a larger, higher, nobler, diviner life than

    that of sinning and suffering!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Man as mind is sub7ect to change! 4e is not

    something : made : and f inal ly completed, but

    has within him the capacityfor progress!


    %;E purification of the heart, the thin&ing of right

    thoughts, and the doing of good deeds9what are

    they but calls to a higher, nobler mode of thought

    energising forces urging men to effort in the

    choosing of thoughts which shall l if t them into

    realms of greater power, greater good, greater

    bliss %;.

    2355;A always referred to the moral law of the

    universe as the #ood aw, and indeed it is not

    rightly perceived if it is thought of as anything but

    good, for in it there can be no grain of evil, no

    element of un&indness. I t is no i ron(hear ted

    monster crushing the wea& and destroying the

    ignorant, but a soothing love and brooding

    compassion shielding the tenderest from harm,

    and protecting the strongest from a too

    destructive use of their strength. It destroys an

    evil, i t preserves an good. It enfolds the tiniest

    seedl ing in i ts care, and i t destroys the most

    colossal wrong with a breath. %o perceive it, is

    the beatific vision 7 to &now it, is the beatific bliss7 and they who perceive and &now it are at

    peace 7 they are glad for ever more.

    The wise manbends his wil l and sub7ects his

    desire to the "iv ine +rder!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    /ise above the allurements of sin, and enter the

    "ivine 'onsciousness, the Transcendent Life!


    %;E/E comes a time in the process of

    transmutation when, with the decrease of evil and

    the accumulat ion of good, there dawns in the

    mind a new vision, a new consciousness, a new

    man. And when this is reached, the saint has

    become a sage 7 he has passed from the human

    li fe to the divine l i fe. ;e is 1 born again 1 and

    there begins for him a new round of e)periences 7

    he wields a new power7 a new universe opens out

    before his spiri tual ga0e. %his is the stage of

    %ranscendence 7 this I call the %ranscendent ife.

    *hen %ranscendence is attained, then the limited

    personali ty is outgrown, and the divine l ife is

    &nown 7 evi l is t ranscended, and #ood is a ll (inDall.

    As passion is the eynote of the self)life, so

    serenity is the eynote of the transcendent li fe!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Whatsoever happens to the good man cannot

    cause him perple.ity or sorrow, for he nows its

    cause and issue!


    I loo&ing bac& on the sel f( li fe which he has

    transcended, the divinely enlightened man sees

    that all the affl ictions of that l ife were his

    schoolmasters teaching him, and leading him

    upward, and that in the measure that he

    penetrated their meaning, and l if ted himself

    above them, they departed from him. %heir

    mission to teach him having ended, they left him

    triumphant master of the f ield7 for the lower

    cannot teach the higher7 ignorance cannot

    instruct wisdom7 evil cannot enlighten good7 nor

    can the pupil set lessons for the master. %hat

    which is t ranscended cannot reach up to thatwhich transcends. Evil can only teach in its own

    sphere, where it is regarded as a master7 in the

    sphere of good it has no place, no authority.

    The strong t raveler on the h ighroad of truth

    nows no such thing as resignat ion to evi l ; henows only obedience to good!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    4e is brave who con1uers another % but he who

    con1uers himself is supremely noble!


    2- the way of self(con!uest is the Perfect Peace

    achieved. Man cannot understand i t, cannot

    approach it, until he sees the supreme necessity

    of turning away from the fierce fighting of things

    without, and entering upon the noble warfare

    against evils within. ;e is already on the 'aintly

    *ay who has realised that the enemy of the world

    is within, and not without 7 that his own

    ungoverned thoughts are the source of confusion

    and strife 7 that his own unchastened desires are

    the violaters of his peace, and of the peace of the


    If a man has con!uered lust and anger, hatred

    and pride, selfishness and greed, he has

    con!uered the world.

    4e who is victorious over another may in turn be

    defeated ; but he who overcomes himself wil l

    never be subdued!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    #orce and str ife wor upon the passions and

    fears, but love and peace reach and reform the



    ;E who is overcome by force is not thereby

    overcome in h is heart C he may be a greater

    enemy than before 7 but he who is overcome by

    the spir it of peace is thereby changed at heart.

    ;e that was an enemy has become a friend.

