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Memories Deserve Prints. panoramic photos. Load in 6x8” media for the greatest flexibility in...

Date post:06-Aug-2020
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  • Memories Deserve Prints. dnpphoto.com

  • Why DNP? Let Us Show You Today’s photo retailer and event photographer must remain competitive in an industry that has seen photography morph from craft to commodity. The move from traditional photography to digital con- tinues-but at a controlled rate. DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation understands that retailers and event photographers have significant investments in existing photo lab equipment; we can help bridge the chasm between traditional and digital printing.

    “We’ve used DNP printers since day one! They offer everything that we wanted as

    far as speed, print quality, and reliabiliity.” Jonathan Johnson

    Founder of SnapSeat Photo Booths

    The primary goal of DNP Imaging- comm America Corporation is to help retailers and event photogra- phers win and retain digital photo printing customers. The company’s chief mission – to make digital pho- tography easy, convenient, and fun for consumers by providing retailers and event photographers with tools necessary to realize this goal – has helped solidify our position as a lead- er in retail and event photo printing solutions.

  • Guaranteed reliability & the best, longest– lasting image quality.

    Dye-sublimation Media Watermark Multiple Formats Extensive Printer

    Platforms High Quality

    The new DS820A and DS620A media series offers a Genuine DNP watermark on the back and glossier print surface on the front.

    Multiple media sizes available; get matte, fine matte*, glossy, and luster** prints from the same media.

    DNP is the leading dye-sublimation media manufacturer for one of the most extensive printer lineups in the marketplace.

    Genuine DNP media is manufactured to specifications that optimize the high performance of your DNP printer.

    Unlike wet ink technologies, there is no smudging, running, or blotching because prints are dry and ready to touch as soon as they leave the printer.

    * DS820A only. ** DS820A and DS620A only.

  • Snap Lab SL620A™

    The best all-in-one printing system for your photo business!

    The SL620A is a compact kiosk system, combining a printer, an order terminal, and software. Our dye-sublimation compact kiosk system is the easy

    winning formula to turbo charge your photo business now!

    • Touchscreen Operation: Durable 10.1" High-Resolution. • Media Card Reader: Compact Flash, SD, Micro SD, Memory Stick, MS Micro, xD and USB port. • Smartphone holder and cables for wired connection Apple® and Android®. • Ability to connect 2 printers*. • Router for wireless connection (iOS and Android). • Powerful Quad Core Processor.

    Easy for your customers to connect and start printing!

    *Two of the same printers or a combination of DS Series printers

    + =

    Compact and suitable for any retail environment

  • Integrated photo editing software Multiple value-added products

    Photo Retailers Event Photographers

    Select the source

    Select the photos Order summary Printer status

    Select the product size Offering panoramic prints

    • Panoramic Prints • ID Photos

    • Border Prints • And Much More!

    Wide Variety of Formats and Finishing Printer/Media Size Sheets/Box Single/Double Print Size

    DS620A 4x6"

    DS620A 5x7"

    DS620A 6x8"




    Single Sided

    Single Sided

    Single Sided

    3.5x5"¹ 4x4"¹ 4x6"

    3.5x5"¹,² 5x5"¹ 5x7"

    3.5x5"¹,³ 4x4"¹ 4x6" 5x5"¹ 5x7"¹ 6x6"¹ 6x8" 6x14" 6x20"

    Glossy Luster Matte

    Glossy, Luster, and Matte finishes are available for all sizes.

    ¹Finished print has white borders. ²Prints 2-up on 5x7". Note: Additional print sizes available if connecting to another DS Series printer.

    ³Prints 2-up on 6x8".

    Kiosk Order Terminal: DS-Tmini + DS620A| Dimensions: 10.8"W x 10.5"-16.8"H x 15.7"D Order Terminal: DS-Tmini | Dimensions: 10.8” W x 3.8-10.1”H x 12.3” D Operating System: Windows 8 embedded, 64 bit Printer: DS620A | Media Size: 4x6”, 5x7”, 6x8” | Print Number (roll): 400 sheets, 230 sheets, 200 sheets Print Speed (glossy): 8.3 sec., 14.1 sec., 15.7 sec. | Dimensions: 10.8” W x 6.7”H x 14.4” D

    • Easy setup for end user facing operation. • Creates smaller footprint while producing superior print quality • Perfect for mobile phone users. • Multiple value-added products

    • Easy-to-use • Compact and portable. • High capacity output, without losing photo print quality. • Photo Prints App (optional). • Mobile Party Print (optional).

  • DS620A™

    Compact and extremely reliable!

