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Melisa Hasan Portfolio

Date post:19-Mar-2016
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  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan [email protected]

  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Branding

    Concentrating on the form of logos and the way in which the name can be translated through the design and shape of the logo, the design is an exploration of identifying graphics with relevant meanings. The use of both symbols: the wine bottle and tower castle attempts to establish an association between the brand name and the image.


    Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Branding

    The modification of letters was used to enhance the name of the brand as well as directly representing and incorporating text and image. The text-based logo is effective in the sense that the name is clearly spelt out for easier recognition with the hint of imagery to convey the association between the subject and brand name.

  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Ampersand Project

    The ampersand project consisted of looking at films that incorporates the ampersand within their titles. Therefore using the shape and form of the ampersand, various objects and iconic symbols were included to represent the film.

  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Position Yourself Project

    The illustrations are part of a project entitled Position Yourself in which the proposed question was asked to a group of people; what did you want to be when you were younger? The focus group feedback were as follows: trapeze artist, lawyer, spy, air hostess, mermaid etc. Using these answers, these were then chosen to be visually represented through the illustrations.

  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Position Yourself Project

  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Position Yourself Project

  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Re-Position Yourself Project

    The project entailed revisiting the notion of how I position myself in regards to my design work. The three manifestos are split into different sections: research method, development and position myself. The last section within the collection sums up moreover as how/what I do to position myself, rather than what I position myself as. I feel that ultimately the tasks we undertake

    shape our positioning, and do not necessarily explain a definitive position in correlation to where we are or what we want to be. Consequently, we are always evolving and moulding ourselves, to fit which ever path we wish to take.

  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Nature Project

    The aim of these patterns were to transform the initial perception of insects and bugs into detailed and intricate artwork.

  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Unexpected Patterns

    Taking the subject of consumerism particularly focusing upon poverty, this topic was translated into patterns. A clear symbol of poverty is through the representation of hands - needing/wanting help. The aim of these patterns were to bring to focus the issues surrounding poverty, and by this being transformed into a pattern, is a device which evokes further discussion and attention.

  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Unexpected Patterns

  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Archive Project

    The clay imprints represent an everlasting reminiscence of my everyday objects an archive which represents myself and the relationship between my personal objects. By making direct impressions of these hallmarks, the clay acts as a connection between myself and the objects, creating with touch a physical connection to my surroundings. The resulting impressions becoming records of my possessions.

    As part of a development for the project I situated and proposed that it would become a childrens workshop. Using their own materials such as their favourite toys and objects, the workshop invites the child to create a connection between themselves (their identity) and their objects. Once dried the clay imprints, will then be an archive of their activity as well as their objects. The workshop primarily aims to encourage children to maximise their creativity as well as taking part in an insightful activity. The Science Museum has previously held many workshops, events and activities for children therefore I chose to situate the workshop within the Science Museum (see next page).

  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Archive Project

  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Final Major Project - Lasting Impressions

    Further development of clay imprints:

    The project looks into the relationships between viewer and their surroundings; the various ways in which people create tangible connections that can then be translated into the making of souvenirs. The clay imprints hold the value of time, place and most importantly personal connection which enables the souvenir to act as a personal memento and lasting impression.

    Using London as the destination to imprint, the end results display an array of time and location, where some individuals chose to imprint text as a record of the place, the texture of a thing/place, or something that is iconic and key to the location they were. Nevertheless, the visual appearance of the imprints reflect a type of artifact symbolism that holds many layers to its detail and meaning. Not only do the imprints, provide visual meaning but they also reflect a type of sincerity that becomes embedded from the touch of the individual.

  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Final Major Project - Lasting Impressions

    The book is a display of the collection of clay imprints - each page is dedicated to an imprint and accompanied with the name of the person (who created the imprint), time, date, place and location co-ordinates.

  • The design of the packaging relied on the technique of clay imprinting and the result of the impression. The design focused upon the texture and the relief which in turn could be created via debossing. Therefore, to tie in the design of the packaging with the process of clay imprinting, the technique of debossing was used to create the design. The name of the souvenir kit Impress Me is directly associated with clay imprinting and this was then changed according to the city - Impress Me London, Impress Me Paris and Impress Me New York.

  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Final Major Project - Impress Me Souvenir Kit

    In order for the project to evolve and develop, three souvenir kits were made for London, Paris and New York, this enables the audience to create their own imprints within these cities. The three famous cities were chosen as starting points to the project as theyre the most well known, for future reference, the souvenir kits can be expanded across a wider content i.e. more cities. Taking the notion of being able to create your own souvenirs, the audience will use this souvenir kit as a means of documenting and recording a particular place/time. Once the pieces of clay have been imprinted they can then be stored back in the box. Also included in the souvenir kit, is a foldable map including a brief history of the city and instructions regarding the project.

  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Archive Project 02

    Another exploration within the archive project was to explore the notion of documenting my library collection. The project took the direction of archiving through the content of each book hence, the first and last line were taken and then collated together. These were then archived into a book, and paired to the adjoining page depending on there subjects/stories in common.

  • Graphic DesignerMelisa Hasan Palgrave Macmillan Book Cover Competition

    Winning runner-up of the Palgrave Macmillan book cover competition saw a range of my patterns used across various jacket covers for their Humanities, Social Sciences and Business books.

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