    %he pure(hearted and wise have peace in their

    hearts 7 it enters into their actions ; they apply it

    in their l ives. It is more powerful than str ife 7 i t

    con!uers where force would fail. Its wings shield

    the righteous. 3nder its protection, the harmless

    are not harmed. It affords a secure shelter from

    the heat of selfish struggle. It is a refuge for the

    defeated, a tent for the lost, and a temple for the


    When, divine good is practised, life is bliss! Bliss

    is the normal condition of the good man!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    4e who has realised the Love that is divine has

    become a new man!


    A5 this ove, this *isdom, this Peace, this

    tran!uil state of mind and heart, may be attained

    to, may be real ised, by al l who are wil l ing and

    ready to and who are prepared to humbly enter

    into a comprehension of all that the giving up of

    self involves. %here is no arbitrary power in the

    universe, and the strongest chains of fate by

    which men are bound are self(forged. Men are

    chained to that which causes suffering because

    they desire to be so, because they love their

    chains, because they thin& their little dar& prison

    of self is sweet and beautiful, and they are afraid

    that i f they desert that pr ison they wil l lose al l

    that is real and worth having.

    1 -e suffer from yourselves, none else compels,

    one other holds ye that ye live and die.1

    To the divinely wise, nowledge and Love are one

    and inseparable!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    4e who purif ies his own heart is the worlds

    greatest benefactor!

    AP/I4I4%EE%; .

    %;E world is, and will be for many years to come,

    shut out from that #olden Age which is the

    realisation of sel fless ove. -ou, i f you are

    wil l ing, may enter it now, by r ising above your

    self ish sel f 7 i f you wil l pass from pre8udice,

    hatred, and condemnation to gentle and forgiving


    *here hatred, disli&e, and condemnation are,

    self less ove does not abide. It resides only in

    the heart that has ceased from all condemnation.

    ;e who &nows that ove is at the heart of a l l

    things, and has realised the all(sufficing power of

    that ove, has no room in his heart for


    Let men and women tae this course, and lo( the

    3olden Age is at hand!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    +nly the pure in heart see 3od!

    AP/I' I>%EE%;.

    ;E whose heart is centred in the supreme ove

    does not brand and classify men 7 does not see&

    to convert men to his own views, nor to convince

    them of the superiority of his methods. =nowing

    the aw of ove, he l ives it, and maintains the

    same calm atti tude of mind and sweetness of

    heart towards all. %he debased and the virtuous,

    the foolish and the wise, the learned and the

    unlearned, the selfish and the unselfish, receive

    ali&e the benediction of his tran!uil thought.

    -ou can only attain to this supreme &nowledge,

    this divine ove, by unremitting endeavour in

    self(discipline, and by gaining victory after victory

    over yourself.

    -nter into the 2ew Birth, and the Love that does

    not die will be awaened within you, and you will

    be at peace!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Where there is pure spiritual nowledge, Love is

    perfected and fully realised!


    %/AI your mind in strong, impartial, and gentle

    thought 7 train your heart in purity and

    compassion 7 train your tongue to silence and to

    true and stainless speech 7 so shall you enter the

    way of holiness and peace, and shall ultimately

    real ise the immortal ove. 'o l iv ing, without

    see&ing to convert, you will convince 7 without

    arguing, you will teach 7 not cherishing ambition,

    the wise will f ind you out7 and without striving to

    gain mens opinions, you wil l subdue their

    hearts. #or ove is all(con!uering, all(

    powerful 7 and the thoughts, and deeds, and

    words of ove can never perish.

    This is the realisation of selfless Love!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    /e7oice( for the morning has dawned% The Truth

    has awaened us!

    AP/IE I#;%EE%;.

    *E have opened our eyes, and the dar& night of

    terror is no more. ong have we slept in matter

    and sensation7 long did we struggle in the painful

    nightmare of evil7 but now we are awa&e in 'pirit

    and %ruth C *e have found the #ood, and the

    struggle with evil is ended.

    *e slept, yet &new not that we slept. *e

    suffered, yet &new not that we suffered. *e were

    troubled in our dreaming, yet none could awa&e

    us, for all were dreaming li&e ourselves. -et there

    came a pause in our dreaming 7 our sleep was

    stayed. %ruth spo&e to us, and we heard 7 and lo @

    we opened our eyes, and saw. *e slumbered,

    and saw not 7 we slept, and &new not 7 but now

    we are awa&e and see. -ea, we &now we are

    awa&e because we have seen ;oliness, and we

    love sin no more.