    Fast Printing Multiple Formats Amazing Quality3-year AE Included

    With over 400 prints per hour, the DS620A prints 4x6” photos in 8.3 sec- onds! This makes DNP’s flagship model one of the fastest professional photo printers.

    Providing flexibility on photo formats, the DS620A offers anything from a 2x6” photo booth fun strip to gorgeous 6x8” enlargements to 6x20” panoramic photos. Load in 6x8” media for the greatest flexibility in print sizes.

    The DS620A offers a watermark on the back and crisp colors on the front of your photos. The same media can be utilized for glossy, matte, or luster output based on your needs.

    The DS620A features an enhanced Thermal Print Head and Print Engine System for years of trusty performance. Here’s the proof! DNP includes a 3-year Advance Ex- change (AE) Extended Warranty–an end user support program*.

    Media Size: 4x6”, 5x7”, 6x8” Print Number (roll): 400 sheets, 230 sheets, 200 sheets Print Speed (glossy): 8.3 sec., 14.1 sec., 15.7 sec. Dimensions: 10.8” W x 6.7”H x 14.4” D * Registration required; limitations apply.

    Now offering Panoramic Prints at 6x14" and 6x20"! Requires DS620A with firmware version

  • DS820A™

    From classic portrait prints to stunning 8x32" panoramic prints!

    Profitable Multiple Formats Amazing QualityReliable

    The DS820A is a high-yield asset that offers photo professionals the ability to sell their images at a high profit margin without having to spend excessive costs on consumables.

    Offering a combination of high speed and high quality resolution, the DS820A prints from 4x8” to stunning 8x32” panoramic photos. There’s no other printer in its class that can match the DS820A.

    The latest generation of thermal print heads paired with higher optical density means photographers can deliver prints with amazing depth and texture.

    Includes a 3-year Advance Exchange (AE) Extended Warranty–an end user support program*. The DS820A can easily be shipped or transported to any event and can be stacked for high volume printing locations.

    The DS820A offers four distinct photo finishes – Fine Matte, Matte, Luster, & Glossy! All without changing media!

    Media Size: 8x12”, 8x10” Print Number (roll): 130 sheets (8x12"), 110 sheets (8x10") Print Speed: 34.1 sec. (8x12"), 29.3 sec. (8x10") Dimensions: 12.7” W x 6.7”H x 14.4” D * Registration required; limitations apply.

    The DS820A offers wide array of panoramic sizes: 8x18”, 8x22”, 8x26”, and 8x32”!

  • Panoramic Printing Capture the entire moment and watch as your revenue grows!

    Panoramic prints demand a premium price and this adds remarkable revenue potential to the experienced photographer or weekend warrior. The value of offering panoramic prints capitalizes on the ability to capture that unfor- gettable moment and providing that keepsake moment to treasure for years to come.

    Available with the DS620A and DS820A photo printers

    Hot Folder Print Utility

    Available Sizes

    DS620A: 6x14” & 6x20” DS820A: 8x18”, 8x22”, 8x26”, & 8x32”

    Bigger Prints Bigger Profits

    HFP is a free and easy-to-use software utility for printing images with any DNP printer. Printing panoramic images can be done easiest using Hot Folder Print or using the SL620A print kiosk.

    Offer your customers four distinct photo finishes without ever changing media! Fine Matte*, Matte, Luster, Gloss *Only available on the DS820A

  • DS-RX1HS™

    From photo booths to on-the-spot, from great fun to friendly on your bottom line. The DS-RX1HS keeps customers smiling!

    Low Investment Economic Media Photo Booth ReadyHigh Volume

    Energy saving and cost-effective, the DS-RX1HS makes no sacrifice on functionality or quality. The low cost of the printer makes it per- fect for start-up photog- raphers and photo booth operators.

    The DS-RX1HS offers a low-cost approach with it’s economic photo consumables, while ensuring a standard printing quality. It delivers prints in 4x6”, 6x8”, on matte or glossy surface, in a resolution ranging from 300x300 to 300x600dpi.

    The durable design allows the DS-RX1HS to fit easily into photo booths, an existing kiosk cabinet, or smaller retail space.

    With a capacity of 700 4x6” prints, the DS-RX1HS lets you run the printer in long cycles before changing media.

    Media Size: 2x6”*, 4x6”, 6x8” Print Number (roll): 1400 sheets*, 700 sheets, 350 sheets Print Speed (glossy): 12 sec., 12.4 sec., 21.9 sec. Dimensions: 12.6” W x 11”H x 13.8” D * Two photo strips printed on 4x6

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