    4ow beautiful is Truth ( 4ow glorious is the realm

    of reality ( 4ow ineffable is the bliss of 4oliness (

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    The &nowledge of Truth is an abiding


    AP/I%*E%IE%; .

    *;E all else fails, %ruth does not fail. *hen the

    heart is desolate and the world affords no shelter,

    %ruth provides a peaceful refuge and a !uiet rest.

    %he cares of l ife are many, and its path is beset

    with difficulties 7 but %ruth is greater than care,

    and is superior to all diff icult ies. %ruth l ightens

    our burdens 7 i t l ights up our pathway with the

    radiance of 8oy. oved ones pass away, fr iends

    fail, and possessions disappear. *here then is

    the voice of comfort < *here is the whisper of

    consolat ion < %ruth is the comforter of the

    comfortless, and the consoler of them that are

    deserted. %ruth does not pass away, nor fail, nor

    disappear. %ruth bestows the consolat ion ofabiding peace. 2e alert, and listen, that ye may

    hear the call of %ruth, even the voice of the #reat


    Truth removes the sting f rom af fl iction, and

    disperses the clouds of trouble!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    4e who dings to his delusions, loving self and sin

    cannot find the Truth!


    %/3%; brings 8oy out of sorrow, and peace out of

    perturbation 7 it points the selfish to the *ay of

    #ood, and sinners to the Path of ;ol iness. I ts

    sp iri t is the doing of /ighteousness. %o the

    earnest and faithful it brings consolation 7 upon

    the obedient it bestows the crown of peace. I ta&e

    refuge in %ruth C -ea, in the 'pirit of #ood, in the

    &nowledge of #ood, and in the doing of #ood I

    abide. And I am reassured and comforted. It is to

    me as though malice were not, and hatred had

    vanished away. ust is confined to the

    nethermost dar&ness, it hath no way in %ruth s

    transcendent ight. Pride is bro&en up and

    dissolved, and vanity is melted away as a mist. Ihave set my face towards the Perfect #ood, and

    my feet in the 2lameless *ay 7 and because of

    this I am consoled.

    * am strengthened and comforted, having found

    refuge in Truth!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    A pure heart and a blameless life avail! They are

    filled with 7oy and peace!


    $3/ good deeds remain with us, they save and

    protect us. Evil deeds are error. $ur evil deeds

    follow us, they overthrow us in the hour of

    temptation. %he evil doer is not protected from

    sorrow7 but the good doer is shielded from all

    harm. %he fool says unto his evil deed, 1 /emain

    thou hidden, be thou une)posed 19but his evil is

    already published, and his sorrow is sure. If we

    are in evil, what shall protect us < *hat &eep us

    from misery and confusion < or man nor woman,

    nor wealth nor power, nor heaven nor earth, shall

    &eep us from confusion. 4rom the results of evil

    there is no escape 7 no refuge and no protection.

    If we are in #ood, what shall overta&e us < *hatbring us to misery and confusion < or man nor

    woman, nor poverty nor sic&ness, nor heaven nor

    earth, shall bring us to confusion.

    There is a straight way and a 1uiet rest!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Be glad and not sorrowful, all ye who love Truth(

    #or your sorrows shall pass away, lie the mists

    of the morning!


    "*S'*$L- % %eacher of teachers, instruct %hou


    Master %As&, and I will answer. "isciple % I have

    read much, but am ignorant sti l l ; I have studied

    the doctrines of the schools, but have not become

    wise thereby ; * &now the scriptures by heart, but

    peace is hidden f rom me. Point out to me, $

    Master @ the way of &nowledge. /eveal to me the

    highway of divine wisdom 7 lead %hou %hy child

    into the path of peace.

    Master % %he way of &nowledge, $ 5isciple @ is by

    searching the heart7 the highway of wisdom is by

    the practice of righteousness 7 and by a sinless

    life is found the way of peace.

    Behold where Love -ternal rests concealed( The

    deathless Love that seemed so far away(< -en in

    the lowly heart 7 i t stands revealed To him who

    lives the sinless life to)day!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    3reat is the con1uest which thou hast entered

    upon, even the mighty con1uest of thyself ; be

    faithful and thou shalt overcome!


    "*S'*$L- % ead me, $ [email protected] for my dar&ness

    is very [email protected] *il l the dar&ness l i f t , $ Master%;.

    %;E spi ri t o f ove which is manifested as a

    perfect and rounded life is the crown of being and

    the supreme end of &nowledge upon this earth.

    ;ow does a man act under trial and temptation %EE%;.

    P$3/ the oil of tran!ui ll ity upon the turbulent

    waters of the passions and pre8udices, and the

    tempests of misfortune, however they may

    threaten, will be powerless to wrec& the bar!ue of

    your soul, as it threads its way across the ocean

    of life. And if that bar!ue be piloted by a cheerful

    and never(fail ing faith, its course will be doubly

    sure, and many perils will pass it by which would

    otherwise attac& it. 2y the power of faith every

    enduring wor& is accomplished. 4ai th in the

    'upreme 7 faith in the over(ruling aw7 faith in

    your wor&, and in your power to accomplish that

    wor&9here is the roc& upon which you must build

    if you would achieve, if you would stand and not


    #ol low, under all ci rcumstances, the highest

    promptings within you!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    $assion is not power; i t is the abuse of power,

    the dispersion of power!

    A3#3'%E I#;%EE%;.

    *;E that young man, whom I &new, passing

    through continual reverses and misfortunes, was

    moc&ed by his f riends and told to desist f rom

    further effort, and he replied, 1 %he time is not far

    distant when you will marvel at my good fortune

    and success,1 he showed that he was possessed

    of that silent and irresistible power which has

    ta&en him over innumerable di ff icul ties, and

    crowned his life with success.

    If you have not this power, you may ac!uire it by

    practice, and the beginning of power is l i&ewise

    the beginning of wisdom. -ou must commence by

    overcoming those purposeless trivialities to which

    you have hitherto been a willing victim.

    2oisterous and uncontrolled laughter, slander and

    idle tal&, and 8o&ing merely to raise a laugh9all

    these things must be put on one side as so much

    waste of valuable energy.

    Be of single aim ; have a legit imate and useful

    purpose, and devote yourself unreservedly to it!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    4appiness is that inward state of perfect

    satisfaction which is 7oy and peace!

    A3#3'% IE%EE%;.

    %;E sat is fact ion which resul ts f rom grati fied

    desire is br ief and i llus ionary, and is always

    followed by an increased demand for

    gratif ication. 5esire is insatiable as the ocean,

    and clamours louder and louder as its demands

    are attended to. It claims ever(increasing service

    from its deluded devotees, until at last they are

    struc& down with physical or mental anguish, and

    are hur led into the pur ifying f ires of suffer ing.

    5esire is the region of hell, and all torments are

    centred there. %he giving up of des ire is the

    realisation of heaven, and all delights await the

    pilgrim there.

    1 I sent my soul through the invisible, 'ome letter

    of that after l ife to spell, And by and by my soul

    returned to me, And whispered, I mysel f am

    heaven and hell. 1

    4eaven and hell are inward states!

  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    To see selfishly is only to lose happiness!

    A3#3'%%*E%IE%; .

    'I= into self and all i ts gratif ications, and you

    sin& into hell7 r ise above self into that state of

    consc iousness which is the utter denia l and

    forgetfulness of self, and you enter heaven. 'elf

    is blind, without 8udgment, not possessed of true

    &nowledge, and always leads to suffering. "orrect

    perception, unbiased 8udgment, and true

    &nowledge belong only to the divine state, and

    only in so far as you realise this divine

    consciousness can you &now what real happiness

    is. 'o long as you persist in selfishly see&ing for

    your own happiness, so long will happiness elude

    you, and you will be sowing the seeds of

    wretchedness. In so far as you succeed in losing

    yourself in the service of others, in that measurewill happiness come to you, and you will reap a

    harvest of bliss.

    Abiding happiness will come to you when,

    ceasing to self ishly cling, you are will ing to give


  • 7/27/2019 Meditations Allen


    Whatsoever you constantly meditate upon you

    wil l not only come to understand, but wil l grow

    more and more into its lieness!


    'PI/I%3A meditation is the pathway to 5ivinity.

    It is the mystic ladder which reaches from earth

    to heaven, f rom error to %ruth, f rom pain to

    peace. Every saint has cl imbed it7 every sinner

    must sooner or later come to it, and every weary

    pi lgrim that turns his bac& upon sel f and the

    world, and sets his face resolutely towards the

    4athers ;ome, must plant h is feet upon i ts

    golden rounds. *ithout its aid you cannot grow

    into the divine state,